How to Choose the Best PDF Editor for Your Business

Got a small business that often deals with file formats like PDF? Do you find that you often need to edit PDF files? Have you got no concrete way to choose the best PDF editor for it?
The average employee uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper yearly. This could sum up to $80 to $100 worth of paper per person. A lot of businesses are going paper-light or paperless, as much as they can.
Thus, more offices and businesses are turning digital. They’re using all kinds of file documenting formats like PDF. The sad thing is that a lot of employees still don’t have a lot of know-how with editing PDF.
Good thing PDF editors exist. Read on below to find out what a PDF editor is. With our guide, we’ll show you how you can choose the best PDF editor out there.

1. Review PDF Software

Choosing the best PDF editor for your company isn’t easy. You need to double-check your choices with peer reviews. This is to ensure that you are not buying into one software company’s statements.
Most people like a product better after reading positive online reviews about them. According to research, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This is why many companies ask for reviews or ratings from consumers.
Get a list of PDF editors ready. Use the internet to look for positive or acceptable reviews. Take PDF editors with too many bad ratings or reviews out of the list.
If the software company has a review page, check out the testimonials from other buyers there. Remember to look at more than one site when you can. Always verify with other sites.

2. Consider the Functions You Need Most

When you pick out PDF software, you need to consider what you will most need in it. A business may only need the basic functions of a simple PDF editor. Other businesses might have to use PDF editors with added tools to boost e-commerce sales.
Before you pick out a PDF editor, ask yourself what you’re looking for in one. Do you need the fundamental PDF editor functions like create and convert? Exporting PDFs to other editable formats is another basic function of a PDF editor.
Do you need to edit text, insert images, or reorganize pages in the PDF? If you do, get a PDF editor with a content editing function. These allow you to perform tasks like resizing graphics and adding or removing hyperlinks.
Good PDF editors will let users review and annotate PDF files. These are useful in proofreading and copyediting articles before publication. Common tools will allow you to add sticky notes, highlight, and stamp messages. Most of the time, before sharing an edited PDF file, you are required to recheck the changes you have made. But this task becomes frustrating when the pdf file has multiple pages. To make this task as easy as possible, you could learn how to use Draftable, a tool which allows you to compare the two pdf files and detect all the changes that have been made to them to make sure that you are happy with the final document.
If your files contain sensitive data, you want your PDF documents to be secure. An important consideration in picking out a PDF editor is the security it offers. Reliable editors have security measures like password protection, permissions settings, and content redaction.
Here is the last consideration but not the least: mobile support. Get a PDF editor that has an optimized mobile version. This is useful when your desktop isn’t working, you’re traveling, or waiting to commute.
Those are the operations you may need to consider in choosing a PDF editor.

3. Consider Your Company Size and Budget

Before you publish your work online, you may need to let your employees do more than review and comment on it. There are instances when it’s more efficient to allow them to edit what you did. This is very helpful with smaller businesses that have limited personnel and resources.
Adobe Acrobat is an excellent option when it comes to a PDF editor yet it is one of the most expensive choices. The high price makes it less accessible to small business owners. Often, they will look for cheaper or cost-free alternatives instead.
Many premium PDF editors have a free-trial period. In the short term, this is a quick and easy solution. In the long run, it will be better to use a free PDF editor or buy premium software.
Many simple and free PDF editors have the basic functions in their kit. If your business focuses on conversion and exporting, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you need more, you have to get a PDF editor that has more functionality but is more expensive. Budget is a big factor in choosing PDF software, be this for editing, conversion, or creation. Not only that, the size of the company or business matters as well. What’s the use of getting an expensive and robust PDF solution when the company is small? If you can get the best PDF creator, do it. It may be smarter to invest your funds on other things. Remember, quality does not always equate to steep prices.

4. Choose the PDF Editor Best Suited for Your Business

Now, the previous steps should limit your options. The list of PDF editors you started with should be shorter at this point. At most, you’d have three or four.
We always strive to reach for the best but it’s not always what we need. Don’t look for the best PDF editor. Look for the PDF editor that best suits your business.
If you can get the best PDF creator even for a small business, you can do that. Before you do, ask yourself if the best PDF creator is what you need. Something else might be better for the company.
Consider the employees who will be working with the PDF editor most. Among what’s left, which one are your personnel most comfortable with?
This last step is important for it shows your understanding of your business.
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Choose the Best PDF Editor Now

That’s it for our guide on how you can pick out a PDF editor that best suits your business. We hope you found this blog post useful and informative. Now that you have the key to choosing a PDF editor, you can start editing your PDF files without much hassle.
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