How to Build Your Resume Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

You are on the lookout for a job, and you’re confident that you can get in because of your skills. You have technical knowledge about the industry, you get the work done in time, your critical thinking is superb, and you can charm a room of no-nonsense board members.

Yet, before they know all this about you, you must first get their attention. A perfect resume will help you do that.

Here, we listed a step-by-step guide on how to make a winning resume online.

1. Pick the correct format

resume format

We all have different career trajectories. Some focused on one work, while others tried different jobs before realizing what they’re made to do. With this, picking the most suitable format will help make sure your resume fits your work experiences. If at any point during this process you feel like you could benefit from professional input, you could get in touch with someone like the professional resume writers at ARC Resumes to help you write the perfect resume that best reflects you as a professional.

If your work history has been consistent, choosing a chronological resume format will help enhance your competency. Arranged in reverse-chronological order, this format details your jobs with the current one at the top, followed by the previous ones below.

Meanwhile, choose a functional resume format if you want the recruiters to focus on your skills and experiences rather than the gaps in your career journey. As such, this format highlights your skills more than your industry experience.

Finally, pick the combination resume format if you want the recruiters to focus on your relevant skills while providing a reverse-chronological detail of your experiences. With this, the structure is a mix of the chronological resume and functional resume formats.

2. Write your name, position, and contact details

contact details

Next, write your contact information. Arrange the details according to the resume format you chose. Besides the basics like your name, the position you’re applying for, and your contact number, be sure to include your email, phone number, and username on professional profiles like LinkedIn.

Play with fonts and color palettes to come up with a well-designed contact information section. You can opt not to include a professional photo if you want to, but check with the company first regarding this decision.

3. Write a powerful career summary or objective

write powerfull summary

Build a strong impression towards the recruitment team when you tailor your career summary or objective to the company’s requirements.

Don’t confuse the two, though. A career summary is a brief description of your qualifications, explaining why you’re a match for the position. In comparison, a career objective writes concise and specific details about your career goals.

Always use industry-specific terms and start with powerful action verbs. Words like “implemented”, “accomplished”, and “developed” communicate a sense of action.

4. Generate a list of industry-specific skills

industry specific skills

Capture the recruiter’s attention by generating your skillset. Write all your hard and soft skills that are relevant for the position you’re vying for.

Hard skills are technical abilities tailored to your career path, while soft skills are self-taught and self-developed. The following are the top soft skills needed:

  • Communication
  • Team Player
  • Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Capabilities

5. Include relevant professional experiences

relevant professional experience

Recount your work experiences, but use only job-specific roles. It should include your duties and responsibilities in your past jobs. Be sure to have industry buzzwords so your resume gets through the applicant tracking system.

6. Add your educational background

educational background

Your educational background is vital, too. This is, of course, contrary to others’ advice.

Make a brief list of the accomplishments you made during your college years. Make sure to include only relevant information, such as starting a well-known club or winning an international school contest.

Aside from your impressive skill set, your educational background is a great platform to showcase your diligence and passion for the job.

7. Put a personal touch and polish everything

Add a personal touch to your resume. Pick your favorite color or choose a font that represents your character.

After adding the design elements, polish everything. Re-check your grammar and scan your resume using tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor for any incorrect spellings. A perfectly spelled and flawless grammar makes for an ideal resume, so be sure to polish it to avoid resume rejections.

Final Note

No matter the industry you belong to, a great resume must serve as if you’re talking with the recruiter yourself. While waiting for the results, be patient. If they didn’t contact you, it isn’t because you’re not any good. It’s just your qualifications are more suited to other positions. Be kind to yourself during the process and pave your way into the industry no matter what.

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