How to Start Import Export Business from Home in India

import export from home

Import Export business in India has been quite lucrative. In recent years the country has seen significant growth in import and export of goods and services. Trade exists because one country has the supply of any commodity or product that is in demand by another country. It doesn’t take much to start the import & export business from your home. A lot of small and medium entrepreneurs have begun their business from their home or small offices.

Getting into international trade can take your product or service into a new level of success. If you are familiar with running an import & export business it will be easier for you. However, if you are a beginner following the right steps can make you a successful importer and exporter.

People often ask us; how much money is needed to start an import-export business in India?

Getting into export and import business doesn’t require a high investment. You can start this business from the comfort of your home with a few thousand as an initial investment. Many great entrepreneurs started their import-export business from home and turned it into a successful name. You need to discover new opportunities every day and use them to improve your business. Building good terms with your importer and exporter is one of the keys.

Getting Started & Plan

To start an import-export business from your home you won’t need many resources. A computer with internet and an intermediate level English is all you need to begin.

Now you are determined to start your own business, you will need a plan, your target audience, products, your market and determining who will be your potential clients also which geographic areas you will serve. The proper market research can boost your business into being a profitable one. The more you research the better prepared you will be.

You can always introduce a new product to the market by testing its potential with specimens before exporting or importing a big shipload.

Create your Website

Your website will be the first impression, you will make on your potential new clients and nowadays, it is essential to build an online presence. Make sure your website contains all the important information about your products & services, import-export business and include your contact information.

Be Active & Online

Making new contacts and network in import-export business is crucial. Try to be a member of forums and portals that give you access to the information and guidance on a regular basis. Find importer-exporter in the forums according to the type of your business and collaborate with them.

Procedures & Documentation

However, as a beginner in international trade, it is important to know the procedures and documentation process, to start your own export-import business. You will need business licenses to have a functional business.

To start your import-export business in India from home or office, you will need to execute the following plan:

1) Register your firm, it can be any type of partnership, sole proprietary.

2) Issue a Pan Card

3) Open a Current Bank Account

4) Obtain an Import Export Code (IEC)

5) Getting A Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC)

6) Hire a logistics company to ship your products

7) Customs Clearing agents

When it comes down to import-export business, there are many details to be considered. We think the above information and tips are beneficial for someone who is new to international trade and want to start an import-export business from home.

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