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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Best Travel Applications for Worry-Free Volunteering Abroad

The Best Travel Applications for Worry-Free Volunteering Abroad

volunteering abroad

Volunteering overseas is an experience that we should all partake in at one point of our lives. There are so many people who are less fortunate than ourselves, who need help to build homes, who need a teacher and who need food supplies. Whatever your reason for going, or the route you decide to take, this can be a truly eye-opening experience and can really help to enrich your life. If you’re travelling alone, then planning your volunteering trip can be quite daunting, but there are some free applications that can really help you to settle in and become accustomed to the culture around you...

Kayak is the perfect travel companion, that can really help you to prepare the perfect travel itinerary. This application informs you of everything from your flight times and prices (if your volunteering trip is self funded, then it can be a good way to make sure that you are getting the cheapest and best flight available on the days you are looking to travel). As well as looking at flights for you, it also have information on any nearby restaurants during your travels and also helps you out if you’re looking to rent a car to take you to your volunteering destination.

Trailhead is an application that was made in collaboration with the outdoor clothing brand The North Face, which helps to locate any adventure spots in your area. Whilst travelling and volunteering, people also tend to take the time to soak up the culture and to explore the area. If you have never been to the place before, then it’s a great way to get yourself into the adventuring mood and can help you to get a better understanding of the country that you are staying in. This application needs to be exercised with caution, as it is can take you to some remote spots, remember, if you decide to go on a hike or on a walk into an unknown area, then either take somebody with you, or let somebody know your location.

Google Maps:
Google maps is an all round brilliant application for any traveller. If you are looking for a hostel, refugee camp or any volunteering station, then you can find it using Google maps. Using satellite tracking devices, this application allows you to virtually walk the streets, so that you can find your destination. It will also flag up any potentially useful information and destinations, such as the nearest gas stations, the nearest water supply, the nearest road etc. When travelling alone to volunteer, it’s often the case that people can get severely lost, so having an application that can find help and can set you on your way is often a huge reassurance.

Google Translate:
One of the biggest obstacles when travelling overseas is the language barrier, on many occasions travelling volunteers have gotten themselves into sticky situations due to misunderstandings. This application is one of the most innovative in mobile app development, as it can translate any conversation that you want to have, and can help you to get the information that you need. Google translate is perfect if you are volunteering to be a teacher, and can really help you to gain a better understanding of what is happening around you. When volunteering overseas for an extended period of time, it is only natural to begin to develop an understanding for the language and to be able to speak in parts of it, this application simply speeds up the process and can make those first few weeks much less awkward and confusing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How Gadget Helps While Volunteering In India?

How Gadget Helps While Volunteering In India?

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Volunteering is not just any other task. This is a matter of responsibility that a person take for certain aim of fulfilling something meaningful for someone with pure heart and no expectation. Every place has different volunteering standards and if you want to be successful in volunteering then it is necessary for you to understand the basic requirement and standards before getting started on it. This is the task which usually takes most of the time. However, gadgets can make it easy and simple for you to do research and find sufficient knowledge regarding standards, requirements and scope of Volunteering in India.

Things you can do with Gadgets While Volunteering in India:
Plan Your Volunteering Schedule: When you made up your mind that you will invest some time in volunteering then this would be perfect time for you to develop a perfect schedule so that you can manage every task of the procedure with perfection and accuracy. Scheduling is one of the most important things in the successful volunteering and you should make a suitable schedule plan before getting started on your work.

No Issue Of Local Language: Local language can be a problem for people who are not from the volunteering location. India is the country where you will find huge variety of spoken languages so it is not possible for volunteers to learn every single language of the volunteering location. However, with the help of gadgets, it is possible to get the right meaning of language at the point without any problem of spoken language. There are many sources of instant language assistance and a variety of application or software collection which can help you in interpreting and translation of spoken language for your better understanding.

Find Out Your Volunteering Interest Area: If you have decided to do volunteering then you must also device the volunteering area of your interest. There is no limit of the scope when it comes to volunteering. However, if you will start your volunteering decision without proper thought or interest then this will end up being a matter of confusion for you. Therefore, gadgets will help you to find out the best variety of volunteering interest areas on the spot. This will allow you to make the right selection of the most suitable volunteering area so that you can start volunteering in the right area of your choice.

