Five Tips For Selecting Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

The fun of shopping for dresses with your bridesmaids doesn’t stop at the clothing store. Accessories are the perfect way to finish off the look and add that little extra shine to the occasion. Not only does jewelry make a lovely keepsake after the big day, it can dramatically elevate the look of an outfit. Keep these five tips in mind when selecting jewelry for your bridesmaids.


1. Delicate is best
Recent trends have seen some pretty impressive jewelry pieces hit the store shelves. Rings that span two or more fingers, huge statement necklaces, heavy bracelets – these look great for some occasions, but are not the best for a classic wedding. Keep the jewelry light and delicate. Bridesmaids’ jewelry should accentuate, not dominate, the dress. You want a little shine, not something that overshadows the dress.


This is why classics like simple pearls and small drop earrings never go out of style. They work with most styles and add a nice finish to the look without being a bold statement or the-first-thing-you-see type of accessory.


2. Match the style to the dress
Sweetheart and strapless dresses look great with longer chandelier or drop earrings. The more bare your shoulders and chest, the longer and more impressive the earrings can be (but don’t overdo it as per tip 1).


The neckline of your dress dictates the necklace. Deep V-neck dresses should have a necklace that does not extend past the point of the V. Very long pendants take away from the look of the V-plunge. Similarly, scooped necklines look wonderful with a rounded or choker style. Think of it this way. V-neck equals a hanging necklace, scooped neck equals a rounded necklace. In both cases, always be wary of extending the end of the necklace past the neckline. Long bridesmaids’ necklaces and pendants can work, but only in certain situations.


3. Be thoughtful
As much as you want every little detail to match your idea of a dream wedding, be thoughtful of your bridesmaids. Before you purchase bridesmaids’ jewelry, talk to each one about their likes, dislikes and if they have any allergies. Some women find gold, silver or nickel to be extremely irritating against their skin. Don’t leave your bridesmaids standing in discomfort because you want each girl to have matching jewelry. It’s perfectly okay to have similar styles for each girl that are not an exact match.


Some women do not wear jewelry for religious or personal reasons. For example, many Seventh-Day-Adventist women do not pierce their ears. If a woman without pierced ears is agreeable to clip on earrings, a trip to your local craft store will get you the supplies you need to convert traditional earrings into clip-ons. However, if she is adamant about not wearing earrings at all because of her belief system, choose another accessory for her, like a stunning headband or a brooch.


4. Headbands
Speaking of headbands, sparkling, beautiful headbands are considered jewelry too. When nestled into curls or holding back a sleek style, a headband can dramatically improve the look of an outfit or hairstyle.


To avoid discomfort, choose high-quality headbands that have a little give in in them. Headbands that are too tight can cause headaches – something you don’t want your girls dealing with on your special day.


5. Don’t overdo it
Finally, don’t overdo it. If the necklace is bold, keep the earrings simple. If the headband is a standout piece, don’t have large chandelier earrings. As the famous and stylish Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This does not mean that after all the time you spent picking out the perfect jewelry for your bridesmaids, you should instruct them to leave one accessory at the door!  What Ms. Chanel meant was, it’s far too easy to pile on the bling, but less is best. A few simple touches of jewelry make a bigger statement that several large and loud pieces. Choose wisely to strike the perfect balance.


Bridesmaid’s jewelry completes the look of their dress and helps everyone look stunning in photos. Use these five tips to help you select the jewelry that will help make your wedding day perfect.
This article was written by Amos James, a well known author cum shopping expert prefers sharing his online jewelry shopping experiences via his writings.
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