A Guide To Festivals – Abroad

Thousands and thousands of people travel abroad every year in order to see some of their favourite acts perform in festivals abroad. With festival season approaching its time to consider exactly what you need before taking the trip and having the time of your life.

We have come up with a guide to help you with your festivals abroad.

Keys, Keys & More Keys
Keys may seem like that obvious one, but keys are one of the most essentials on this guide. You need to ensure that all your keys (your home keys) and apartment, or hotel keys are kept safe. If you not, you could find yourself scouring a lot of ground in order to find keys for your apartment abroad. Keep them in a safe place and constantly check on them, as you never know what could happen. It may seem like a long and drawn out process, but it is better than losing any keys whilst you’re abroad and enjoying yourself. Whether you have a responsible friend take care of the keys, or you drink a little less ensure your keys are constantly checked on.
Money Is Also As Important
There are always those at festivals who get overly excited and end up splashing all of their disposal cash in the first instance, leaving them struggling for the remaining days. It is important to separate your disposal cash and card to avoid being around the huge cash machine queues. If you have to take a little extra it is always beneficial, especially as you won’t be stranded in a festival without any money. The bank card is equally as important, as your bank card can be used, if need be, for emergencies, helping you get through the weekend in another country without any worries, or problems.
Your ID
Nothing can be more frustrating than traveling a long distance and finding yourself stuck without any form of identification. When you’re abroad, you won’t be able to head back and get exactly what you need, so it’s important to keep it on your guide for things to remember. It is also important to note that some festivals match the ID and ticket name, so attempting to use another person’s ID hinder your chances of getting it all together. Read all of the small print beforehand and make sure everything is ready before you leave.
And Finally, Your Tickets
Your ticket will gain you access into the venue, so without it you will literally need to trackback the whole distance. Whether you need certain things to get into certain areas, or to simply to get home, your tickets should be kept safely and securely. This is also the same for your festival wristbands, which will help you gain immediate access in certain areas and venues around the festival. The best thing to do is wear your wristband on the day, so you don’t find yourself worrying about whether it will fall out. Keep everything safe and ensure that you’re not hurrying about in the last moments before an incredible weekend.
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