How Architecture Institute in Pune helps you Become Successful Architect

A top architecture institute in Pune provides latest and innovative knowledge about this course. The study programme offers perfect combination of art and science.

In today’s modern era, there are many metropolitan cities which are known as educational hub and Pune is one them. Many institutes are located in the city that provide top level of studies in various subjects including architecture. It is one of the favorite professional degrees among the students these days.

In the architecture course, students learn about the science and art of designing the buildings. So it is significant that a student takes best knowledge from top architecture institute in Pune. DR. D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Pune is one of the leading architecture colleges in the country. It has excellent facilities for the study of architecture. Past students of the college have been placed in some of the top construction and designing companies on attractive packages.

Is Architecture course perfect choice?

A large number of people are perplexed about architecture course. Some people think that architects only design buildings. In reality, an architect has to do a lot many more things. A large number of architects work in a small- to medium-sized organization. The work of architect  involves negotiating with contractors, budgeting, planning, ensuring compliance with safety and health regulations on website, and preparing specifications for materials.

Architecture courses provides a highly competitive and popular career option to the aspirants. Blending art, technology and science, the subject involves an interdisciplinary skill set – drawing on objects of engineering and mathematics, mixed with innovative ideas and an understanding of recent cultural trends and technologies.

Architecture is the science and art of designing, building and engineering large structures. The students who choose to pursue architecture need to be proficient in mathematics and artistic ability. Architects are creative and full of innovative ideas. They display their creativity by designing buildings, bridges, towers, shopping malls and housing complexes.

Architects are responsible for the reliability and safety of the buildings and structures they create. That’s why architect students practice for a long period before becoming a licensed and fully fledged architect. Although rules for the architectural licensing vary from state to state, often a student will have to give minimum five years of study (3 years of bachelor’s and 2 years of master’s degree) and acquire 2 years of practical knowledge.

Here are some of the top architecture institutes in Pune

• DR. D.Y. Patil College of Architecture
• Minerva College of Architecture
• Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture – [BVCA]
• Sinhgad College of Architecture – [Scoa]
• PK Technical Campus – [PKTC]
• MIT Art, Design And Technology University – [Mitadt]
• MCE Society’s Allana College of Architecture
• Minerva College of Architecture

One should consider all aspects carefully before finalizing an architecture institute in Pune. One should look at the infrastructure of the institute and its placement record. A good institute helps the learners in grabbing good jobs in tops companies in India and abroad.

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