How Whole Wheat Flour Helps You to Lose Extra Weight?

One of the most readily available and frequently consumed household food items is wheat. It is rich in carbohydrates and provides your body with enough calories to go on working for hours. Wheat flours that are available at the market are mostly of two kinds – whole wheat flour and refined wheat flour. Whole wheat flour or ‘Atta’ is made by grinding the entirety of the edible part of the wheat crop that is the wheat grain. On the other hand refined wheat flour is obtained by grinding the endosperm into a powder devoid of the germ layers.

Table of Content

  • Difference Between the Flours
  • Qualities of Whole Wheat flour
  • Does Whole Wheat Flour Help in Losing Weight?
  • Conclusion

Difference Between the Flours

‘Atta’, commercially known as whole wheat flour, is made by processing the entirety of the wheat grain – endosperm, bran, as well as the germ layers. The flour obtained has a brownish-white colour and a coarse texture to it. It is used to make a number of food products, such as bread, and chapatis which is a staple diet in many parts of India.

On the contrary refined wheat flour that is whiter and finer in texture is made to go through several levels of processing. The grain has to go through tempering, in which it is wetted to make it softer and easier to break down for processing. This results in the whole grain’s properties being lost. The smoother and whiter refined wheat flour is locally called ‘maida’ in India and is the basal ingredient for several delicacies of India.

Refined wheat flour is tastier and used to make Indian’s favourite foods like kachuri, samosa, and mathri. While they are delicious, regular consumption of refined wheat flour in our diet can lead to health problems and is not the best nutritional food choice. Food from refined wheat flour often requires a lot of butter or oil to be made which can cause obesity if consumed regularly.

The amount of processing that the refined wheat has to go through in the mill causes it to lose most of its essential components. Nutritional experts hence suggest individuals consume whole wheat flour instead of refined wheat flour. Not only is it very healthy since it retains all the vital nutrients that the refined wheat flour has lost but it also has a lot of additional qualities that help you to lose weight and keep it in check.

Qualities of Whole Wheat flour

Whole wheat contains several important elements that are lost during the process of producing refined wheat flour. This is why whole wheat flour is the best:-

  • It is rich in vitamin B, and its component types, along with other minerals that keep you healthy.
  • Whole wheat flour has unsaturated fats and 0 trans fat and cholesterol. This helps you to reduce weight and prevent obesity.
  • It has a high content of edible plant fibres that help prevent constipation by smoothening the passage of bowels.
  • Whole wheat flour has a lot of amino acids and antioxidants, which help the body relax naturally. In other words, it aids in the relaxation of our bodies and the reduction of tension. It contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is lost in processed wheat flour.
  • The low glycaemic index of 49 helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Whole wheat flour also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Foods prepared with refined wheat flour have a greater content of saturated fats, which can lead to obesity if taken in excess. Your normal coarser Atta, on the other hand, can help you lose weight at the same time providing you with up to 339 Kcals of energy per 100 grams. It is the most common part of the diet recommended by athletes and bodybuilders for losing weight or getting fit.

Does Whole Wheat Flour Help in Losing Weight?

Yes! Whole wheat flour helps you to get yourself back in shape, although for the best effects 100% whole wheat flour should be chosen. The dietary components of whole wheat make it the ideal food component for any individual looking to get fit or reduce weight.

Coming to the topic of weight loss, the ideal way to lose weight is by getting a proper scheduled diet from your dietitian, nutritionist or trainer. Generally, for losing weight a calorie deficit diet is necessary. A calorie deficit diet basically involves having a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients adding up to a calorie count that is lower than the number of calories spent by the individual while working out.

This is where the usefulness of whole wheat flour kicks in. whole wheat flour is rich in carbohydrates and laden with multivitamins. Besides that, it has almost all the necessary food compounds required by the human body for daily use. Coupled with the right sabji in the correct proportion it can provide you with the necessary amount of calories without causing you to break your diet.

Whole wheat contains a lot of plant fibres and is rich in vitamin B1 and B3 which fastens the process of cellular respiration to produce energy causing you to burn a lot of calories faster than any other food product. The fibres in it facilitate easy digestion and absorption of the entirety of the nutrients in the food and help you to stay energized throughout the day even on a calorie deficit diet. In addition, it also helps clean your stomach and readily absorb water from your intestines.


For individuals wanting to lose weight, consuming whole wheat flour as a part of a calorie deficit diet is a sound option. The diet must be taken from a licensed trainer or dietician to prevent any adverse health effects.

While consuming whole wheat flour foods as a part of the diet, it must be kept in mind that a diet and the flour can only help you lose weight if you regularly exercise along with it. Simply consuming whole wheat is not going to help you reduce weight. Another important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Water along with the fibres in whole wheat flour improves the effects of weight loss. If properly followed, a diet containing whole wheat flour can help you reduce weight in just a few months.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exercising and get yourself a balanced diet with whole wheat flour to lose weight in months.

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