How to Start Ecommerce Business in India?

start ecommerce business in india
The world is moving towards a digital platform. People have started performing all their actives over the internet, right from banking to shopping, everything these days. Therefore, it is the right time to start a business over the online platforms. However, most of the people do not know how to start ecommerce business in India. Starting an ecommerce business in India is not a difficult task. This article will help the entrepreneurs start ecommerce business in India.
Design a Business Model
The first step to start an ecommerce is to start a business model. The business model should include the
● Business concepts
● Market Research
● Financial Planning
● Operational Planning
Market Research
Market research is important before any business. Being a businessperson one needs to analyze the market and the ways to earn a profit in it. The market research involves identifying the various products that can be sold online successfully based on market demand. Furthermore, the level of completion also needs to be identified. Finally, to run the business successfully, it is important to identify the unaddressed opportunity areas.
Choose the Product and Platform
The product/service is one of the most important criteria to start an online business. You need to first identify which product you wish to sell over the internet. Once you have that finalized, the next step is to identify the right platform to sell the product. There are two ways to sell online: website and marketplace
Website: Creating a website gives you the entire ownership of your own site. You can create the website as you want and display the products as per your wish. However, there are two ways to create a website: manually create a website or create a website through solution providers. When you create a website by yourself, you need to focus on everything from purchasing the domain until the development of the site. However, if you seek a solution provider, you can ease the entire process of website development. To get such option, you can get help from or
Legal formalities
The legal formalities need to be completed in all sorts of business. To start ecommerce business in India, you need to register the company, make GST registration and create a bank account. Firstly, you need to decide on the proprietorship of your business such as sole, partnership or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). Once decided you can proceed for the registration of the company. Simultaneously, you need to focus on the creation of bank account and GST registration based on the company registration.
In the end, marketing plays a vital role. You need to let the world know about your business immediately after you start it. You need to focus a lot on marketing after you start ecommerce business in India. The marketing activities should focus on various advertising media such as social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and much more.
Now that you know the process, what holds you back? Get out of your comfort zone and start the work. Every second matters in this digital world. So select your product, develop your website with shopnix and keep growing.
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