6 Ways to Judge a BCA College for Admission

You have decided that you want to pursue a career in the field of information technology so choosing BCA college is an appropriate step to take. Bachelors of Computer Applications help to build up your skills in computer applications, different software, computer languages, and database administration. There are many BCA colleges in Jaipur. At the time of admission, you might get confused regarding the college selection.

Read more as we have mentioned a few ways to judge a BCA college and select according to your requirements.

  1. Qualification and experience of faculty

The most important thing that you should research about a college is the qualification and experience of the faculty in the department of computer education. These will be the teachers who would guide you for three years. So, having experienced teachers is essential.

  • The facility of Computer laboratories

We can not stress this enough that it is a must that you visit the college campus. What you need is to enquire about the computer laboratory set up. Are there enough computers in the lab? Are there enough labs? Are computers working properly? These are a few questions that you can ask before applying for admission to a college.

  • Placement records

Analyze the placement records of the college in the past few years. Has there been a constant increase in the number of placement of students? Is the college bringing better recruiters for placement? If yes, then you have got an advantage in the form of placement cell there.

  • Curriculum of program

While you might find that mostly the subjects taught in BCA are almost the same, but you will find that the few subjects are taught in different semesters differently. You should visit the website and go through the course curriculum to know about the subjects in advance so that you can compare between different colleges.

  • Feedback of students

As we have already mentioned, visiting the college campus before admission will be of absolute benefit to you. You can have a casual chat with the students who are already studying in the college about the study environment of the college. This is the best way to get honest feedback about the college.

  • Teacher to Student ratio   

While this might seem like a trivial issue but you will feel the importance of having a low student to teacher ratio while attending the classes. If there are fewer students in the class, it is needless to say that special attention is given to every student. While all these 6 tips help you to find the right college for you in Jaipur, make sure that you do not forget to work on yourself. What we mean here is every college has a cut off list. So, work hard to study and get good marks in 12th standard. This will help you get admission in a good college and realise your dream to work in the computer sector of big MNC companies at the decent posts.

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