Get Basic Knowledge For Volunteering: Volunteering requires basic knowledge of connecting and assisting people. There are some things that you cannot just learn from the general sense or basic common sense in regular life because volunteering is little different from your daily life routine. Therefore, you can use your smartphone, laptop, pc or other suitable gadget to find out all about basic volunteering etiquette and knowledge. This will be highly assistive for you to become an ideal volunteer.

Find Out Volunteering Opportunities: If you want to find the right and genuine volunteering opportunity, then it is necessary for you to find the right place to volunteer. Individual volunteering is quite popular these days where people support the volunteering work of different area with no requirement of authorization or certification from any firm or organization. However, if you are interested in the volunteering of a wider range or if you have bigger volunteering goal then you should certainly search for authorized origination that will give you right volunteering opportunities.

Some Volunteering Organizations For Volunteering Opportunities: There are many popular organizations where you can find plenty of Volunteering Opportunities according to your interest areas. Some of the reputed and internationally known Volunteering originations are: Global Vision International (GVI), International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ), Volunteering Solutions (VolSol), Plan My Gap Year (PMGY), International TEFL Academy (ITA), International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT), Maximo Nivel, Love Volunteers, Cross-Cultural Solutions, Connect 123 Internship & Volunteer Program, Global Leadership Adventures, Global Volunteers, Fronteering, i-to-I, Agape Volunteers, Iko Poran, Frontier, Volunteering Journeys and Reach Out Volunteers etc.

Gadgets will definitely be the most suitable and convenient source of research for you. Therefore, before you actually start doing any volunteering work, you need to make sure that you are investing your effort in the right place for the right cause. You need to find out all about the volunteering task and you need to ask the right questions from the volunteering work assigning team so that you can be sure that you are actually making a difference in someone else’s life with your hard work and time.

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Varun Kumar Works for as Content Writer. It is the e-tailer Company known for bringing the Mobile Covers|Wrist Watches|Bluetooth Speakers|Power banks models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. The company has a fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across the nation

Monday, December 26, 2016

7 things you’ll learn while traveling Asia

7 things you’ll learn while traveling Asia

What countries are in your “must visit” list and what destination spots are in there? If you don’t have Cambodia or Indonesia on that list, you’re certainly going to miss out.

Traveling opens up a lot of doors for us but most importantly, it allows us to go on eye-opening and impactful adventures we wouldn’t otherwise experience. If you want to experience that, you should go and book a trip to Southeast Asian nations.

If you happen to know people who have traveled to these countries, ask them about their experience. Chances are they have at least been to a SE Asian country and the experience shifted their perspective, for the better.

                                     Photo by Kate Ferguson

Meet lots of beautiful and warm people, get a sight of their picturesque sceneries, experience their traditions and culture, and observe how life is in their nation, and the journey will make you realize tons of things. Here are a few that would convince you to book a trip and visit southeast Asia:

Money isn’t the only source of happiness
The next time you complain about how you’re supposed to charge your iPhone and listen to music simultaneously should be your last. And yes, you should feel ashamed about your “first world problems.”

Once you set foot on any of these countries, you’ll notice one thing: that money isn’t everything. You’ll notice that people from the poorest countries are the happiest and most resilient. Not everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and lives in a huge house.

People from these countries don't have a lot but they seem to be enjoying and appreciating the most of what they have. They’d even offer their last meal for an unexpected visitor and even offer a lot more. Despite their living condition (a lot of people live in slums, has small houses, many kids they can hardly afford to get to school, and the works), they have the brightest smiles and warm presence.

You’ll turn into a cheapskate
With just a small amount of money, probably half of what you usually spend, you can get a gastronomic treat and drinks for cheap. You can have a succulent and decent meal at or under a dollar. You’ll become so cheap you’ll scratch your head thinking whether or not a purchase is worth a dollar once you get home.

Allow yourself to get lost
Thoroughly planning your trips or daily agendas are great. It maximises time and productivity; it’s the responsible thing to do. However, allow spontaneity to works its way and surprise you.

