How to Set Up Your Own Entertainment Room

Having a room for entertainment – for watching movies and playing your favorite video games – certainly brings an added charm to your house. Not only will you be able to have fun doing the things you love, but you can also do so without disturbing others.

A good entertainment room, separated from the living room, is a great feature to add to a house indeed. Studies have shown that a dedicated entertainment room boosts the value of a house by a whopping 5% to 10%, which makes setting up one a great investment.

So, how can you set up your own entertainment room? There are a lot of things you can do to create a killer entertainment room for your house. In this article, however, we are going to focus on the tips and tricks that will help you get started right away.

Understand Your Wants
Setting up an entertainment room is more about what you want than what you need, so the first thing you want to do is get a better understanding of what you really want. Do you love playing games? Do you want to be able to watch full-length movies in comfort? How many people will use the new entertainment room?

Go through these questions and figure out the details for your entertainment room. Depending on what you want to do in the space, you can go with luxurious reclining chairs or a large sofa, a complete home entertainment center, or a desktop gaming machine, and a wealth of other options.

Set a Budget
The next thing you want to do is set a budget for the new entertainment room. Even when you have more than enough money to put into the space, you still want to set a budget for two reasons. First, a clear budget will help you determine the right gadgets to buy and the kind of changes you can make to the space.

A clear budget is also a good idea investment-wise. If you want to add the most value to the property without spending as much on the new entertainment room, setting a clear budget from the beginning is the way to go.

Plan Ahead
You don’t have to choose the large LCD TV to add to the space or the soundbar you want to use immediately. In fact, you shouldn’t. before finalizing your purchase decisions, you want to do your research and plan ahead.

Choosing a TV that doesn’t support VESA mount, for example, will mean you can’t use just any entertainment shelf. If you have plenty of devices you want to add to the space, you also need to plan for more electrical sockets as well as where they need to be located. Planning at this stage will make creating the perfect entertainment room easier.

Do Your Research
While choosing the gadgets to add to the entertainment room, you also want to do sufficient research. There are so many options when it comes to TVs, entertainment centers, soundbars, and speakers, and the only way you can select the best ones is by spending time comparing your options. With soundbars, for example, you have options from Bose, Yamaha, Samsung, and many more.

Fortunately, you have review sites like techvise and other online resources at your disposal. Choosing from their list of the best soundbars for TV and gaming devices will help you spot the right one for your entertainment room, so be sure to check it out! You will see how easy it is to choose the right gadgets with great reviews at your fingertips.

Scale the Room
The size of your entertainment room is an important detail to know as you begin designing the room itself. If you have a large space to work with, going with bigger TVs and plush furniture will make the room appear even more spacious. Adding the same 80-inch TV to a small room, on the other hand, will actually make the entertainment room less comfortable.

Scale is everything when designing a comfortable space for entertainment purposes. It’s not just the scale of your gadgets either. You also need to select furniture that goes well with the space in terms of size, especially if you don’t want to end up with a cluttered entertainment room.

Design Your Lighting
The next element to tackle is lighting. Lighting an entertainment room isn’t as simple as blocking all natural light and using dimmable LED strips for a moodier ambience. Remember that the room needs to be as flexible as it can be, and the way to do that is by keeping the lighting setup as flexible too.

Rather than eliminating all natural light from the space, add ways to let more natural light in during the day. You can use the entertainment room for reading and even playing games comfortably. Use window treatments to block light when it is time to watch a movie or enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Don’t Forget Soundproofing
The acoustics of the room greatly affect how enjoyable watching movies and playing games in it can be. Ideally, you also want to add some degree of soundproofing to the space, just so you don’t disturb others when watching a movie or listening to music.

Soundproofing is more accessible than you think these days. You don’t have to settle for a complete soundproofing solution; you can, for instance, do without elevating the floor for better insulation. Add a layer of acoustic treatment to the setup for better audio experience. Sound-absorbing materials can be used for covering the walls and the ceiling without ruining the ambience and design of the room.

Get Started
Last but not least, finalize your plan and start working towards building the entertainment room. There will always be new ideas to try and new gadgets to add, and trying to incorporate everything will only stop you from realizing your dream entertainment room.

Find a capable contractor, choose the gadgets to add, and have the entertainment room set up properly. Use the tips and tricks we covered in this article to make sure every detail of your new entertainment space is done correctly. You will have a space for absolute fun sooner than you think.

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