Foods You Are Eating That Are Destroying Your Teeth

Teeth whitening and dental health ads have become more popular than ever. They are all over television and tempting people to get enticed by their products. Many dream of having a pearly white smile all the year round but that’s not going to happen just by using teeth whitening toothpastes or whitening stripes. You need to pay equal attention to what you are consuming and find out whether the food you are consuming is affecting the quality of your teeth. Take dental health seriously from a young age and there are much lesser chances of you repenting at a later stage.

Here is a list of food items which dentists tell to maintain distance from:

1) Breath mints
– Breath mints are a must have with you if you are a civilized person and don’t want to inflict the curse of bad breath on the person striking a conversation with you. Some even chew them to increase their concentration power when they aren’t able to do so. However you should also know that those very breath mints also hold a large amount of sugar which coat your teeth and give an invitation to cavities. Stay clear of them unless you are chewing on sugar free breath mints.

2) Dried fruits
– Many people like to munch on dried fruits today to curb their hunger pangs as they are considered a healthy snack option. Many also like to have a handful of them before they rush out of their home to travel to their workplace. How about substituting this unhealthy habit of yours with neem leaves powder (available online at discounted price by using Healthkart coupons) which is considered beneficial for teeth and gums? As snack options, you can substitute them with fresh fruits.

3) White wine
– White wine lovers! Sorry! But here’s a bitter truth. Since white wine is acidic in nature and more acidic than red wine, it means your teeth are more open to getting stained. The most effective way to reduce that effect is by having light colored food with white wine. Because this way the tint left by food won’t be that much dark.

4) Black tea
– Black tea has numerous benefits such as getting antioxidants dose, strong bones, low diabetes risk, stress relief and more. Surprisingly Black tea also helps reduce plaque formation which can weaken the gums area. But you should know that by consuming Black tea, you are also inviting stains to live on your teeth. Stained teeth don’t make a good sight, right? You can instead switch to Green tea, which can be bought online at a discounted price by using groupon coupons present on Green tea will do much less damage.

5) Potato chips
– It’s a lazy Saturday night and you decide to munch on a bag of big potato chips and watch your favourite movie. But don’t! That bag of chips can bag you a lot of problems for your teeth. I’m sure that you know that some remains of chips linger on teeth but you may not know is that the longer they stay on your teeth, the longer they are to increase chances of your risk of tooth decay. Even if you feel like having potato chips, ensure that you gargle after having them. Also don’t indulge in the binging process with them as you increase the duration of their remains getting stuck to your teeth. Avoid them as much as you can.

Hope you don’t consume these foods now or consume them wisely so as to protect your teeth properly.
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