Train and bus schedules get delayed and unpredictable in SEA countries. You’ll find the traffic terrible and hopeless but don't let it get under your nerves. Instead, take the time to let your mind travel. You know what? Take the time to scratch your plans and just let your mind and feet wander.

Respect and politeness goes a long way
Since you’ll get immersed in other people’s tradition and culture, you’ll become more sensitive and aware of what you say or do. You are no longer oblivious to everything around you and you’ll start to appreciate even the smallest things.

A small “thank you” and warm smile goes a long way. Getting hostel or Airbnb for accommodation means allowing yourself to get familiar with people; unlike in hotels where there’s a huge border between staff and customers.

You’ll observe people’s daily routine and if you’re polite, get offered to eat chat or eat with your host/s. Illustrate respect and receive the same treatment.

Everything you need is a walk away
No kidding. Whatever it is you need, there’s a store just a few meters away. Ran out of shampoo? Need a soda to pair with your homemade burger? Need ice? You’ll find a store not far from where you’re staying. Everything is packed in small stores you can find at someone’s home. Plus, they sell cheap. It’s really something you’ll miss once you fly back to your native land.

You’ll learn to haggle
. . . And realize how unreasonably expensive things are. In SEA countries, you’ll find lots of street markets and there you’ll find yourself bargaining nonstop until you and the seller meet on the same ground: shake hands on a price you both are comfortable with.

You’ll miss haggling stressful haggling once you leave this wonderfully chaotic nation/s. And once you go back to your reality, only then will it register to you that things and expensive even when they don't have to be—reasoning brought by the practice of haggling. This will influence you to maybe skip large brands that advertise this where you can get the same quality at a much lower price at an unbranded store or unpopular brand.

Language isn’t that much a barrier
Sure it’s hard to tell whether a local is swearing at you or vocally exclaiming how stupid you are not understanding instructions but hey, thank God for body movements, right?

Besides, you’ll be surprised at how many non-English speaking citizens can speak the language, from basic conversational to fluent. Don't laugh at their broken grammar or wrong word usage, at least they’re trying their hardest. Do you even speak another language? Give them credit! They’re great people and you’ll realize that. Another thing you’d realize is that time will come where language is no longer a barrier; if not, perhaps less of a problem.

Have you ever been to any Southeast Asian nation/s? Share with us your experience and observations!

About Chie Suarez
Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay NSW Australia.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Ways to Make the Most out of your Gap Year

10 Ways to Make the Most out of your Gap Year

gap year abroad

Many students decide to take a gap year either before beginning higher education or before getting a job. A gap year is an opportunity to re-evaluate your life and work towards your goals. It is also a chance to do things you’ve dreamed of. These tips will help you make the most out of your gap year.

Figure out why you decided to take a gap year in the first place: This is not as easy as it sounds. Many of us take a gap year to relax after years of study. Some us take one to work towards college admissions while others spend their year soul searching. You may have taken a gap year without really thinking about it. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Figuring out your motivations will help you work towards your goals.

Travel: Travelling is one of the best things to do during your gap year. It opens up your mind to the possibilities. I don’t know anyone who didn’t benefit from travelling abroad. You could save up during college and spend your savings on travel. There are many websites like Coach Surfers (try it at your own risk) that allow you to live in a stranger’s house for free. Cheaper tickets and accommodation options are also available. Try booking the airline ticket in advance or during the off-peak season to save some money. You could also travel locally. It is a great way to experience the benefit of travel without the financial strain of it.

Volunteer: Volunteering is a great way to travel, learn and meet new people. One of my friends volunteered in Egypt during his gap year. Volunteering is a cheaper way to travel as most sponsors help you with accommodation and food. Volunteering helps you become independent, learn essential skills like teamwork and gives you opportunities to network with like minded people. You can also volunteer at a local non-profit. This is a cheaper and more convenient way to gain skills that are valued by employers. Volunteering will help you understand and interact better with people. You’ll come out of it with a warm glow in your heart.

Re-discover your hobbies: Did you love to play the piano in elementary school? Did you take painting lessons? Did you love to read novels? It’s time to pick up that long lost hobby of yours again. A gap year is a great opportunity to re-connect with your hobbies. It is not only enjoyable but also helps you discover your hidden talents. And who knows, that may be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that you’ve always been looking for.

