How To Host A Girls’ Night Out On A Budget

As a student, chances are your finances aren’t looking too great at the moment. With all your funds being put towards your education, accommodation and everyday living expenses, socialising is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is important to enjoy all aspects of college life, and this includes hanging out with your friends and having fun every now and again. If your lack of funds is preventing you from enjoying going out with friends, it simply takes a little creativity to ensure you can still have a full and fun social life without blowing your budget.

Pamper party
You are never too old for a pamper party, so grab your girls and prepare to look fabulous! Instruct your friends to gather all their cosmetics, nail lacquers and other beauty implements and to arrive at your house ready for a girls’ night in. Take turns to administer face masks, paint nails, and even have mini make-overs. Make this a regular thing alternating who will host it each time and encourage your friends to bring drinks and nibbles, so it isn’t left to the host to provide all the snacks and beverages.

Get your game on
Online gaming has never been so accessible, and by hosting an online casino games night, you can have fun and maybe even win some cash. You can enjoy the thrill of casino games without having to get all glammed up and spend a whole load of money by attending a real casino. Again, encourage your friends to contribute to the snacks and drinks and provide some of your own of course. One of the fun things about online casino games is that there are different types of games available to play. This online casino site, for example, lists a fantastic choice of casino game options including poker and roulette. You can choose to play on different devices, or if you have a smart tv, you can all play together on a bigger screen.

Board game night
Childhood games were fun for a reason, and just because you may not have played them in a very long time, it doesn’t mean they don’t hold the same appeal as they once did. Ask each friend to bring a board game, be it Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, or Articulate and divide into teams. You can choose to concentrate on just one game for the evening or allocate time slots to each game. Avoid spending money by digging out games you already have or by asking your parents to send over some of your childhood favourites.

Film night
Who doesn’t love a cosy night in watching their favourite movies? Get together with the girls for a rom-com marathon or a horror-fest while enjoying home-made popcorn (much cheaper than shop-bought) and your favourite drinks. Each take a movie to the host’s house and spend the night quoting your favourite lines, weeping at the soppy bits and laughing until your tummy hurts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that entertain us the most.
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