Government Job Vs Private Job

Tough Question! But indeed a relevant one faced by every individual in our country who is on the verge or completing his educational journey. It’s a dilemma to choose between the two and start preparing accordingly. Both have their pros and cons, positives and negatives. So how do you choose or decide what is best for you? One simple answer is, prioritize! You need to set your priorities and expectations right, focusing on what you want out of your life and that will help you narrow down on your career choice.

If you are looking for a life of extravagance, inflated salary packages, and a competitive work environment, choose the private sector. But if you are more interested in job security, power, recognition and doing meaningful work then you will only find it in a Government job. It’s true that in the private sector, competition brings out the best in people but at the same time, all this can be very stressful with the age.

Though a government job may offer you a salary that is lesser than your counterparts who are in private sector, there are a number of tangible and intangible benefits that only a government job can offer you. These are the embellishments that just can’t be neglected! These include accommodation, bill reimbursements, medical benefits, travel allowances, car, driver, etc. etc. And these are just the tangible ones. There is a long list of non-tangible perks like job security, inflation-indexed salary, ensured pay hike, numerous leaves and much more. All these factors make government job a lucrative option that will beat a private job on any given day.

So those of you who dream of a government job need to start preparing right now! If you don’t want to be one of those individuals whose dream of getting a government job always remained a dream, then you must act in the right manner and in the right direction. Every Government job requires you to clear an entrance exam so it is imperative to keep track of all the job openings, their entrance procedure and preparation methodology. There are a number of monthly magazines that can easily help you keep up to date with all the relevant information that is important to prepare for various government job entrance exams. When it comes to improving your knowledge about the current affairs, these magazines are truly a life saver. So if you are aspiring to crack any such exam in 2017 or 2018, you need to get hold of any such magazine that helps you with the current affairs of 2017.

Just remember that if you wish to get a job in the government sector, hard work, determination, and the right preparation are the key factors that will surely help you realize your dream.

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