Follow your dreams: Many people take a gap year because they feel that they have lost touch with their dreams. Have you always wanted to become an actor but ended up in law school? Was starting a business your childhood dream? Did you expect to get your first book written by twenty five? Now is the time to follow your dream. A gap year is a golden opportunity to re-evaluate your choices. Take this opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Trying and failing is better than never having tried at all. Take the plunge now.

Learn something new: This may range from whacky things like astrology to more ‘mainstream’ things like music. Take this time to learn something you never thought of learning. The crazier it is, the better. These new experiences enrich your personality. So take up paragliding and fly away. Take a risk, try something you usually wouldn’t. It will give you something to reminisce about when you are older.

Get an online degree or certificate: If you would like a more structured approach, online degrees are a great way to spend your gap year. Many certifications like TEFL can be completed entirely online in less than a year. If you know what kind of job you want to do in the future, take this time to build credentials for it. Many major universities like UCLA, Harvard Extension and Open University offer online degree courses. If you’ve always dreamt of going to college but didn’t have the means or time to do so, an online degree may be a good idea.

Blog: Start a personal blog. This helps you keep track of your growth during your gap year. If you’re an avid reader, you can start a book review blog. If you’re into collecting stamps, write a blog about it. If you love to listen to music, write a music related blog. The opportunities are endless. Many bloggers make a full time income out of blogging. If that is where you want to be, take this opportunity to start your own blog. Remember to post regularly.

Make a bucket list: Have you always wanted to go on the Ellen show? Want to watch a movie alone in a theatre? Try Lebanese food? Whale watch? Make a bucket list of all the things you wanted to do. These may range from sleeping all day to trying out new adventure sports. Then, work on ticking off the items on this list. There’s always a way. The crazier it is, the more interesting memories you end up with.

Live in the moment: This is perhaps the most important thing. It is easy to get anxious about the future during your gap year. Don’t let the future ruin your present. You only have this moment. Live it to the fullest. Savour every memory and you’ll be happy you did.

I hope these tips helped you get an idea of things to do during your gap year. Remember, gap year is a field of endless possibilities. Mix and match these tips or add your own to make this important year of your life an unforgettable memory.

About the author:
P. Wish is an author and blogger. She is released her first book in May, 2015 and has another one coming out in October. To find out more about her, visit,

Friday, May 22, 2015

Things To Look For When Planning A Honeymoon

Things To Look For When Planning A Honeymoon

Planning A Honeymoon

While the wedding day itself is a hugely important day for the bride and groom, it is understandable that many couples will spend a lot of time looking forward to the honeymoon. The wedding day is an opportunity to share your love and celebrate with your friends and family members, but the honeymoon is an opportunity for the bride and groom to spend some quality time together. This is a magical period in the life of a married couple, an opportunity to relax and spend some quality time together. The period building up to a wedding can be stressful and tense whereas the period after the wedding sees life get back to normal. This means that the honeymoon period is one of the most exciting and romantic periods in a couple’s life, and this is why a great deal of thought and effort should be put into finding the perfect setting.

A honeymoon should be held in a romantic setting

A honeymoon should be a trip of love and romance, and the setting can play a big part in the mood of the bride and groom. There is a great deal to be said for making sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to romance but there are plenty of common aspects that most couples will agree on. Having the chance to watch glorious sunsets, being able to take quiet walks together and having plenty of places where they can dine in a quiet yet stunning location are all top of the list when it comes to romantic gestures. This is why so many couples decide to book a luxury holiday for their honeymoon as it provides them with everything they could want when it comes to a romantic setting.

A beach or a pool is a great asset

Clearly a newly married couple will be spending a lot of time together in their hotel room which means that when they do spend time outside of the room, they will want to take things easy. There is a lot to be said for making sure that there is a chance to sunbathe and take things easy. Some couples will want to have a beach nearby whereas some couples will be more than happy to laze by the pool at their resort. As long as there is sun, peace and quiet and an opportunity to enjoy some great drink and food without doing much else, most couples will be very happy.
There is a great deal to be said for booking a luxury holiday destination for your honeymoon because you are virtually guaranteed great weather and the opportunity to sunbathe and enjoy is one that should always be taken.

