How to Minimize E-Cig Dangers

Despite what the staunchest supporters of e-cigarettes will tell you, there are some dangers to using e-cigs. Now, it needs to be said that they are not nearly as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes or marijuana. For one, there is no combustion created when using e-cigs correctly. This cuts down on a lot of cancer risk and protects not only the user but also those people around them.
However, there are still risks associated with e-cig usage, and we want to cover what they are and how to protect oneself against them.
Reducing Addition Risks
Once of the biggest dangers of using e-cigs is that the user would become addicted. This is especially true if there is any nicotine in the e-cig. Nicotine is known to be an addictive substance, and it is a common component of most e-cig juices. It’s necessary many times for those who are trying to quit smoking and who use e-cigs as a way to do that to have some nicotine in the product. This gives them their satisfaction for nicotine cravings without some of the harmful effects of smoking, but addiction is addiction.
In order to minimize this problem, it’s suggested that e-cig users try to use as little nicotine as possible in their e-cigs. They can choose the level of nicotine when they buy their products, and it is important to choose the right amount of nicotine, when that choice is available. If the user needs at least some nicotine in order to satiate their cravings and keep them from wanting a cigarette, then they can simply choose as little nicotine as they can get away with. Over time, the e-cig user should be trying it slowly decrease their nicotine intake and get it down to the point where they no longer need any nicotine when you use an e-cig.
Use the E-Cig Properly
Another risk that can occur when using e-cigs is that they could create combustion. Now this isn’t something that is going to kill you right away or cause serious harm immediately, in most cases, but most people do try to avoid combustion with their e-cigs. That’s because combustion can create smoke and carcinogens, which are incredibly harmful to the user and to those around them. The effects of inhaling smoke and all the chemicals it contains may not be readily apparent, but over time, lung cancer and other problem can develop. If a person is using an e-cig properly, then combustion should never occur. There should only be vaporization, which contains no smoke.
The best way to minimize this risk is to use the e-cig on its lower heat settings. This reduces the chance that combustion will occur. The user should also keep the e-cigarette clean. If there is a build-up near the coil, then it can create combustion as well.
Finally, the user should be careful about how they use dry ingredients, as placing them too close to the coil or vaping them at high heats can more easily create combustion than if they were using e-liquid.
These are just a few tips to help people vape safer. E-cigs can be far safer than smoking cigarettes, but they can also share some of the same dangers, if they are not used properly. Hopefully, these suggestions will enable people to be more careful in how they use their e-cigs and be more aware of the potential for danger when using them improperly.
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