Best Handbags For Teens And Women In Their Early 20s

In life of every woman comes the time when she wants to add more sophistication to her style and starts to browse for designer handbags online, looking for inspiration and something that is chic and affordable at the same time. If you are in your teens or early twenties, use our tips to find the perfect purse and avoid the most common mistakes.
Leave the classic models for later
Are you dreaming about a Gucci or a Fendi handbag? It is probably better if you leave these dreams for later. High fashion bags are exquisite and chic, but when carried by young women they tend to have an aging effect at best or look fake and out of place at worst. The problem with the coveted models of expensive Italian designer bags is that they were designed for women at a different stage of life and of different social status. If you absolutely have to purchase one of these high fashion bags make sure that your purse looks young and feminine, with a touch of casual vibe – you should have no problem with finding cool designer bags for young girls, especially if you check the collections of young designers, who understand their 20+ customers better than anyone else. Super chic and elegant handbags will suit you more once you are a well-established career woman.
A cool evening bag
For your first designer bag choose one of the evening options. The cute, sexy and bold minaudieres and clutches are ideal accessories for young fashionistas and are perfect for a party at a club, as well as evening events, such as concerts or film premieres. A cool looking, tastefully embellished evening bag will get you noticed everywhere you go and you can pair it up with your favorite jewelry to create that luxurious, glam look, which best reflects your taste in fashion. Minaudieres with metallic finish and dark punk rock references will be perfect accessories for girls going through the rebellious stage in their life or for anyone, who likes the edgy style in fashion.
Sophisticated, yet casual everyday bag
For an everyday bag choose a satchel or a classy messenger bag. These models look best in their most classic versions – made from good quality leather and stitched to absolute perfection or high quality fabrics. Satchels and messenger bags look professional, but young at the same time. These handbags are perfect for everyone, who is constantly on the go – students, young professionals etc. They are the perfect alternative to the popular models of backpacks and are recommended for girls, who want to upgrade or change their school look. Satchels and messenger bags look both formal and casual, adding a drop of sophistication to your everyday outfits, but without overwhelming them or looking too “old” and too “serious” style. If you are going for that artistic and unique look, choose a hand painted messenger bag or a satchel with a bold, unique print that immediately draws the attention to your bag.  Good luck!
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