A Review Of The Battles In Wind Of Luck

The entire point of Wind of Luck (WoL) is to defeat your opponents in battles over sea. Each battle is unique and different because of the variety of battles modes, maps and ships that are offered to you. WoL allows users to create new tactics to defeat your enemy, either in an obvious or sneaky way. The choice is yours as to how you come out as victor.

Wind of Luck offers players six different maps. The maps help change game play drastically because each map is unique and different. The first map, Aztec Gold is much more tropical. The map features several different small mountainous types lands with beautiful beaches and palm trees. The other maps are Skeleton Island, Lost Expedition, Archipelago, Straits of Makassar and Imperial Pearls. Each of these maps are beautifully designed to both please the eye of the player and improve his or her gaming experience.

One of the game Caribbean scenes
Battles also feature five different battle types. Each battle type is very different and makes playing so much more fun. They are each very fast pace and really test your captain skills. The first of the battles is Lost Treasure. The goal of this battle is two teams battle it out at sea over who will claim the lost treasure in the bottom of the sea. The second battle mode is Royal Caravan. The point of this battle mode is to guard the royal caravan passing though. You need to make sure that you defeat the pirates trying to attack and claim the royal treasure. The third game mode is Port Siege. This game mode is where you and another team are battling over who gets to claim the port. You will need to defeat the other team to be claimed victor. The other two battle modes are Pirate Bases and Fleet Battle. Each battle is unique and different, making playing so much more fun.

After each battle, players are awarded. Players can be awarded fame, who doesn’t like fame? Fame is what unlocks new ships. Players are rewarded Expertise. Expertise is what is used to upgrade your ship and unlocking special abilities in the Tier Tree. Players are also rewarded piastres. This is what players use to repair the ship, resupply ammunition, and mounting various weapons on the ship. These are all important in boosting your power and strength during battles, making it easier to win each battle.

The entire point of Wind of Luck is battling. It shows that a of work was put into making sure that each player could experience something new in each session. They have made battles so open ended that players can come up with their own strategies. The possibilities are endless once you hit that battle arena. Not only was there so much work put into the mechanism of battles, the scenery and detail to the ships and maps are stunning. Producers made sure that the game is both fun and pleasurable to the eye.

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This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark likes to play Wind of Luck and pretend he is Lord Nelson.

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