9 Great Tips: How Technology Can Improve Your Writing

Once in a while, we all need help when it comes to improving our writing and we often turn to books, our peers or even those whom we revere. All these avenues can be of help to us but they are subject to scrutiny sometimes, thus, we have to turn to something that’s much more robust and scrutiny free, we are talking about technology. No matter how good a writer you are, you can always get better and will need something or someone to help out in one way or another! Be it article writing pointers or valuable dissertation writing tips that you need, there is help for you. Technology can help you in improving your writing by a big margin. Through the use of certain tools which we will highlight, we will show you how to improve your writing through technology.
1. Citation Generator
This tool can help when it comes to writing citations on that thesis paper you were told to write. Writinghouse has all the referencing style that you may need to implement be it Chicago, APA, Harvard or MLA. You can apply any of these styles on your writing a free cost. This will help save time when a professor as for certain requirements in regards to citations.
2. PlagTracker
No matter how good you are at writing your papers, you’ll always have minor mistakes that may need fresh eyes to flush out. Through Plagtracker.com, you can hire a pair of professional eyes to assist you in polishing your paper. These professional tutors go through your work and rectify your mistakes, they can either add or remove things and also leave some comments. This can go a long way in making sure that your papers appear to be top notch and attract the best possible rating from your professor.
3. Criterion
This is a tool that has access to instructors that can help in planning your paper, organize. and write them. You will be receiving feedback throughout the process that can help you in writing the best version of your paper. This can be of great assistance if you want to be the best there is and always want someone to be giving you feedback in relation to your work. You can also use this tool to learn from the best through their comments and suggestions.
4. GradeMark
This is a tool that can help you get feedback from instructors which can be very valuable. The feedback got from this site is normally original and plagiarism free, they can also leave some comment on your work on the appropriate place for you to correct. There can also be voice comments for personalized feedback. There is a grading rubric that will show you what the teacher expects from you as you know what you need to do. On top of all that, there will be general comments that will evaluate the overall stature of the paper.
5. My Access
This is an award winning tool that assesses your work and gives you immediate feedback. It covers over 1500 topics ranging from math to social studies. Other topics include science and language arts. Once you’ve submitted your work, feedback is given on the use of language, style, and voice. There is also content organization and development, focus and meaning; without forgetting mechanics and convention.
6. Odyssey Writer
This tool makes writing easier and fun. It helps in content creation and makes its less time-consuming. It will also increase your desire to write more and help you navigate the writing process. Odyssey writer will also assist you when it comes to coming up with certain parts of your writing that may seem to pose as a hurdle to you. This can be really helpful when you have no content about your topic or have no morale when it comes to writing, you will be assisted through this tool. On top of that, your writing skills will greatly improve thanks to technology.
7. StoryBird
Ever wanted to express your thoughts more vividly? This is just the tool for you. It helps you create short stories that have been inspired by beautiful art. You can also see what other writers are doing and gauge some inspiration from that. This can really help improve your writing as you’ll be learning from other people as well as be inspired to write better stories which will serve as practice for your writing and impress your professor.
8. TutorsClass
This is a platform that will help you talk to a licensed tutor and get feedback on academics and the quality of your writing. These tutors will help you in preparing for all your academic needs.
In case you do not understand a particular topic and you need assistance, you’ll receive an all-round tutoring from a professional together will valuable feedback. This will help you in getting good grades from your teacher.
9. Ninja Essay
Most of the times, it’s very important that you impress your reader and sometimes you might fail to do this or leave a negative impression and this might have a ripple effect on your persona thus bias from your professor. If you need a little boost in your work, then ninja essay is the right tool for you. It gives you access to many professional writers who will help you improve your writing. That’s not all, if you’re short of time, you can delegate the work to them and they will deliver on the time specified by you.
All these tools are at your disposal and will help you in improving your writing skills. Some are free and some you have to pay a subscription to access the service. Technology has a come a long way in its application in writing, starting from the typewriter to the word processor. An unprecedented integration of technology with writing has been witnessed since the onset of the Internet. As a writer, it will only do you good if you leverage these technologies to improve your writing. All the best in your writing endeavors!
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