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The reason to create this blog is to generate revenue through allowing the guest posting on this portal, which will be used to help of poor children by providing the education to poor children through volunteering activities in different area of the city where we can support them.

Accepting Guest Posts on Business, Marketing and Shopping Blogs

We accept guest blogging on different niche, the writers and business owners from India and around the world can submit their news, information, content, reviews etc. on this blog and should follow the terms and condition.

Terms and Condition for Guest Posting:
* Content should be approx or over 700 Words with  1-2 Case Images provided by you.
* Unique CS Passed High-Value Content. No Spun Content.
* The article should have sub-headings. No plagiarism.
* A Short Description approx 160 characters.
* Informative content having no errors.
* Type of content: Positive, helpful, accessible, entertaining and teachable. 15 Tips, 15 ways, etc and Self-help articles are accepted. No paragraph based articles, please.
* Just to let u know. One do-follow link will be provided in the content body as a credit for your efforts., No Author bio required.

Before sending/publishing the content, you should get permission from the owner of this blog.  For detailed information visit here.

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