7 reasons you should stay in a hotel for your next travel

When thinking of traveling, going on a weekend staycation at a hotel likely goes down to the bottom of your options. But for a weekend trip, staying at a hotel and having your must-needed relaxation doesn’t sound so bad.

And if you’re on a longer vacation with your family, book a hotel accommodation instead of hostels. We’ll get to why that’s more ideal for a family later.
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Whether it’s a family beach weekend or just a simple staycation to take a break from all the stress, here are the reasons why it’s better book a hotel and spend your time there.

Less stress
Traveling ignites your soul and mind to experiencing things you wouldn’t otherwise have if you’re stuck at home. Yes, it is a lot of fun. However, it can be seriously stressful.

You prepare all the necessary documents beforehand: the itinerary, passport (never forget this), printed receipts for your hotel booking, and the works. You need to leave early to catch your flight; be on time. You make sure you’ve packed everything you need; and hopefully didn’t overpack.

A staycation at a hotel is a lot less stressful than traveling to far destinations. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable and convenient to stay at a hotel albeit a little pricey. But hey, it’s the experience and relaxation you’re after anyway, so we say go for it!

Take a break without flushing money down the toilet
Yes, hotels are a little bit pricey. But in reality, it’s way cheaper that paying for an airfare to travel out of town or country. Let’s be honest, often times, all you need is a quick break away from your workload and escape in a peaceful sanctuary.

Just one or two train rides will get you to your hotel destination. That’s about all it takes to drop everything and just spend some time with yourself. If you plan to go on a beach holiday, it’s much convenient to stay at a hotel with your family rather than a hostel. Yes, you can tackle the day cooking lunch for yourself of sleeping in a non-airconditioned room, but what about your kids? The elderly? Think about it.

No need to fix your bed
What’s one other thing you hate next to waking up in the morning? We bet it’s fixing your bed. Staying at a hotel offers you a small thing you hugely appreciate that hostels, Airbnbs, and the likes don’t have to offer—fixing the bed for you.

Woke up a little too late for the breakfast buffet? Skip making the bed and head straight there. Once you swipe your keycard, a clean bedroom welcomes you in. It’s the perfect setup coming back to your hotel room after an exhausting city tour.

Need anything? Have it served at your room
Forgot your toothbrush? Run out shampoo? Left your blow dryer at home? Don’t fret. Chances are the hotel has complimentary toiletries and utilities ready for you to use. In case you need more, you can just ring them up and have it delivered minutes later at your door.

Continental and/or buffet meals
Don’t you feel like a million bucks waking up with breakfast in bed? Perhaps you prefer joining the buffet table with other guests and your family.

Checking in at hotels almost always come with complimentary buffet meals for two. Feel like a king (or queen) chomping on unlimited bacon, cereal, pastries, pasta, beverages, and continental food.

Great for family bonding
As mentioned earlier, staying at a hotel is a 99% a better choice than any other accommodations if you’re with a family (i.e. kids, elderly).

Give your family and yourself a break from all the chores and other tedious tasks. Let your mom rest and got the spa instead of cooking lunch for the group. Let your kids play at the beachfront. Spend the day(s) with little to no worries and properly bond with your family.

Explore the city
Sure, you’re not in another state or city but you you’re still in an amazing place where you can take a tour near a museum or library of some sort. Go on a small exploration: head on to their heritage park, eat their local cuisine, go see a movie there, and the likes. You’re still in a different place, let your itchy feet wander.

Make your time with yourself or with your family worthwhile. Share us what you think down below!

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