If you need an energetic activity, make it a memorable one

If you are spending a great deal of your holiday relaxing by a pool and eating and drinking, you may find that you start to feel a bit lethargic. A bride that has spent a lot of time dieting to ensure that she looks at her best for the wedding day may feel as though she has earned the right to have a lazy time on her honeymoon, but it should also be remembered that for many couples, their honeymoon represents a once in a lifetime trip to that destination.
This is why undertaking a walking expedition to see local sights or plants and flowers can be of benefit. However, there is also a lot to be said for going snorkelling or diving. There are many great destinations in places like the Seychelles or the Maldives where guests can book snorkelling and diving trips. The clarity of the water ensures that there is a great level of vision, which should ensure that you are able to see a wide selection of stunning fish.

Choose an all-inclusive and relaxed hotel

If you have are newly married, you will have likely spent a lot of money on the big day and the honeymoon, so you may not want to be parting with too much money, so an all-inclusive holiday is likely to be a smart move. You also want a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere at your hotel, so booking a luxury break makes sense. You have a much greater chance of receiving a high standard of service at a luxury break destination and when it comes to peace, quiet and tranquillity you will find that this is exactly the sort of break you should be looking forward to.

Andrew Reilly is a freelance writer with a focus on news stories and consumer interest articles. He has been writing professionally for 9 years but has been writing for as long as he can care to remember. When Andrew isn't sat behind a laptop or researching a story, he will be found watching a gig or a game of football.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Travel to Ghana for Volunteering and Gap Year

Travel to Ghana for Volunteering and Gap Year

Ghana is an ethically diverse country, most evident in its cuisine and clothing. A emerging economy, it is one of the most stable countries in Western Africa – both economically and politically. Ghanian soldiers have often been lauded for their work and exertion in the UN Peacekeeper force. A friendly and recently independent nation, Ghana attracts a number of tourists. Kofi Annan, former UN Chief belonged to Ghana.

Despite the rosy picture, there are certain pockets of Ghana which see more poverty and less development than the rest of the country. In certain areas, the percentage of poverty is reaches twice or thrice the national average. A major area of concern is the chronic food insecurity prevalent since the northern areas are highly drought prone. Youth unemployment and social inequality further threaten the fabric of social harmony. Furthermore, the position of women in these areas is no better than other less developed African nations. Women are often the main contributor to the household income, also look after the upkeep of the house and children.

The community development project conducted in Ghana is aimed at a wholesome, well-rounded growth of all sections of society. With the assistance of volunteers, Volunteering organizations tries to direct the flow of synergy in more productive fields. In local village communities located 15 – 20 kms outside the city of Tamale, volunteers participate in building different aspects of a Ghanaian culture and family life.

A general day includes a number of activities, teaching maths and English, construction work at the school building site, painting and renovation work. Promoting women education and Informing and educating villagers in 15 villages about the importance of water preservation and how to effectively use it in agriculture. Since water borne diseases have a high level of prevalence in these areas, educating them about different diseases, their symptoms. Volunteers tutor them in treating the water properly to make it consumable in daily life. A special urgency is laid on child health program. Volunteers train villagers about prevention of disease, symptoms and treatment.

Volunteers often utilize their weekend breaks to discover the nearby areas of Mole national Park, Kintampo waterfalls, and the ancient Slave Camps. Before leaving Ghana, make sure you visit Cape Coast to relax on the beautiful beaches and stop by the famous Cape Coast castle.

Currently, Volunteering organizations have many other programs running in Ghana. Ghana Summer Program, Volunteer Football coaching camp, Healthcare camp, Orphanage work, Teaching English, and Volunteer in Girl's education program. People interested in volunteering in Ghana can pick their program according to their time and interest. Volunteering organizations provides lodging arrangements with local host families, so you can get a taste of the African life first hand.
The Benefits of Attending Orientation Before Volunteering in Chiang Mai

The Benefits of Attending Orientation Before Volunteering in Chiang Mai

Before your actual trip to Chiang Mai, there are necessary requirements that you need to comply with your volunteer organization. Apart from paying your placement fee, you also have to prepare your things and all your necessary documents such as your passport, air travel tickets, and volunteer documents among others. But apart from them, another important part of your preparation is to attend volunteer orientation. Some of the reputable organizations require volunteers to attend the orientation before sending off volunteers to Chiang Mai and other places.

