4 Top Ways to Get a Good Deal


Everybody loves a bargain. Being cautious and careful with your money doesn’t mean you’re not spending it at all; you’re just spending it in the right places. Getting a good deal is all about just that – knowing what you’re spending your money on and when and where to do it.

Getting the best price on a particular item will require different methods depending on what you’re buying, but in general there are a few simple considerations to make before splashing the cash.

Know what you’re looking for
Firstly, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for. If you only have a vague idea, then it is unlikely you’re going to thoroughly compare all of your options and look in the right places. This could require some scouting. Initial research or window shopping for the general item you’re after can help you hone in on what it is you actually want or need. Once you’ve identified the specific item or service, your real research can begin.

Get a quote if you can
Research into deals can be done via various methods, but one of the most proven to ensuring you know what you’re spending is to get a quote. A motor trader, for example, may get a trade insurance quote when looking to insure their company, while somebody with a broken car could get a quote on the repairs needed to their vehicle. These are two sides of the same spending coin – whatever service it is you’re shopping for, and a quote always enlightens you a little more.

Shop in the right places
When you know what it is you’re looking for, make sure you’re shopping for it in the right places. A large department store might have one of everything under the sun, but they may also only have a small selection of the exact items you’re looking for. An instance of this is children’s toys. A store that stocks clothes, televisions, food and toys will have fewer toys than an actual toy store. Going somewhere that specializes in the specific item you want will give you better choice and, if you’re lucky, a better price, too.

Shopping online also gives you a vast array of options and allows you to keep multiple tabs open at once in order to cross-check the prices. This is much simpler than having to write down or remember prices in physical stores.

Ask your friends
What are friends for? Helping you out, of course. Ask around your friends if any of them have recently bought the item or service you’re looking for, and find out where they got it from. This can give you a useful starting point when beginning your research.

A good deal isn’t only dependent on the price, but also on the quality of the product. Asking your friends is a good way of determining if they felt the purchase they made was good value, or otherwise. If you don’t have any friends who have recently invested in the item you’re shopping for, online customer reviews will provide the same advice.



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