A Whopper And Fries On Your Smartphone

When it comes to seeing what will come next to the United Kingdom, it is worth looking towards the United States and seeing what the latest and breaking trends are. There is no doubt that America is the leading light for many technological products and advances, which means that steps taken with respect to mobile phones and smartphones will always be of interest. There are many industries in the US which are big business, the mobile phone industry is one of them and the fast food industry is another one. While McDonalds is the leading burger chain in the country and the United States, Burger King is another huge firm.

In fact, Burger King is the second largest burger firm in the US and the company has announced that they are planning to introduce an application that will enable customers to pay for their burgers via their smartphone. There is no doubt that the company needs to work hard to get in front of McDonalds and this step will be seen as a great way of encouraging younger customers to come along to the store. If you don’t have cash on you at the time, you may feel as though you will be unable to snap up your favourite burgers but having a payment option via your mobile phone will make life considerably easier, and tastier, for many people.

Burger King have a lot of stores to set up

The company will be rolling out the new system in March and April and the firm believes it will be available in all of the Burger King stores across the country in the next few months. The firm is looking to provide this system in more than 7,000 stores so it is clearly a major operation that the company is looking to take care. While the payment option is an important one, it looks set to be just one of the options rolled out by the firm. The company has also spoken positively about providing the opportunity for consumers to order food and drink while they are en route to the store. Being able to pre-order and pick up your items on arrival is something that will hugely appeal to a great number of customers and this will definitely have an impact on the number of people who would be willing to utilise this fast food chain. 

While there are no plans as of yet for Burger King’s rivals McDonalds to introduce this style of payment, the company is working on a number of apps and programs that will help people to make the most of their time in store. There is no doubt that companies should be looking to engage their customers as much as they possibly can and mobile phone apps will be a great way for firms to reach out to people.

Customers can receive discounts on their phone

Burger King will also provide coupons and facts on their app, which will be created by Tillster. This means that the firm will be able to provide customers with deals like the $1 any size drink coupon or free fries, both of which have been popular offers provided by the company of late. Although full details are still to emerge it seems as though users who are looking to pay with their mobile phone will be required to load money onto the app and a virtual card in advance. Given that there is a growing opinion that the mobile phone is likely to go some way to replacing the wallet, this is a natural step that many other businesses will be looking at with great intent and focus.

Knowing the way that Burger King operates, it is likely that the firm will provide a number of promotional gifts and material that will tie in with the ability to use a mobile phone to pay for burgers. It could well be that the company offers personalised phone covers to their clients which will reinforce the connection between the firm and the company. There is no getting away from the fact that mobile payments will become increasingly important for many people and industries and the Burger King payment methods will be scrutinised closely. If the method is a success in the USA, it is likely that Burger King will roll out this system around the world, including the United Kingdom.

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