How to Drive Safely in the Fall

Driving in the fall can be tricky because it isn’t like driving in other weather conditions. There are random fluctuations in temperature because of the impending winter. During fall, temperatures can swing from hot to cool, and can be windy and rainy; you may even begin to see some ice on the roads. Because of this, it is important to pay particular attention to the road and to your car when driving during this season. Below are a few tips to help you keep your car in the right conditions for the weather, and in turn help you remain safe while driving.

Check your tires
You should check your tires as you drive about this season. One particular area you should not neglect is the tread on your tires. If your tires do not have sufficient tread depth, they could skid on the wet roads that are a trademark of the fall season in most parts of the country. Your tires need to have enough traction when driving on wet surfaces in order to avoiding potential car accidents that are so common especially during this season. It is also a good idea to check the pressure on your tires as the drop in temperature will also affect the pressure in your tires. Take time out to fill them up regularly and make it a point to keep a tire pressure gauge in the vehicle.

Check your wiper blades
Be sure to check your wiper blades and ensure that they are working well. If they begin to streak or leave patches of moisture on your windshield, then it is a sign that they are due for change. If they squeak, chatter or smear, then it is time to get new pair. Your wiper blades are very important particularly during the fall season when rain can be unpredictable. Another reason to check your wiper blades is because if the rubber on the blades wears out, they could cause damage to your windshield. This is an easy fix, and only requires a short trip to your local auto shop.

Regularly Monitor Your Fluids
When temperatures begin to cool down, the fluids in your vehicle will also get thicker.It is a good idea to check them regularly and top them up when necessary. Changing the fluids may also be required so that they are clean. A good tip is to drain out your coolant and replace it with new coolant particularly if you experience extreme weather conditions.

Be Aware of Signs
Paying attention to road signs and safety rules is a good idea in any season. In the fall, be aware of your environment and drive carefully. With changing weather conditions, new signs may be posted from one day to the next with warnings of road conditions. Keep a lookout for such signs. With Daylight Saving Time, there will be reduced visibility because it gets darker earlier. Drive carefully and watch out for others sharing the road, including animals.

This autumn, make sure your car is properly serviced so that it can handle even the most unexpected weather shifts. What are some yearly routines that you practice to stay safe during this season?

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