Classic Limousine Hire Tips For Weddings

Over the past few years the demand for classic limousine hire has skyrocketed around Australia. One reason for this has been the growing number of weddings which have a classic theme. Some couples may even want a classic limousine from the fifties or the sixties because that is when their parents got married. That being said the growing demand for the classics has not made finding these vehicles any easier. As a matter of fact many of the businesses that have these classics often don’t have them in a reliable condition. So, that is one of the first things you need to check and ensure because no wedding couple wants to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere on their wedding day. In addition below are a few other things you may want to consider.
Tip no. 1: Know what you want
The internet is the best place to start your search for a classic limousine hire. However, instead of searching for hire companies you need to start with searching for specific types of limousines you are interested. Use Google’s image search option to find limousines from the era you want. Then make a list of the ones you think will suit your wedding theme the best prior to shopping around. The advantage of doing this is that you’ll know exactly what to look for and this will save you lots of pointless legwork and deliberation.
Tip no. 2: Is reliability guaranteed?
The biggest problem with classic limousines as we have discussed above is the fact that because they are old they can also be unreliable. The reliability of a classic limousine is primarily based on how much the owner or the company in this case invested in keeping the vehicle maintained. However, even then there is a limit to how good the condition can remain especially if it’s being rented on a fairly regular basis for parties and weddings. There are some limousine hire companies that will provide you with a reliability guarantee for the classic vehicle that you hire, this often means that if in the event it breaks down a replacement will be sent to your rescue. It also means that the vehicle has been properly maintained to the extent that the company is sure of the fact that it will not break down. Make sure to double check with the vehicle hire company to ensure that they guarantee its reliability.
Tip no. 3: Start searching a year in advance
Unlike hiring the latest Mercedes or BMW it’s going to be near impossible to find a limousine hire company who has a classic vehicle available if you start searching four or five months before your wedding. Even if you do manage to run across a few your choices will be limited and since beggars cannot be choosers you’ll probably have to settle for a less than a good looking vehicle which if anything will be a lot more expensive than you first imagine. This is why it is important to start searching at least a year in advance. Once you’ve booked your wedding venue and the date is now 100% confirmed start searching for a vehicle immediately. This will allow you the time to visit various car rental companies and even negotiate a suitable rental price.
Tip no. 4: Have a realistic budget in mind
You should never search for a classic limousine hire without a budget in mind but this budget should be realistic. If you are not sure what the going rate is for the type of vehicles you want simply call up a few rental companies who have the vehicle and inquire what they are asking for it. Since some companies charge by the hour factor in how many hours you need the vehicle for when comparing quotes. Once you know what the going rate is just have an adjustment of around 10% within the budget, if in the event you come across something really irresistible.
Tip no. 5: Visit the company’s website
Before you visit a classic limousine hire company visit their website. Established companies like have a detailed list of vehicles on their website which you can view and find out more about prior to paying them a visit. This saves you lots of time not to mention effort. 
Mark has been in the classic limousine hire business for over a decade. He has some of the rarest old cars and limousines in the country. However, he advises that wedding couples always choose a reliable vehicle even if it costs a bit extra. He also strongly advises people to do their research prior to deciding on a vehicle. 
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