Earn Grocery Bonuses and Reward Points from Credit Cards

If you’re not currently earning a grocery bonus, change credit cards. Some credit cards offer unlimited 2.5% cash back, but you’ll have to check the fine print to find out if the transaction actually earned a bonus. Others will only tell you about the bonus on your statement or require you to call customer service. In these cases, it’s best to switch to another card that provides the bonus. A few issuers offer both unlimited 2.5% cash back and 1.5% cash back on grocery purchases.

Cash Back

Cash back credit cards often promise extra rewards for grocery purchases. However, the problem is that card-specific restrictions can prevent you from earning rewards on all of your grocery purchases.

Many grocery-rewards credit cards do not cover big box stores and wholesale clubs, so if you buy most of your groceries at such stores, it might be best to apply for a store credit card. When choosing a grocery-rewards card, check the cash back rate and other fees. The highest-rated grocery-rewards credit cards offer up to 6% cash back in supermarkets. However, many of these cards come with annual fees, and Blue Cash Everyday Card does not.


You might not realize it, but you can earn miles and points for your groceries, and you can redeem these for a free flight! American express blue benefits are the best way to maximize the benefits of your card, and you can also save money while doing your grocery shopping! If you’re looking for a card with a great grocery bonus, read on for some tips. Keeping these tips in mind will make your grocery shopping experience as rewarding as possible!

One of the key factors when choosing a grocery credit card is the APR. If you don’t pay your balance off every month, you’ll want to focus on a low APR. Also, most of the best grocery cards feature spending-based introductory offers that earn you reward points and miles. If you’re more inclined to use the card for grocery purchases, you’ll find some cards with higher rewards than the average. But keep in mind that these cards are designed for people with excellent credit, so they’re best for people with excellent credit.


While you may not want to spend your entire day in a supermarket, a credit card that offers points on groceries is an excellent option. This type of reward program is ideal for grocery shoppers because you can accumulate points toward a trip. It is especially useful if you want to maximize the rewards you earn from your card. There are several factors to consider when choosing a grocery rewards program. Here are some of the important factors to consider.

First, make sure the card offers you high points earning rate. Some offer up to five times your points or more. If you want to use the cash back as points, you will need to pay an annual fee of $95 on the card. If you spend at least a thousand dollars per year on groceries, you can get about a $100 credit. Some grocery cards also give you airline miles. Points on grocery purchases are a great way to earn more cash back, but keep in mind that these offers may expire at any time.

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