How to Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the measurement of your customer’s behavior toward your services or products. You can say that you successfully gain the loyalty of your customer when they do business with you multiple times. In simple words, unlike customer satisfaction, where the customers are just happy, in customer loyalty, they are more than satisfied. To the point where they avail your products or services more than once and even recommend them.

Focusing on attaining customer loyalty must be the company’s main focus, hence obtaining loyalty means you will not lose a customer and gain more instead. Why is that? Well, if you have loyal customers, you will not lose patrons since they will keep on availing of your products.

The more loyal your customers are, the more advertisers you get. For instance, you have 20 loyal customers, and each of them have 5 friends. If each of them had a word with their friends regarding your business and were able to convince them, you will have additional customers who will go on from one another. Therefore, a customer loyalty program must be a company priority.

What is Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is a strategy to retain and attract more customers. This involves offering promos, discounts, rewards, freebies, and the likes. Their purpose is to encourage customers to have business with you more than once and purchase even more.

In this fast-changing digital age, companies have already incorporated this program with the use of technology. They have integrated this program on apps, sites, and the likes. It even becomes digital and easy with an automated loyalty program. Thus, companies should really work on their loyalty program to succeed even more.

What Methods to Use to Increase Customer Loyalty?

Attaining customer loyalty is indeed important, so here are some of the methods that may help you achieve it.

Give prioritization on customer service. It is through customer service you can show how valuable your customers are to your business. The more your customer feels you value them, the more they become interested and invested in your offering.

Customers always consider how they are being treated or how your staff interacts with them. They do an evaluation on their own, then decide what to do after. So, if you have a poor customer service, you will definitely lose a lot.

If you have friendly, accommodating, approachable, and efficient staff, you will definitely have plus points in customer service.

The customers would think about coming back and doing business with you again. But, if you have rude, intimidating, and snobbish staff, the customer will definitely stay away from your business.

Having accessible customer support through different platforms is also a plus for the customer. Hence it will be easier for them to ask queries, give feedback and deliver their concerns. This strategy will be beneficial not only to the customers but also to your organization since you will be able to monitor your customer behavior and resolve underlying problems pointed out by them.

Offer a reward to your customers. One of the best avenues in making your customer patronize your product or services is by offering them perks and rewards. Some examples are coupons, discounts, gifts, exclusive offers, and freebies.

Based on statistics from smallbizgenius, 75% of consumers favor businesses that offer perks and rewards, which shows a high probability of how it can help you in building customer loyalty.

Rewards with matching exemplar customer service are very appealing to customers. Not only that, it makes them feel appreciated, which drives them to keep on doing business with you. In regards to that, you should also engage in loyalty programs.

Ask and listen to your customers’ advice. Customers give feedback and reviews from time to time. Some are positive, and some are negative. What’s best to do with that feedback?

If you receive lots of positive feedback, acknowledge, emphasize and show your appreciation in regards to it. This way, your customer will know that you care about what they say, so your customer will also have a thought to give you some advice that they think might work. Thus, you will gain more ideas on how to improve your product and services.

On the other hand, if you receive negative feedback, you should not ignore it. You should apologize instead and let them know that you will look into it and try to fix it. Then, update them when you fixed the problem already. This way, your customers’ disappointment will lessen and even make it to satisfaction or loyalty.

Have a convenient service. Hassle is one of those things that make customer turn their back on a company. Of course, no one wants inconvenience, that is why if your service has too many inconveniencies, your customer will try to look for a better one.

Easy transactions like automated billing service, social media support, and accessible offers. You can also try to make your communication platform available on different channels. This way, the customers can contact anytime or anywhere they are using a specific platform that they prefer.

If you will make your services or offers convenient enough for customers, you will definitely get their loyalty. Hence, they will not try to look for others unless there are much better than you are offering. But if there’s any, you can just refer to customer feedback and improve what you’re lacking.

Conduct events. You should not just focus on receiving money from your customers. You can also conduct events as a gratitude towards them. For instance, on Christmas season, you can have a promo like every customer who purchases a certain amount of your product will receive raffle tickets. Then, those tickets will be drawn to the main event, where the winners will be announced.

Through this strategy, you will be able to give something back to your customer. Not only that, your customers will become interested in purchasing a certain amount of your product to qualify for the raffle. So, your conversion rate will spike up.

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