5 Steps To Getting The Perfect Summer Tan

With the summer coming to a rapid close, it is the perfect time to get that awesome tan that is coveted by most people. The thing about getting a tan is that it can be either excessive, resulting in that orange look no one likes, or inadequate, which ends up making you look only a little less pale.

The perfect tan is that sweet spot between inadequate sun tan and excessive orange colored tan. How do you get that highly desired perfect bronze skin tone? What steps do you need to take to look glamorous in your summer outfits or dinner gown? The following tips should help:
Exfoliate Your Skin
Tanning involves a ritual of sorts. One of these is getting rid of the dead skin cells. So, start by exfoliating your skin using loofahs, scrubs and sponges. For the best results, do this when having a hot bath. Dead skin is easier to slough off with hot water than cold water. So is unclogging your skin pores, getting rid of dirt and oil. Exfoliating your skin prevents you from getting an uneven tan.
Never Sunbathe without Sunscreen
If you’ll be going out and staying out in the sun topless or will be using just a bikini, then it makes sense that you would want to protect your skin. After all, there’s no point in getting tanned and looking sexy only to find that you either have melanoma or that you look older than your age. The dangers of tanning without sunscreen are many. So, lather on a copious amount of sunscreen with SPF 15 before heading out.
No Makeup Whatsoever
We know you go to the beach to show off, and one of the ways to get and look real pretty is to put on your makeup. However, this is a complete no-no if you want to get tanned. Avoid all makeup if you’ll be sunbathing for any length of time as they tend to damage the skin, hasten wrinkles, and give you spots and blotches.
Apply Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is typically rich in Vitamin E and melanin. These help darken your skin and hasten your tan. You can use this before and after your sun tanning. Cocoa butter is great for smoothing your skin and providing the excellent moisturizing effect that will leave your skin feeling and looking soft, supple and well-tanned.
You May Want to Try Glitter Tanning Lotion or Oil
Now, this is a tanning secret you will not hear of frequently, but this stuff works like crazy. The reason is that the glitter tends to attract the sun more, which results in rapid tanning. If you can get tanning lotions with glitter, that’s great.
If not, you could try creating your mix by just mixing fine glitter and oil. Fine glitter should be in a powdery form. The glitter tanning lotions also provides the added benefit of providing you with a near instant glow. So, you can suntan whilst looking stunning.
There you go. With these few steps, you can and should achieve that perfect sun tan that you so ardently want. Some people say avoid tanning in the sun and use a tanning bed. Whatever works for you! Just make sure that the exposure is not too extreme. If you are unsure of how long to stay in the sun, we recommend 2-4 hours between the hours of 10am-12noon and 3pm-6pm.
The writer, Oscar King, is a fashion blogger who frequently writes articles concerning keeping fashionable for both genders. When shopping around for bikinis for his girlfriend for the beach, his first stop is always Brazilian-Bikinis. You can learn more about Oscar on Google+.
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