Career advice on Civil Engineering VS Architecture

Are you confused in terms of Civil Engineering and Architecture? The article will help you know more about the two and help you decide your future choice. It is very clear that the construction sector of the real estate industry depends on civil engineers as well as architects. Both are responsible for the creation of beautiful, super-strong structures. The two careers are undoubtedly quite similar and offer jobs in the same industry, which is why students get confused regarding what to choose.

What is civil engineering and architecture?

However, both civil engineering and architecture look similar, especially in syllabus and subjects, but there are some differences that every student should know. Below we have listed some key differences among the two that will help you decide what to choose.

Architecture and civil engineering

Architecture is considered a builder; in the real world, it is a creative field that deals with the science and art of designing and constructing buildings and other structures in human use. On the other hand, civil engineering is a broad term comprising design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally builds constructions like bridges, canals, buildings and dams. Civil engineers build structures by designing and deciding the material to be used, load and capacity and maintenance. Thus, we can say that architecture design the building by their imagination and creativity. Civil engineer assesses the design made by architecture and determines other terms and conditions.

Field of operation civil engineer and architect

However civil engineer has a wide range of options in compared to architects. For example, architects involve developing construction projects with a creative presentation like residences, commercial complexes, public buildings, and more. On the other side, civil engineers work on public projects, including bridges, dams, harbors etc.

Eligibility for both fields

B.Arch. i.e., Bachelor in Architecture is a five years undergraduate course offered at top architecture schools in India. Admission to these colleges is done on the basis of a common entrance examination. Students who want to pursue B.Arch. should clear 12th class with PCM as the main subject. After the completion of the course, students can further pursue a two-year post-graduation course in architecture. For civil engineering, students can choose civil engineering degree course or a short-term diploma course. Popular courses among students are B.Tech in civil engineering. The civil engineering is a degree course offered by many top colleges in India. Admission in these colleges is based on entrance examinations like JEE, NITs, GFTIs etc.

Salary of civil engineer and architect

Architects’ main responsibility is to understand the client’s needs and make them practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing in their design. Architects are not only hired by private but also by government agencies. Architects can expect the starting salary of about 30000 per month and go up to 1 lakh per month with experience and expansion of skills.

Civil engineer, on the other hand, gets excellent job offers in privates well as government organizations. They are also eligible for jobs in the Indian army which is a matter of pride. A civil engineer can expect a starting remuneration of about 4 to 5 lakh per annum.

Both architecture and civil engineering are valuable courses having many benefits. There are many top colleges in India offering civil engineering degree courses and B.Arch. Visit the website for more details regarding these courses.

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