Best Business Schools in Pune for Flourishing Career in Management

Business programs are among the most popular studies provided by several colleges and universities. With tremendous growth projected in the job market for corporate sector, many would argue that studying business management would be an investment in your future. To be successful in this sector, it is must to have right knowledge with the conceptual understanding.

Top Aspects to Look For in a Business School

Whether you are looking to pursue an undergraduate degree or ready to acquire an MBA or PGDM, selecting the top business school plays a crucial role in making the most out of your business studies. There are several things to consider in selecting a right business school. Some of the top things to look for while selecting the top business school in Pune are as follows:

• Flexibility – Flexibility is crucial for candidates who are either working or have other responsibilities or commitments. If you are one of those candidates, then you should consider best business schools in Pune that provide programs having options of part time studies, distance learning courses and online programs.

• Freedom – Best business schools in Pune mimic the corporate environment by supporting critical thinking, innovation, creativity, scientific enquiry and healthy competition. So, look out for business schools offering these important skills to their candidates.

• Leadership – Another important thing to look out for in a management school is its administration or leadership. Most leaders (deans or other administrators) of best business schools in Pune are well experienced in both academia and business.

• Inspiring faculty – Best business schools in Pune always attract the most talented and qualified researchers and teachers from around the world. This top talent will have the experience and knowledge to effectively teach aspiring business candidates.

• Choice of majors and subjects – Since business has many areas of concentration, it is crucial for you to select a business school that has all the majors and subjects that can address your goals in going through a business management program.

• Industry specific curriculum – It is also important to check how industry specific and up-to-date the syllabus content is. This will make sure that you are armed with the global exposure and right knowledge, at the end of the course.

• Placement opportunities – Best business schools in Pune have highly active and qualified placement cell in place. This placement cell helps candidates in providing the right opportunities and get placed in top companies, where there is scope for learning and growth.

• Infrastructural facilities – The infrastructure of the business school should be considered before making an informed decision. Infrastructural facilities like state-of-the-art classrooms, Wi-Fi campus, e-enabled libraries, periodicals, IT centers with Wi-Fi connectivity, modern conference rooms, hi-tech convention centre for seminars and hostel facilities should be available in your desired business school.

MIT School of Business (MITSOB) is one of the best business schools in Pune offering a wide variety of PGDM programs approved by AICTE. Their 2 year PGDM program is a journey of transformation – from candidates to researchers, leaders, thinkers, corporate bigwigs, academics and entrepreneurs. The institute also offers relevant, contemporary, rigorous and progressive curriculum for its PGDM programs, which is delivered by renowned full time faculty and international adjunct faculty.

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