A Career Guide: 3 Of the Best Job Roles in the Construction Industry

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to improve your career prospects or whether you’re an apprentice currently honing your craft, you can be sure of the fact that there is construction work out there. To find out more about some of the most popular and lucrative jobs in this sector, be sure to read on.

Here are three of the very best job roles in the construction industry:

  1. Architecture

Do you have a particular proclivity for the way in which building structures are designed? If so, you should dive headfirst into this design process by becoming an architect. In this role, you will be tasked with creating detailed building designs either by hand or via a specialist digital solution. With this blueprint at their disposal, the construction team will then have a much clearer idea of what they need to do to complete the task at hand.

Some tasks that you will face as an architect include liaising with construction specialists in order to unearth potential issues with regard to project feasibility. You may even find yourself working alongside local councils and governments to ensure that all building regulations are adhered to.

For others, it might also include the following:

  • Applying for planning permission, writing safety reports, and drawing up contract proposals
  • Finding ways to overcome potential issues that may delay the construction process (protestors, budget restrictions, etc.)
  • Specifying the exact requirements for each project that you undertake
  • Adapting your plans in relation to any ongoing issues that arise during the construction process
  • Visiting building sites on a regular basis to ensure that your plans are being adhered to
  • Aligning yourself with quantity surveyors to ensure that your projects remain on budget
  1. Hot shot trucking

Thanks to the recent rise in prominence of hot shot trucking, you now have the capacity to combine your construction expertise with your love of the open road. Should you decide to take this route in your career, you will be tasked with transporting crucial construction equipment to building sites in both a time- and cost-efficient fashion. On any given day, you could find yourself traveling to a whole host of destinations in order to provide workers with vital tools and solutions.

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  1. Construction trade

Of course, you could always get your hands dirty by becoming a construction trades person. There will always be a call for people who can perform tasks such as stone masonry, carpentry, joinery, and bricklaying, which means that you will never have to worry about a shortage of work in this instance. Regardless of where you are based, how much experience you have, or what skills you have/haven’t honed in the past, once you enter the field of the construction trade, a lack of income is not something you will have to concern yourself with.

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