7 Secrets for Admission to Top International Schools in India

Every child is an apple of the eye for their parents. Thus, the parents make every effort to select the best school for their child. Schools promote international education by adopting international curriculum such as that of International Baccalaureate, and Cambridge International Examination. There are certain criteria which needs to be fulfilled in order for a school to be declared international :

  • The student education should be transferable across all international schools.
  • A multinational as well as multilingual student body
  • The international curriculum should be followed
  • A multinational teacher population
  • A non-selective system of student enrollment
  • Usually English is the medium of instruction, along with the obligation to take up at least one more additional language.

Finding a suitable international school can be overwhelming for a parent. There are several factors to be kept in mind while selecting the perfect school for your child.

Some secrets and guidelines which help you to get admission in an international school in India

1. Application
Many international schools have a long waiting list and do not allow the children to join mid-way through the academic year. Thus, parents should check the admission procedure, along with the deadlines and documentation that are required. It is not unusual for the international school to require official grade reports or to ask the students to sit in entrance examination set up by them. The long waiting list should be kept in mind, so that you can start your search for school in advance.

2. Admission Fee and Costs
For many families, the budget plays an important role in determination of the school. Some of the schools charge additional enrollment fee during the first ear. Thus, you should consider the overall cost per year before making a final selection. The international school fees also vary across different places. If a person has an option of relocating, then he/she should certainly make a cost comparison.

3. Curriculum
Once you have found the school within your budget, your next priority should be the curriculum. The usual choices are the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examination. Make a decision on the basis of the curriculum your child’s would most fit in. smaller international schools teach single curriculum whereas more reputed ones offer a choice of two or more curriculum.

4. Ethics
When it comes to ethics, it all depends on the personal choice of the parents. The values they want to initial in their child or whether they want religion to be a part of their child’s life. Try to find the school which aligns best with your choice. The top international schools in India provide the best ethics of the children.

5. Logistics
One of the most important factors is logistics. It is vital to know how far the school is from your home and work place. You also need to find out whether the school provides bus service or you will have to use your own transport. Never forget to check the opening time of the school to match it with your schedule.

6. Your Child’s Need
There are several considerations while choosing an international school, but there is one thing triumphs above all; your child’ need. The child’s weakness and strengths should be taken into consideration while making a choice. It is important to pick a school which makes them happier and satisfied.

7. The Search
Searching for contact information and specific data can prove to be hectic. Thus, you should shortlist the schools, before looking for more information. Visit the website of the school to check the various details.

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