10 Unusual Ways To Spend Your Time

Everybody is looking for unusual ways to spend time. There are fun ways to spend your time that don’t break the bank either and can potentially even save you some money. Below are a few ways you can spend your time, with some suggestions that will occasionally bring in some income too. If you’re bored of the usual hobbies, read on to get inspired.

Sell your hair
You’ve just had a haircut, and now you’ve got a load of hair going spare. For most people, it’s a case of simply chucking it away – but did you know that human hair is extremely valuable? There is a multi-billion dollar market for human hair which can then be put to use in hair extensions and wigs. What grows on the top of your head can be quite literally a gold mine – especially if you are blonde, with blonde hair worth up to three times as much as dark hair.
House sit
When people go away on holiday, they might feel uncomfortable leaving their homes unattended. There is a growing market for house sitters, people who are paid a nominal sum to look after a home while the occupants aren’t around. Given that houses can’t shout, scream or need to put to bed, it’s a much easier way of earning money than babysitting and you can even get to see parts of the world you’d never have thought to visit.
Take part in a clinical trial
While clinical trials tend to require people with certain disabilities or illnesses, occasionally ones come up that need able-bodied participants. By enrolling on a clinical trial, you’ll be handsomely paid to take some drugs and undergo some tests with potentially a bit of time in hospital under observation thrown in. You’ll also be doing your bit to help in scientific discovery. If you have a free afternoon on your hands, this is something you can consider doing.
Get Socializing
It is, of course, essential that you take some time to yourself to relax and unwind. People often overlook the importance of simply chilling out with their free time and often think their free time needs to be filled to the max with activities or pastimes. You can also take it easy occasionally, and enjoy a meal, drinks, or simply chill out with company. Look into options such as an Escort Agency to find some ideal company to make your chill time enjoyable.
Walk dogs
Owning a dog is great, but there are plenty of owners out there who don’t appreciate the hard graft that goes with it. You can help them out, by offering your services as a dog walker. It’s a job that becomes particularly prevalent in the winter when people don’t want to be walking their pooches in the wind, the rain and the cold. Instead, they’ll pay you to do it for them. It’s a great way to get out in the open air if you like man’s best friend.
Rent some space
When somebody suggests the idea of renting, most people will just assume they mean a room of their house and dismiss the idea. Who wants a stranger to come and live with them? Space is an increasing commodity however, and that means that you can now just rent out a bit of space in your home. Got a garage that you hardly utilize? Why not offer it up to somebody who needs a storage facility? If your home is in a desirable location near public transport links or there is a big event going on just around the corner, you could sell parking spot on your drive. Get creative and flog the space you don’t use – there’s bound to be someone out there who needs it.
Become a tutor
Did you know that the US private tutor industry is worth an estimated $5 billion? If you’ve got any sort of expertise in Math, Science or English then you could sell that expertise to a parent who is looking to give their child a boost in their schooling. You’ll be well paid for the couple of hours you put aside, and what’s more, you’ll be helping to give a young person a real boost to their future prospects. This is a great way to spend your free time but also capitalize and potentially make a second income.
Become a life model
If you’re not shy about stripping off in front of a room full of people you don’t know, then life modeling is a great way to earn money. As you might expect from a task that can be pretty intrusive, the pay is good, and you don’t need to have the body of a Greek God to become a model – art classes look for all shapes and sizes. Best of all? You might even be able to take one of the completed drawings home with you, giving you a unique piece of art at the same time!
Get gardening
Trees and plants can, quite literally, take hundreds of years to grow. Even before we became a society that expects things quickly and on-demand, not many people had time to wait for that to happen! If you’re clearing out your garden, why not sell your unwanted plants and shrubbery? There’s a growing marketplace for it online, with sites such as eBay and Amazon experiencing a huge boom in the number of plants listed.
Eat as much food as you possibly can
TV programs such as Man v Food have popularized the ability to eat as much food as is humanly possible. As a result, eating contests are now big business. Prizes can range from a free meal to cash rewards that can run up to $100,000. If shoveling hotdogs into your mouth or trying to eat a pizza the size of Europe is your idea of fun, then why not attempt to win a prize for doing it? Find competitions near you and find some food loving enthusiasts while you’re at it; who knows, this could become the perfect side- hobby!
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