Increasing carpet manufacturing industries in India


Indian carpets
Indian culture has used carpet as one of its important necessities since ages. Carpets are being used in almost all the houses for various purposes. Also, there are carpets which are comparatively smaller in size and so named as rugs.
Features and uses of carpets:-
● Carpets are alluring part of your decors it captivates eyes of the ones who visit your abode. They will surely deliver positive comments.
● Carpets change the complete look and ambience of the place where used.
● They are much useful in maintaining warmth in the aura even if it is extreme cold climate outside.
● Carpets are used in house of prayers.
● They are used in weddings and functions to cover the floor and to enhance decors.
● They are used in homes to cover the floors of their drawing room, bed rooms and dining rooms.

Reason of upgrowth of carpet industry in India

India is known for the quality of textile produced. Also, Indian art and craft are known worldwide. Carpets woven in India are in great demand in all over the world. The designs which are prevalent and woven in India are admired by everyone because of its unique texture, design and pattern. They are eccentric and convenient to use.
In India carpets have always been in demand and almost all varieties of carpets have impressed Indian people. With the tremendous increase in the demand of the carpets, many carpet manufacturing industries in India have settled in the industrial sector.
In this period of time carpet manufacturing industries in India are giving employments to number of people living in the country. Carpet industry in India of two types:-
● Carpet industry in India, where the carpet is manufactured using machine and tool. The humans don’t have to do much labor in manufacturing of carpets here. These industries are well equipped with the tools and technologies which are required for manufacturing of carpets.
● Also, there is carpet industry in India, where carpets are manufactured manually. They are woven traditionally by humans using different weaving techniques. It is very time taking and also handmade carpets are expensive. They are uniquely designed and carved by trained weavers. These weavers learn art of weaving from their elders and ancestors and so the ritual of training continues in weaver’s families.

Shops and stores of carpets in India

These carpet manufacturing industries in India, firstly manufacture the carpets and then later they are sent retailers from where customer can directly get carpet.
Carpets are available in both offline and online market. One can buy carpets from real market by going to the market and also get carpets at his door as well. It is up to the convenience of the customer. Online market of carpets serves customer not just from India but all parts of the world. Where you are sitting has nothing to do with your carpet shopping you can get carpet of your choice. These online shopping stores also avail discounts and free shipping to their customers on bulk orders of carpets.
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