6 Car Problems You’ll Probably Have in Your First Year of Driving

Driving a car is a big and often expensive commitment. In addition to paying for the car itself, you need to be financially prepared to pay insurance, tax, regular maintenance, fuel costs, and the cost of any unexpected repairs and expenses. Something could go wrong at any time, whether your car is hit and damaged by another driver, or general wear and tear get the better of the engine or bodywork. The good news is that looking after your car well will minimize your risk of running into major and expensive repair issues. But you’re likely going to experience some of these minor problems as a driver. The good news is that most of them are easier, faster, and cheaper to repair than you may realize. Plus, keeping on top of any regular maintenance such as smog inspections is a legal requirement in some areas. As is explained on the SmogMart website, when registering or renewing a vehicle, a smog inspection will test the amount of smog your vehicle produces. Of course, in an ideal world, your vehicle will always run smoothly.

Here are some common car complaints that don’t take much to fix

Flat Tire:
Whether you’ve driven over a nail and burst your tire, hit an uneven part of the road or your tire has burst for any other reason, you’ll need to get it repaired straight away. Continuing to drive on a flat tyre can cause further damage to the wheel, so if you notice that your tire is flat when you’re on the road, you should pull over straight away. If possible, change the tire to your spare wheel for the time being – your recovery service will also be able to do this for you if needed. In some cases, a puncture to your tire can be repaired, but most of the time you will need a replacement. Part-worn tires are a great idea – most are as good as new, but much cheaper to buy than a brand new tire.

Hailstorm Damage:
In places where hailstorms or snowfall are common, hail damage can be seen on automobiles. These damages take the form of numerous dents in the car bod, cracks in the windshield, and holes in the windows as well. Hail damage does not always affect the performance of your car but can make it look like old scrap. Since it’s a natural calamity, you can’t do anything except keep your car in a sheltered place like a garage and visit a reputable auto hail damage repair shop to buff out dents should it get hit. You should also purchase an insurance policy that covers any expenses you might incur from hail damage.

Cracked Windshield or Window:
A crack in the windshield of your car may not seem like a huge deal at the time but it’s important to get it repaired straight away before it gets any worse. A crack in your windshield isn’t going to go away, and if you’re involved in a collision, it weakens the layer of protective vinyl resin in your windshield, therefore, causing the glass to shatter and fly around, putting you and other road users in even more danger. The good news is that windshield glass repair is neither a lengthy nor an expensive job. Some auto repair shops will even visit you at home to repair the glass.

Flat Battery:
If you’re trying to start your car and it’s not responding at all, then your car’s battery has probably died. This usually happens if you have accidentally left a light on in your car or something plugged into the main electric system that is draining the battery without the engine being on. However, it can also happen if your car has not been driven for a long period of time, or it could be a sign of battery problems. Unless your car needs a brand new battery, it is, for the most part, a quick and easy problem to rectify. Usually, this can be done by jump-starting your car’s engine using jump leads and another car. Once you’ve managed to get your car started again, it’s a good idea to drive your car for at least ten miles to charge the battery and avoid it happening again.

Scratches and Dents:
There’s nothing worse than coming back to your car to find that it has been scratched by another driver, or even worse – somebody has put a dent in your car. The good news is that minor bodywork issues such as scratches and small dents don’t usually affect the safety or usability of the car, although they can be unsightly, so you’ll likely want them fixed as quickly as possible. The good news is that if it’s just a small scratch or tiny dent, you may even be able to do it yourself. T-cut can be very useful for getting small scrapes and scratches off your car, whilst pouring hot water on a dent could cause it to pop back out into shape. However, bear in mind that doing it yourself could risk damaging your car further, so if in doubt, call a professional for car scratch repair. If the scratches are deep and have taken the paintwork straight off your car, then you’ll definitely need to take it to the auto repair shop. The cost will depend on the type of damage and whether any new parts are needed.

Broken Lights:
Driving in the dark with one or more of the lights on your car not working correctly, or at all, is illegal and also a very dangerous situation to be in. The good news is that if one of your lights isn’t turning on and illuminating when you switch the lights to ‘on’, it’s usually a quick job to fix it. Most of the time, all you will need is a new bulb for the offending light, and if you’re pretty handy when it comes to wires and electricals, changing the bulb is a job that you could do yourself. If you’re unsure, most car repair shops will fit a new bulb for you in no time, for a small fee. Check your manufacturer’s handbook if you are not sure of the exact type of bulb that each light on your car needs.

Worn Wipers:
If your windshield wipers are dragging and screeching on the glass, this is a sure sign that you need new ones. The good news is that they are cheap to obtain and very easy to change by yourself; all you need to do is remove the existing wiper blades and replace them with the new ones. Don’t attempt to drive if your wipers aren’t cleaning your windshield properly – even if it’s not raining, you may need them to clean dirt from the screen and being unable to do so could seriously impact your view of the road.

Owning a car isn’t cheap, but not every car problem is going to be costly or time-consuming to fix.

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