4 Trendy Ways on How You Customize Your Own Bracelets

Customizing your own bracelets can be fun and exciting. You feel overwhelmingly happy when you create your own master-piece. Letting you take a sneak-peak at 4 fabulous ideas on how you customize bracelets. You can sport these for multiple occasions, after all.
The spiked bracelet
You can get yourself a plain cufflink bracelet. It can either be a silver, gold, platinum or any other form of metal. You can add spikes to the bracelet. You can create your own trinkets taking the shape of pointed spikes and attach these to your bracelet. Your metallic spiked bracelet is all out for display. You can wear the bracelet along with a rugged pair of leather leggings and a graphic tee. Now you are all set to get into action.
Diamonds are a woman’s best friend so are hex nuts. You can collate a set of loose diamonds to form a hexagonal-shaped pendant. You can attach the hexagonal-shaped pendant to a single strand gold or silver chain. You can sport the trendy hex-nut diamond bracelet in style.


Heart shaped bracelet
You can either go in for a cufflink bracelet or a single stranded god/silver chain. Attach cute little heart shaped stones across the band. Your all new customized version of a heart shaped bracelet is ready. The cute piece of jewelry can further be camouflaged with a Satin pink frock or a resplendent red dress, to look your awesome best.
Turquoise beaded bracelet
You can take a silver colored anklet and decorate it with a strand of turquoise shaded beads. You can also take aquamarine stones to achieve a super-glittery effect. The turquoise beaded bracelet can be worn across your wrist in style.


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