Dubai’s Past to Present: 4 Reasons to Visit the New Marsa Al Seef

Even if you have been to Dubai several times before, you still have reason to visit the place again in the future. Why? It’s because a new tourist destination called Marsa Al Seef is now open to give you the modern experience of leisure you know and love, along with an enriching glimpse into the city’s past.

As a bustling hub spreading over 1.8 kilometers, this vibrant new location is also the home of Dubai’s heritage and culture. Set in an area filled with historical sites, Marsa Al Seef is the ultimate destination for those who love to dine and shop while also learning a bit of valuable Dubai history.

From the Past to the Present
In Marsa Al Seef, you can revel in the comfort and convenience of a modern city while rediscovering Emirati culture. This new attraction rests heavily on Dubai’s contemporary elements, but at the same time pays homage to what the city once was. This strip is split into two regions areas: one is a modern site while the other is modeled after Old Dubai.

As you walk the streets of Marsa Al Seef, it will feel as if you are in the ’60s. To truly enjoy this magnificent place, you have to spend more than a day exploring it.

So make sure to book rooms at nearby Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, a splendid 4-star hotel in Dubai. Once you’re all settled, let these four reasons to stroll through Marsa Al Seef inspire your plans for leisurely time in the City of Gold.

1. Good Food
Who doesn’t love to eat? In every travel destination, seeking out the places with the best eats should be part of the itinerary. And in Marsa Al Seef, you can take your pick from various menus inspired by amazing cuisines from all around the world. There’s sure to be something to satisfy your craving, what with almost 500 dining concepts positioned for the development.

Here’s a special treat: As you enjoy your food and drinks, you can also feast your eyes on the sight of traditional dhows making their way up and down the Dubai Creek from your table.

With connected paths leading tourists to the splendid waterway, you can also consider the option to plan a romantic dinner with your partner or a casual family meal with your loved ones.

2. Old World Charm
Marsa Al Seef gives you a chance to witness a heritage area while enjoying a contemporary space. The new attraction celebrates the humble beginnings of Dubai Creek as a famous coastal pearl-diving base. The region’s proud culture is in full display while introducing modern elements that emphasize the Creek’s natural beauty.

Since it was once a vibrant entrance to the Gulf’s successful pearl-diving port, Marsa Al Seef wants visitors to feel the Creek’s legendary presence. As it pays tribute to old-fashioned way of life, the place also features an regional crafts, textiles, and Emirati art spaces. A visit to this place is a hands-on experience of Emirati customs and the lifestyles of past Dubai generations.

3. Great Shopping
From locally produced handicrafts to high-end fashion pieces, Marsa Al Seef offers a breathtaking retail experience for the avid shopper. Pick up the perfect gifts or souvenirs or treat yourself to a new outfit or two as you explore. Embrace luxury while you experience and enjoy the finest products from the east and the west.

Gaze at the pristine waters or enjoy the view of the horizon while you shop and do your bargain hunting. Whether it’s traditional crafts or modern products that you are looking for, Marsa Al Seef is a truly satisfying shopping destination.

4. Exciting Events
If you love to take part in special celebrations, then all you need to do is to stay tuned to the events in Marsa Al Seef. People from near and far will be fascinated by the events plaza where various shows and cultural activities regularly take place. Also included are local crafts and art exhibitions, musical shows and many other performances.

How to Get There
Marsa Al Seef is close to Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and Al Fahidi Fort along the Dubai Creek. If you are going by car, it will only take a few minutes to drive from the Sheikh Zayed Road. You can also access Marsa Al Seef through the Dubai Metro via the Burjuman Station or by taking Dubai Water Taxis.

The development of Marsa Al Seef area is still ongoing, so you can expect that more attractions will soon be available for locals and visitors from all across the globe to try. If you want a Dubai destination that offers both contemporary and traditional experiences, then this is perfect for you. Make sure to spend time at Marsa Al Seef the next time you’re in the City of Gold.
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