Fun Gifts to Surprise Your Friends on Special Occasions


It can be difficult to find a truly meaningful gift during special occasions like Birthdays, New Year or even Diwali. Shopping is just difficult and stressful in that manner. If you’re struggling to find the right gift, maybe don’t look for something meaningful and instead look for something that’s fun and quirky. It will take the stress out of gift giving and will likely bring a smile or laugh on your friend’s face. Below are some great quirky gifts to consider buying your friends and loved ones this year.

  1. A quirky cat print insulated lunchbox for the cat lover friend  Just about everyone could do with a good insulated lunchbox, even cat lovers (especially cat lovers). A good insulated lunchbox drastically increases your lunch options. It lets you pack a wide variety of different foods that will be guaranteed to stay fresh and warm when you’re ready to eat. The adorable cats just make it that more personalized for the cat lover. Whether they are really into Mr. Mittens or they like making their own lunch, your friend will definitely appreciate your quirky gift.
  2. A Venus Fly Trap  If you have a friend who is a plant lover, you might want to consider gifting them a Venus Fly Trap this year. The Venus Fly Trap is an interesting carnivorous plant that eats flies and other insects. It’s a great plant to have around the house for people that live in tropical environments as it is simultaneously a house plant and a bug repellant. It does take a bit of a green thumb and some specialized care to really let a fly trap grow properly. You may even need to keep it inside a terrarium. But the novelty of the plant itself makes it a fun and unique gift.
  3. Paint by numbers kit  Has your friend ever admired the Mona Lisa or wished they could ascend to the heights of one of the great artistic masters? Whether they have or haven’t, a paint by numbers kit makes a great gift. Painting is fun, but can be rather intimidating for those of us who lack an artistic background. Painting by numbers is like painting with training wheels attached to your brush. If you buy one for you and your friend, you guys can have a real fun game night testing your painting prowess against one another.
  4. Carbon eyeglass cleaner  Your average eyeglass cleaner involves spraying a cleaning solution onto the lenses of your glasses, then wiping them down with a microfiber cloth. This method is effective, but it is definitely not the best. It is very difficult to not leave smudges or streaks on the lenses. A carbon eyeglass cleaner set will get your friend’s lenses clean and leave them entirely streak free. Many users report that the process is actually more effective than the standard process. Your friend will love this gift as they will feel like they are a professional optometrist.
  5. Grow a tree kit  Paying for a tree to be planted in the name of your friend is a great idea; it helps them contribute to improving the environment and is overall a nice gesture. Helping your friend grow a tree themselves is an even better idea. It not only helps them do something positive for the environment, it also helps them do something great for themselves. Growing something as spectacular as a tree is a large but passive project that will keep your friend satisfied and involved for many years to come.
  6. An insulated water bottle with Mickey and Minnie for a fan  If your friend is a big fan of Disney, then a fun Disney inspired insulated water bottle may be just the perfect gift. Just about everyone can use a good quality water bottle. It helps people to control and monitor their water intake. It also ensures that they have a guaranteed source of clean water on hand at all times. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs are just an added bonus and much more cost efficient than a Disney+ subscription.
  7. Waterproof speaker  Who doesn’t like singing in the shower? Everyone likes to perform their own solo concerts. You can help your friend put on an even more spectacular show by gifting them with a waterproof speaker this year. Waterproof speakers come in all sorts of designs; some are cool and sleek, and others are fun and adorable. Your friend will really be able to make the most out of this gift as they can use it everywhere, not just the bathroom. They can take it to the beach, take it camping, or leave it in the kitchen.

Passport Pocket Socks

This is a fantastic gift for the avid traveler. One of the big headaches of traveling is keeping your passport safe while simultaneously having to take it with you everywhere. You can keep it in your bag, but tourists are prone to being targets to thefts, and bags can easily be misplaced. A passport pocket sock is a funny gift that is actually pretty pragmatic. Your globetrotting friend will be able to travel about knowing their passport is safe, secure, and hidden.

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