How To Improve Motivation In The Office

Motivation is defined as a willingness and commitment to getting a task done. This is what every employer and manager strives for when they are in charge of employees. There are some days where your employees get all their jobs done at an expert level, but there are other days where your employees may need some extra motivation to get the same results. It’s difficult to be motivated all day every day. If your employees are not showing enthusiasm to do better and results are not as good as they could be, then there are some ways in which you can improve motivation in the workplace. In this article, we will do just that, we will go through some proven methods to improve motivation in the office.

Get To Know What Motivates Your Employees

Each employee is their own person, and each person has their own motivations. Some may be motivated by money, others may be motivated by having a title and some may be happy with employers bringing in a biscuit selection for the office every so often. There are so many different factors that get people motivated so it is always a good idea to find out what motivates each employee as this could save you money and time. There is no point in giving someone a biscuit if their motivation is progression and a title. Once you have learned what motivates your employees, you will have a much better grasp of how you can motivate employees.

Recognise Your Employees Hard Work

One thing that is absolutely essential in any workplace is to regularly recognise your employee’s efforts and make a deal about it. Employees are much more motivated when their work has been praised and have been told what they are doing well with. If an employee puts a lot of effort into some work that needed doing and their hard work hasn’t been recognised, then they won’t bother trying that hard again. As well as acknowledging the hard work that they have done, it is also important to recognise employees contributions as a bigger picture and should also be regularly recognised and celebrated.

Set Realistic Goals

Everyone feels satisfaction when they have completed their tasks for the day, but those who don’t manage to get tasks completed can feel less motivated. A great way to prevent this from happening is to set small, realistic goals for your employees and help them achieve the goals by giving them clear direction on how to achieve them rather than being left to their own devices. This will encourage them to be much more motivated as they can see a clear direction to where they need to be and how to get there. An employees goals should most certainly be entwined with the goals of the company so everyone is benefiting.

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be too strenuous but having some things in place in the office and as benefits with employment can seriously motivate your employees as well as improve their overall health, reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction rates. Having a free gym membership is a great benefit to employees. Having a cold water dispenser, having a running club or be part of the cycle to work scheme can all improve motivation for some employees and even team leaders. Other ways in which you can improve motivation is by allowing work from home and flexible hours so that employees can go to the gym in the morning etc. Once this is implemented, you will see an improvement.

Train And Develop Your Employees

If you are wanting to improve your team’s production, then a way to motivate them is by providing regular training workshops or individual 1:1 training. This shows that you as a company are wanting to develop your team overall, but are also wanting them to be trained in what they are wanting to improve and learn. This way employees are going to be more willing to stay extra, work towards their training and also improve their work once the training has been provided. Alongside, you can also review their performance and know where they are lacking in their work. A great performance review software can assist you in this task. And later you can train your employees accordingly.

Celebrate Birthdays & Occasions

You can’t be surprised that your workers are unmotivated if you have an office where it is always serious, you can’t have a joke or celebrate special occasions. By encouraging a fun work environment, it will encourage employees to be more motivated. This can be done through celebrating employees and the business’ birthdays, celebrate Christmas with a party and any other special celebrations. Make things fun at Halloween and get people to dress up to go to the office etc. Happy employees are productive employees, so keep them happy!

Allow Autonomy In The Workplace

Micromanagement is a thing of the past and those who hear that word cringe every time they hear it because it simply doesn’t work. If you have a group of employees that are great at what they do, then let them get on with their job rather than managing every little thing they do as this will just get them rattled and can harm their flow. Instead, give them a task to do and a timeline and let them manage when and how they do it, this will encourage others to want this and will improve motivation.

If you have noticed that your employees are not as motivated as they should be and tasks are not being met on time, then it is time for a change. Follow these simple methods to improve productivity in the workplace and you will soon find that your tasks are being met with much better results.

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