Don’t Do These 5 Things an Hour Before Your Job Interview to Avoid Messing up

Needless to say, a job interview is crucial for it is one of the main keys (if not the only main key) for you to get the job you are applying for. It’s actually the only way by which the employer or the HR staff assigned to interview you would know things about you promptly — things beyond your resume– and would get to feel your vibe and your perseverance and eagerness to get the position — something they cannot totally grasp over the telephone or over the online application form.
It is very important to know the things you should do and prepare for at least an hour or two before the job interview proper. Getting interviewed for a job is truly nerve-racking, but you must be ready to meet the new faces you’ll be with for a long time or will meet for the first and last time too. It’s important to be at your best! BUT aside from the things that you should do, remember that there are also some things that you must not do, or else you might mess up [only a bit, hopefully].

Take at look at these 5 things you must not do before an hour or two before your interview 

This one may not apply to everyone, but let’s see the possibilities if you sleep an hour or two before your interview. Three things!
First, you might become less energetic! For some, a power nap gives them more energy, but for others, it makes them less hyper and sleepier because their sleep gets suddenly cut and they want to sleep more. If you sleep before your interview, your body might still be in a sleepy or sleeping state wherein you’re too lazy to move and think. This might lead to you being out of yourself and unfocused.
Second, you might forget to prepare some requirements for your face-to-face meet-up with the company. If you fall asleep and wake up a few minutes before the interview itself, you’re doomed; you have no more time left to fix everything including yourself. It’s either you cram and look and feel so haggard, or you just don’t bring those requirements anymore and put your application at risk.
Third and last and also the WORST, you might not wake up on time before your interview if you sleep an hour before it! You will be late and will start with a very bad impression and remark, or you’ll choose not to attend anymore because it’s too late already, and it’s so embarrassing for you.
Eat right (in healthiness and in amount) before your interview. Don’t make yourself too full because your tummy might ache, and that would be so bad! Don’t let yourself starve either because it’s just as bad as the latter if your hunger already has become hurtful to the stomach.
If you starve while waiting for your turn to be interviewed and/or during it, you have no choice but to endure the pain and hunger. It will be very uncomfortable which might lead you to not giving your best because something’s hurting in you. The brain doesn’t cooperate well when the tummy is bothersome. It’s worse if you have an examination together with the interview, which will take some hours for you to finish. Wow, how annoying would that be!
Bring photocopied versions or extra printed copies of all your documents, forms, photos and valid IDs needed. It isn’t necessary for your contact person to tell you directly that you have to bring this and that. You need to be responsible and prepared enough by bringing doubles or triples of important requirements that can be duplicated.
Also bring a flashdrive where soft copies of your documents are saved. Make sure the files are functional and not corrupted. Do not plan to just get the files online before going to the interview. You might get stressed while finding a spot where there are gadgets you can use to get your files or where you can get fast signal for Internet connection or where you can print them out.
If you ignore this tip because of laziness, you’re giving yourself some self-inflicted problems. If you have already felt that there’s something wrong with your stomach and digestion since before leaving the house, immediately do something because it’s not something that will adjust for you. Yes, you can ask for permission to go to the toilet when you’re already at the interview venue, but wouldn’t that waste someone’s time?
Having a sick tummy will lessen your confidence and make you lose concentration. It surely will distract you a hundred and one percent so let go, and don’t ignore the call of nature before going to your interview. It helps you be more comfortable and less worried the whole time.Find a restroom if you’re already on the way! You have to get those liquids or wastes out of you before it’s too late!
You might schedule a meeting with a friend before your interview, or you might think you want to visit the mall first since there’s still an hour left, but darling, if it’s not very urgent, reserve that after your interview.
It’s so risky to have a commitment hours or an hour before your job interview. A lot of unexpected happenings might come up. Who knows when the public vehicle you’ll ride in will suddenly get broken – the driver asking all the passengers find another vehicle during rush hours? You know road traffic nowadays is unpredictable. Road constructions might also be present. Countless uncontrollable possibilities are there, so it’s better if you won’t go too far if not needed. You might run late, already giving a not-so-good impression to your interviewer.
These are 5 of the most common things people overlook whenever the hour of their interview is coming near. Keep these in mind if you are a job seeker with a pending interview because these will certainly be your important reminders so you’ll avoid messing up before and during it! These will make you confident in all aspects and will make your prior preparations worth your time.
Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for HR Dept AUS, an Australian company providing HR support and services for any kind of business. Before the Communication field, Psychology is Nicole’s long-time love and interest because people’s behaviour intrigues and fascinates her a lot! As a writer and as a person, she wants to inspire and empower people in many ways possible. Because of the course she took up in college, Nicole has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting.| Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be the glory”
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