Here’s Where to Ride Go Karts Near Seattle

Let’s be real; go karts are a blast to ride at any age. It’s fun when you’re a young child to race your siblings and parents. It’s fun to go again with your friends sans parents. And it’s certainly fun to go as an adult when you can relive those fun experiences of your youth, smile, and just forget about life for a while.

But, not all tracks are created equal, so here’s where to ride go karts when you’re near Seattle:

K1 Speed
If you are a data-lover then you’re going to want to head over to K1 Speed. This cross-country establishment is the place to put the pedal to the metal as you race to not only beat the other competitors, but also yourself.

Once you hit the course, the data logger on your kart automatically relays live information to a projection screen that’s visible each time you cross the starting/finish line. You’ll know down to the second how much you dominated in each race. And if you like to return often, can pick up on tips and tricks that will shave off time at each visit.

And, not only will you be able to compare your lap times, consistency, and ranking during your 14-lap race against the people in each of yours heats, but also against the more than 1 million visitors to the facility who have raced before you.

Won’t it be awesome if you’re the one to sweep them all! Maybe it’s time to find out if you can.

Ready for some hair-raising banked turns? Then head to Bullwinkle’s and check out the outdoor go kart track. Ready to take your friends and family to the ultimate fun-zone? Then this is the place to be. Not only can you compete in epic racing challenges, once you’re done you can head inside for a delicious bite to eat or a congratulatory beverage if the winner is over 21.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. At Bullwinkle’s, you can plan a full day of fun as you take on the VR Challenge, test your skill at Lazer Xtreme, cool off on Bumper Boast, and aim for a strike at Bowlwinkle Lanes.

Yes, Bullwinkle’s is a great choice when you’re asking where to ride go karts near Seattle, but it’s also so much more than that.

Traxx Racing

If the focus is solely on the go karts, then another great location near Seattle is Traxx Racing. Yes, you’ll go fast enough that a helmet is required, but it’s also an ideal spot when attending with kids and adults who both want age-specific options.

At Traxx, you’ll find a kids’ track for ages 3-13 with karts designed especially for these youngsters. And, if the young speed demons start to age out, kids 11-13 can race on the adult track once they complete the driver’s safety course.

Have you been before and think you want to switch things up? If you’ll be heading to the adult track you’ll be in for a treat with a repeat since they’ve rolled out a brand new track layout this month, which include a super “S” turn. This ups the time on the course by four seconds — a big difference since each moment matter when you’re racing.

Wondering the difference between the kid and adult tracks? It’s really the speed that makes the difference as the kid track tops out at 10 mpg, while you can expect 30-35 mph on the adult track.

Sykart Indoor Racing Center

Another excellent indoor go kart location to check out near Seattle is Sykart. Since 1999, Sykart has been offering epic go kart experiences for everyone from the interested newbie to the I’m-going-beat-you bragger. During each 10-minute session, you can expect 30-40 mpg heart-pumping laps that are ¼ mile each, ensuring you don’t get bored after a quick loop around your opponents.

It’s also open seven days per week, ensuring a good time anytime you’re up for a new adventure. But, call ahead because Sykart does does offer private facility rentals and will close temporarily for large groups.

Also keep in mind that each driver must be at least 15 years old with a permit to get behind the wheel on most days, but there is a youth track that opens Friday to Sunday from 12pm-8pm for those 8 years and older. But, youngsters can successfully complete the Basic Driving School if they want to take a ride on the adult track.

PGP Motorsport Park

Looking for another place you can race outside? Rain or shine you can hit the track at PGP Motorsport Park in Kent. But again, racers must be at least 14 years old, while 10 to 13 year olds can race if they complete the PGP Junior Racer course first.

Still ready to ride? The course here is just under a mile and is a nice combination of straight aways and turns to combine those technical and endurance muscles. It also features subtle elevations changes and various configurations against the backdrop of Mount Rainier making it one of the most unique courses in all of North America.

With so many places to ride near Seattle, it’s a challenge to choose just one? Want a place for the whole family to enjoy themselves outdoors? Then Bullwinkle’s is the best option. Looking to track your time over various races? K1 Speed is the place to be.

No matter what type of track and who wants to participate, you’ll easily find where to ride go karts when living in the Pacific Northwest.

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