Battery replacement procedures for UPS systems

The batteries for the UPS systems do not last forever. Even though the UPS systems get the power supply from the electrical grid, when the grid runs out of power, the UPS systems run on secondary power supply, and that is the UPS battery. When this has happened many times, the battery will run out of charge. It is important to know when and how this needs to be done.
  • When to replace the battery?
When the battery is at the end of its charge, there is a LED light that will turn on to indicate that you should change your battery. When this happens, you should run a battery self test to determine whether it is really necessary to replace your battery, or it was a false alarm. False alarms may occur due to exposure to excessive temperatures, or other improper uses of the UPS system. If there is indeed a need to replace your UPS battery, then you should follow certain steps in order to replace it.
  • How to replace your UPS battery?
The first thing to do is to order a new battery. This can be done in various ways, depending on whether you have a warranty on your UPS or not. If you do, then you should contact your UPS vendor, and they will have the battery for you. If the UPS is not in warranty, then you should contact the maker of your UPS system to see what kind of battery will best suit your UPS, then go to the local dealer and purchase it.
When you have acquired a new battery, you should proceed to replacing the one that is already in place. It should be noted that this is a procedure which is safe from electrical hazards, but, just in case, when replacing the battery, you should remove any jewelry and wrist watches from your hands, and use the tools that have insulated handles. In this case, the only tool you will need is a screwdriver.
When properly prepared, you should proceed to the first step of replacing the battery. The first step is to remove the cover of the battery. This is done by grasping the top part of the battery cover, and tilting it out. Then you should unhook the cover from the main hold and put it aside.
Then you should see a metal battery door underneath the plastic cover. This is when a screwdriver comes in place. You should use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws of the metal door, and open the metal door that covers the batteries.
The next step is to detach the batteries from the connector. This is done by pulling firmly the white cord that is the connector, thus removing the battery’s connection to the UPS. When the first battery is detached and removed, then you should set aside the protective foam in between the batteries and once again pull the other white cord firmly, thus detaching the other battery from the UPS. You should be prepared that the batteries are heavy, so you should not approach them lightly.
Once the old batteries have been removed, you should proceed to inserting the new batteries. This is done by putting the first battery into the battery compartment, and connecting it to the white cord mentioned above. Pay attention as to which cord is for which battery. When you have inserted the first battery, connect it to the white cord by pressing the connector firmly. Then insert the foam protection barrier in the middle and insert the second battery. Again connect the battery to the white cord in the same manner. When this is done, close the metal battery door, screw the screws back in and reattach the front plastic cover.
The final step is to dispose the batteries in the proper manner. This is done by putting the old batteries in the packaging for the new batteries and sending it to the battery provider. They have arrangements to dispose of the batteries in a safe and recyclable manner.
It is very important to note that the battery replacement is the only thing that the user of the UPS can do. For any other repairs, the UPS system should be sent to the proper UPS servicing institution. It can be very dangerous to disassemble the other parts of the UPS, and therefore, that should be left to professionals.
These simple guidelines are here to help you to properly install new batteries into your UPS system. When replacing batteries there are a few things that could go wrong, so properly replacing them is in your best interest.
This article is written by Alex fom HTBS who is regularly assisting people with his „guide look like“ articles related to technology and especially about UPS devices and replacement batteries: more info.
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