A Dark Side of Technology

The world we are living in is undergoing huge technological advancements in nearly every aspect of life. As time is passing we can see more and more machines surrounding us. Whatever we do in our daily activities, we are consciously or unconsciously using machines and the latest technology. Technology is a gift bestowed by the best human brain , but it does possess some very dark sides that are now becoming a large concern globally.
The issues raised by these technological advancements are severe, and if we look into the future,they may ruin some sectors of a successful economy. Technology is rapidly replacing the needs of humans and this leads to unemployment. From a farmer in the agriculture sector to the basic service sectors like cleaning and maintenance, technology has not shown mercy to any and made a lot of people redundant.
Redundancy rates have even beaten the heights of the unemployment benchmark set in 1930’s when there was a real depression globally in terms of employment. The corporate giants and economists out there may be giving a false hope to people by promising the existence of a high tech world which will be full of luxuries and automation, manufacturing capacities with bulk quantities… all this with the employment of the people unaffected. These may be flattering disguises, but all what it’s really doing is firing more and more people into pursuing their objectives of cost cutting . But hey, that’s business !!
Recently, there has been continuous endeavors towards achieving breakthroughs with the likes of Robotics. There have been outrageous developments in the area of Robots all over the world . Robots can do anything, from manufacturing to cleaning. They are now introducing the Robots with an ability to take and fulfill all the orders that we would command leaving behind the needs of the innocent lower sectors workers such as cleaners/ physical workers. This continues to the business desk. This severe facet of technological advancements is really a nightmare for the workers in the lower sector as they feel helpless in front of these machines.
Technology makes our life look easy going, but on the other side it has intruded into personal aspects of life. Think about communication. Even a casual conversations through Smartphone or Blackberry is no longer a very confidential thing. You can track anything whenever you feel the necessity for the sake of security issues. Things like location, identity, conversation, activities, earning details, spending details, movements and whatever else, is no longer a personal or confidential thing. This blink of an eye sort of communication has indeed ruined the poor postman whom were there in the old times earned their living by delivering and taking care of personal belongings of the people and at the same time maintaining the confidentiality aspects of the conversations and exchange of knowledge. How many days a week is your mail delivered ?
Lastly, there are people in many sectors insecure about their job security due to technological advancements. Some are worried of their uncertain future knocking at the door. The sad tales and demise will increase if we don’t think about the solutions and do something constructive. Yes, Technology possesses a dark sides of its own, but we can use this same technology to raise our voices and make them audible to those whom are in position of power. The use of social media is proving to be vital as it is a place where society can constantly keep their eyes and attention to these issues. It gives them a real insight into the thinking of people . We can raise our voices persistently in social media against the technology giants. The unity of the voices may lead to laws to restrict the actions of the bigger corporations in every industry and prevent them on being unethical and immoral. .We need to give the coming generations a world free of woes. This is one where technology is at a measurable level.
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