A quick guide to studying master’s in Singapore for Indian students

Studying for a master’s degree abroad is one of the best ways to improve your career prospects and broaden your worldview. But the big question is, where should you go? More than just a clean and green city, Singapore should definitely be on your radar when planning for your next education move.

In this quick guide to studying master’s in Singapore for Indian students, we will begin with three top reasons that make the island state a good destination:

1. No language barrier
Whether it is in the classroom or the community at large, English is one of the main languages used in Singapore. Therefore as an Indian student, you will face minimal difficulty when it comes to communicating in day-to-day situations. In addition, because the country embraces multiculturalism, people from all across the world can feel right at home there.
2. High quality of life
Singapore has consistently been named as Asia’s most liveable city1, with world-class infrastructure and very low crime rates. While leading a student life, you can immerse in the city’s vibrant culture and experience what ‘east meets west’ truly means. Yet, studying in Singapore is one of the most economic options for Indian students due to its relative proximity to India, and lower cost of living as compared to countries such as the US and Canada.
3. Employment opportunities
Singapore is an international business hub, surpassing Hong Kong as the top Asian location for multinational corporations to set up regional headquarters2. This translates into abundant internship and long-term employment opportunities with the world’s most reputable organisations. In other words, Singapore could very well be your gateway to a global career.
To help you better tap into these job opportunities, choosing the right academic institution is important. Among the many universities in Singapore for master’s studies, the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIM GE)—one of the country’s largest private education institutes (PEIs)—stands out with its extensive career services.
Through the Career Connect department, SIM GE students are exposed to a variety of internship and mentorship programmes, as well as career events in partnership with leading professionals and companies. These initiatives make for great platforms to grow your business network, while at the same time, keep up with industry trends as you further your education.
In fact, the latest PEI Graduate Employment Survey3 reveals that SIM GE produces some of the most employable graduates, with 82.5% of its students having found a job within six months of completing their final examinations.
Said SIM GE student, Choudhary Aman Kumar, from India: “I want to achieve a career in the human resources (HR) industry. Singapore has been kind to me so far by exposing me to the different HR sectors in various industries like hospitality and consulting management. Furthermore, the career fairs held on campus at SIM GE have allowed me to communicate with industry experts and gain a better insight into my chosen career pathway.”
Pursuing your interest with SIM GE
On top of supporting students’ employability, SIM GE offers a broad range of master’s courses to cater to every interest—from business and IT to arts and social sciences. For instance, the Master of Science in Cyber Security and Management is an increasingly popular course. Developed and awarded by the renowned University of Warwick (UoW) in UK, the course paves the way for leadership roles in organisations that rely on data and information communication technology. Such roles include security project manager, network consulting engineer and more.
Another UoW programme, the Master of Science in Engineering Business Management is designed for professionals in the engineering, manufacturing and process-based industry, who are looking to hone their management and leadership skills. Through three broad modules on business, operations, and technology, the course seeks to develop future construction managers, senior lead analysts and the like.
SIM GE also collaborates with other equally prestigious universities to bring their internationally accredited courses to Singapore. Some of them are the Master of Science Investments from the University of Birmingham, the Master in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management, and the Graduate Diploma in Banking from the University of London, just to name a few.
From a wide range of master’s courses to exciting job prospects, Singapore presents plenty of opportunities for those seeking growth.
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