4 Fantastic and Effective Ways to Entice Customers into Your Store

After the worldwide coronavirus pandemic shattered not just the United State’s economy but the entire world as a whole, businesses, regardless of industry, are still struggling with the consequences of closure and financial loss. The world of retail is one the largest hit areas, and now is the best time, not to mention a vital time, to build your customer base and entice previous customers back into your store.

Here are four fantastic and effective ways to entice customers into your store.

  1. Assign a Greeter

The role of a greeter is considerably larger than merely welcoming customers into your store and exchanging pleasantries, and you must select the right personality to fulfill the role effectively. Such a person needs to be welcoming, personable, and genuine with every one of their customer interactions and should never appear stand-offish or bored. Studies have shown that a store greeter significantly increases the chance of repeat custom and also opens up the possibilities of working at your company to sections of the community who may not be suited to general and often arduous shop floor work.

  1. Your Window Display

Your window display is naturally the first thing a potential shopper sees of your business, and subsequently, it needs to be ultimately eye-catching and showcase your products in the best light. If your company specializes in fashions and clothing. Mannequins are the most visually effective way of displaying clothing, and it is important to pose them in such a way that displays the items in the most flattering way. Ensure your display is brightly light, contains bold colors, and, ideally, tells a story with how you arrange the fashions.

  1. Renovate Your Shop Front

Your shop front and signage convey a one-second, lasting impression of the type and quality of the products and services you provide and is also important in advertising your brand and logo. Ensure all your signage is clean and, where applicable, all the lights should be cleaned and working. Ensure there are no spiderwebs and thick layers of dust on the window and door frames and, again, if feasible, it is a much better idea to leave the shop door open to encourage people to just ‘nip in’ rather than commit to opening the door. The easier you make it for a potential customer to enter your store, the more customers you will interact with.

  1. Never Hover!

You will have been in a situation whereby you’ve entered a store, and immediately two or more sales assistants have swept over to you, like vultures circling their prey. This kind of hard-sell tactic should only be used by street-sellers and should never be employed by bored shop assistants working on commission.

It is important to create a sensory experience for any customer that is walking past or enters your store and to create a warm, welcoming, and exciting atmosphere, letting your products do the talking, not your employees.

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