10 Great Gifts For Everyone In This Holiday Season

Giving and receiving gifts are the best way to send across the message that you care and the relationship is valuable. Since the time immemorial the tradition of exchanging gifts on different occasions has been a deep-rooted tradition in almost all the cultures. We simply cannot conceive of a civilization where gifts didn’t play a pivotal role in strengthening bonds between men and relations. In the earlier times the people used to offer gold and valuables to their kings and Gods as a symbolic gesture of solidarity. In modern times, we offer gifts to our near and dear ones on different occasions, whether personal or on the eve of any public celebration and the nature of the gift depend on the age, tastes and proclivities of the recipient. Nevertheless, there are certain gifts that can be offered to one and all and are meant for all seasons. Here are our picks on 10 great gifts for all seasons.


1. Smartphones
Owning a cell phone is no longer a privilege in the modern world. It has become a necessity in the world of enhanced connectivity and everyone living in this technologically advanced time deserves to remain connected to the ones who matters the most. Since the inception of phones, there had been a great advancement in technology which led to the emergence of smart phones with versatile applications and capabilities. Owning a smartphone is like having a computer on your palms with unlimited music, games and other applications. So if you are thinking about offering a gift that would be a necessity and fun at the same time, why not give a smart phone to your dear ones.
2. Perfume
Men have been giving perfumes as a gift since the dawn of civilization. Perfumes have a direct effect on the wellbeing of men and it signifies affluence and a nature bend toward aesthetic refinement. Exotic perfumes are meant for the royalties and perfume still holds a key to the heart of your beloved. So if it’s a special occasion to be celebrated in private with someone special, a classy perfume would enliven the moment.
3. Luxury sleepwear
The silk smooth feather touch of comforting luxury sleepwear is something that everyone yearns and such a gift from someone special is worth memorable for years. Whether it is the delicate softness of nightgown woven in silk to render the feeling of warmth and comfort or whether it’s a pair of handcrafted, silky pajama set or robes, as the gift they can be dubbed as a pack of warmth and affection and nothing less.
4. A portable reflector Telescope
It would be wrong to think that telescopes are meant only for the professionals and those who spend a lot of time star gazing. Gazing at the night sky can be a wonderful experience with myriads of stars and other heavenly bodies that inspires awe by the sheer flight of imagination. A portable reflector telescope is built on the same principal as the larger variety and lends you a moment of escapade from the mundane concerns of life.
5. Yoga class
If you are looking to offer something to your near and dear ones that would bring about a wholesome well-being and help them to unwind in this life full of stress, why not get them admitted to a yoga class nearby. Buy them the outfits and yoga mats and they would be thankful to you for introducing them to the secret of holistic wellbeing. They would learn to relax and de-stress themselves while their internal systems would undergo a change for the good.
6. A computer game
If you are looking for an ideal gift for your little one, nothing can make them smile wider than an engaging computer game. The game is not only about the fun and frolic; it increases the concentration, makes them more alert and enhances the performance ability of a child. There are hundreds of games available on the net or department stores and you can take your little ones with you to choose what suits them the most.
7. Membership to a movie club
If you loved one is a movie buff, you can consider offering him or her a membership to a movie club. They would get to see a lot of movies and not only from Hollywood, but the movies that are made in other parts of the world. The movies of the world would enlarge their vision about life and they would be thankful to you for having them offered the opportunity to peek into the other civilizations.
8. A Flash drive
If the person you are about to offer gift is a computer geek, he or she would simply love a flash drive that can store a lot of data. The flash drives available on the net or at your nearby store are really small in looking and can be carried around while at the same time it stores the films, music, important files of the office and anything that can be stored in computer hard disk. The flash drive has become a necessary part of the accessory for anyone who has any relation with the computer and it is a gift for which the recipient would be really thankful to you.
9. Subscribe to a magazine
People are different and they have different interests. Some just loves to know about the cars while some have an insatiable curiosity for the latest gadgets and gizmos. Hobbies and proclivities are varied and likewise there is a magazine or the other that caters to that special taste and proclivities. So if your loved one has a special hobby, why not offer him or her magazine subscription pertaining to his or her peculiar taste.
10. Books of favorite author
There is nothing like books to entertain, engage and enliven your soul. Inculcating a habit of reading a book is a healthy practice and you can encourage your loved one for a more intellectual pleasure by offering books as gifts. If you loved ones adores a particular author, you can put on a smile to his or her face by offering a collection of works by that particular author. Your loved ones would remain grateful to you.
This article was written by Felishia. L. Oksan, a fashion writer who writes articles on gifts and gift ideas.. She also has a lot of sympathy for men who have to buy gifts for women.
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