Do You Enjoy Working with Children?

The childcare course is a basic course, for those who want to prepare for work with children and further studies. Taking care of young children can be a very nice and fulfilling task. In children’s day care the children are cared for in a small group and in a family atmosphere. As in children’s day-care centers, there is a so-called educational task. This means they should encourage and support children in their development. The care of up to 5 foreign children can take place in their own household, in rented rooms or in the parents’ household. It is also possible to combine with another day caregiver.



Child Care: with Heart and Quality
The certificate for Child Day Care acquired through this course is a prerequisite for the attainment of the care permit with which the care of day care children is approved.Day nurses are usually self-employed. In kindergarten is responsible for advising, arranging and settling subsidized nursing homes.
Qualification Courses:
While participating in the Childhood Care Program you can enhance your child care skills and many leading institutes offer the qualification courses according to the new qualification manual. The course is divided into an activity-oriented basic course and an accompanying follow-up qualification. In addition, two internships and self-study units are to be completed. The first aid course is already integrated into the qualification.
Detailed information can be found in our brochure: Qualification courses, which we would be pleased to send you. The events are conducted by a professional and experienced team of speakers and in cooperation with the City of Adelaide. The exchange of experience between the participants forms an important part of the training.
Topics Include:
• Legal and financial bases
• The first contact / support contract
• The familiarization phase
• Development of children
• coping with stress
• Healthy eating
• Communication and reflection
• Difficult educational situations
• Daily rhythm and rituals
• In dialogue with infants & toddlers
• First aid course for children / infants
• Preparation and follow-up of the internship
• Creation of concept and flyer
The offer is addressed to all children of kindergarten teachers and other participants from educational professions. In order to keep the care permit, each day care worker has to complete 20 training hours per year. For the participation in these courses, the day care staff does not incur any costs, they receive an online voucher. All other participants pay a fee.
Child Care Courses Adelaide
Child Care Courses Adelaide is enthusiastic about early child care training and our attention is exclusively on capabilities inside the early childcare field. Improve your childcare knowledgewith us. We offer top notch preparing for individuals officially working or for those needing to have an energizing vocation in the childcare field.
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