Bag your pocket with money using these money saving apps

The mobile phones have changed the way we do our day to day activities and it makes things easy and simple without much effort. The app developers have created hundreds of mobile applications to benefit the people to do their task instantly with the help of the new advancements in the technology industry.

The mobile apps that are available in the market are of different types and they benefit different needs according to the user. There apps are differentiated into different categories like the productivity apps, utility apps, entertainment apps, lifestyle apps, news apps and gaming apps. While there are apps available for free, there are certain apps for which the users have to pay a subscription charge to access some of the features of the application. And there are mobile applications that will actually help the person save money, from cashback apps, to personal financial apps to many applications that will give the user the idea to save money from what they have.

Mobile apps to save money
With the mobile apps a person can take care of their personal finance, travel, tourism, shopping bills, cooking, dinning, booking and many other things. Many retailers and business offer the mobile app users several discount and offers while purchasing for the items or using their services.

App for shopping
There are mobile applications available in the stores that help the users to save money while shopping their favorite items.

This application is famous for the highlights it provides for the users on the sales and discounts offered by the popular retailers and brands. The users can store all the deals and coupons from popular brands in the digital format and shop with their heart to the fullest. Some of the popular brands that are partnered with the mobile application are Starbucks, Bed, Bath & Beyond, J Crew, Bloomingdale’s, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Forever 21 and Target.

The mobile application helps the users to know about the expiration dates of the coupons and get the notifications about the deals and offers that available on the nearest stores and retailers. By using the RetailMeNot mobile app the users can get rid of the paper coupons and carry the digital copy of the coupon while shopping.

This mobile app helps the users to earn points, simply by stepping inside the store and later redeem the points to get a special gift card.

There are more than 6 million users accessing the Shopkick app to find inspiration and browse for their favorite products and the offers and deals provided by the stores. Some of the stores like Best Buy, Target, Macy’s are linked with the Shopkick so that the users can earn more points on each purchase. The users can also invite their friends to earn more points by walking into the store. The users can visit the parent store, were they can transform all the earned points into gift cards. This mobile application is available for all the Android and iOs users.

Unlike other mobile apps, the users can get money from Ibotta. To receive the special deals, the users must choose the products they are interested in- by visiting the gallery were the all the offers for the products are listed. There are about fifty retailers partnered with the mobile app, so each time a task is completed by the users- the remaining cash is included in the user’s account.

And the user can access the amount from the account when they purchase the product, when the purchase is confirmed by the database; the amount is transferred into gift cards or put into the PayPal account of the user.

Apps for Personal finance
There are budgeting apps built by the developers that will benefit the users in maintaining their budgets and savings.

This is a budget interface that helps the users to take care of their budget. YNAB stands for ‘You need a budget’ and the application operates according to the 4 rules. The rules are as follows, providing each dollar a job to do, saving for the rainy days, rolling with the punches, living based on the last month salary.

The main aim of the ‘You need a budget’ app is to create an effortless budget plan and they way the users plan their expenses and savings. This mobile app comes as a supplemental app for the software purchase for the Mac or Windows device and the mobile application helps the users to check for the budget restrictions and check their transactions.

This mobile application is worth a penny spent for the users who wish to get a better understanding about the financial situation.

This is a useful app developed by the SnapTap that allows the users not to miss a single bill payment. This mobile application is protected by the pass codes, so that the app cannot be accessed by any other third party.

The users can use this mobile app to store all the details about the bills, like the amount of the bill, the due date and gives notification of the impending amounts. For easy access, the due dates are highlighted on the calendar app that is available on the mobile phone.

This is a personal financial mobile application, which helps the app users to keep track of their accounts by maintaining their financial activities like the savings, checking, retirements and other things. All the transactions and financial activities are automatically categorized and recorded by the app creates a budget plan depending on the spending behavior of the user. The budget app can be accessed on the Android and iOs devices, the iOs users can view the budget plan using the graphical representation that is generated by the application using the cash flow and the net worth.

The users who wish to protect the financial information can put a pass code for their Mint mobile app and even deactivate the access of the app through the website.

Apps for mobile users
This is a very useful app for the mobile phone users to keep themselves updated with discounted and free apps, simply by providing a little information. The app downloads are recommended to the users based on their interest and suggestions and the users can create a wish list with the alter message or notification for discounts and offers available on the apps they wish to purchase.

The users can omit the apps that are not beneficial for them depending on the ratings and review of the app and get to know about the latest apps that are trending in the technology field.

Onavo Extend
This mobile application is useful in compressing the data expenditure of the user and utilizes the data plan without any issue. So people those who are hit with overage data charges can use the Onavo mobile app to keep track of their monthly data and compress the data usage.

The app is available for free for the Android and iOs users and the website has said that the users can actually save more than eighty percent of their data usage by using this mobile app.

There are many budget apps that help the users to save money, apart from these personal finance apps, shopping apps and applications for the mobile users, there are apps used for travel, billing, local deals, groceries, and necessary mobile applications for the military families, professionals, gamers, TV addicts, students and kids. The mobile applications are not a waste of time, but they are useful applications that helps the users to keep track of their purchases and expenses.

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