There are several benefits of attending an orientation before you volunteer in Chiang Mai. One of these benefits is that you can gain valuable information about your volunteer placement like its location, the people you will be working with, common problems encountered, ways to effectively perform tasks, and other important information which can give you an idea on what to expect with your working environment.

Orientations can also give you a general idea about relevant information such as attractions in Chiang Mai that you could visit on your free time, safety concerns, activities that you could do, and other things that you could do on your spare time.

Most importantly, it would be good to attend the orientation before you volunteer in Chiang Mai because it is one way of preparing yourself for your actual travel. Some last minute instructions by volunteer organizations are given during orientation.

Attending the volunteer orientation is really important. So before you go to Chiang Mai, be sure to attend your orientation.
The Benefits of Volunteering in Quito on Summer Break

The Benefits of Volunteering in Quito on Summer Break

Summer is one of the best times of the year to volunteer in Quito in Ecuador. During this time, the climate is perfect for outdoor activities and volunteering tasks. It is also the time of the year when you can try a wide range of activities while staying in Quito. But there is more to volunteering in Quito during summer break.

For university students, there are numerous benefits of volunteering in Quito in the summer. One of them is the chance to enjoy a unique summer experience in a unique setting. Volunteering is indeed unique because it allows you to travel, explore, and help the needy at the same time. Added to that is the fact that Quito is quite a beautiful place with a number of attractions to offer its visitors. It has historical landmarks, old churches, and parks among others that you can explore while you volunteer in Quito.

Another benefit of volunteering in Quito in the summer is that it gives you an opportunity to gain meaningful work experiences that you can include in your portfolio when you apply. Employers consider it advantageous to hire employees who have a volunteer experience because it reflects your good character and hard work even if you are not paid.

Lastly, volunteering in Quito in the summer can help you rejuvenate yourself so that you can be more focused and serious in your studies when you go back to school.

If you are interested to volunteer in Quito this summer, you can sign up with the trusted organizations that offer program placements in the city.
Helping Indian Children Learn Through Play

Helping Indian Children Learn Through Play

One of the greatest sources of learning among children is through play. Play can greatly help children learn. According to Jerome Singer, a professor at Yale University, “The activities that are the easiest, cheapest, and most fun to do – such as singing, playing games, reading, storytelling, and just talking and listening – are also the best for child development.” If you like to play with children, perhaps you can apply this principle to help the children in India learn many things.

Volunteer teaching program India is among the most sought-after programs by many volunteers. Through this program, you can have an opportunity for volunteering in India to teach children not just English but also other subjects like arts, ethics, and others. And when teaching children, you can apply the principle of learning through play.

There are many activities that you can explore to promote learning among children through play.As part of volunteer teaching program India, you can have an opportunity to organize games where children can also learn simple English, arts, and other subjects at the same time. By doing this, you can have a significant impact in children’s development.

Various organizations have volunteer teaching programs where interested volunteers both with and without experience in teaching can participate in. These volunteer teaching opportunities India are the best way to create a lasting impact among children by helping them in their education. And by applying learning through play, you can show to the children that learning can be so much fun.
Volunteer Medical Program in India

Volunteer Medical Program in India

Recently, India has emerged has one of the strongest country with loads of brilliance in medical field and professional doctors. Many foreigner patients who are looking to quality and timely services are seen in and around many major cities in India for their treatment or someone they know. This proves that the thought process of people around the world is changing with time and apart from patients there are many emerging doctors also doing their internship program in India to horn their skills with professionals and gain from their experience. India also has edge over other countries in terms of cost effectiveness and that is why most people prefer India over other countries for surgeries or other major medical treatment. 

Many organizations provides one of the most affordable and efficient internship options in the field of healthcare in India and other parts of the world. Volunteers will have the option to work with highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and learn from them. Those who are looking for some hands on experience can also join medical volunteer program in India where they place volunteers both in government and private hospitals so you will have the opportunity to deal with various patients suffering from different health related issues.

Most of the volunteers work with people from poor background who doesn’t have the options to even have basic treatment. So volunteers and interns help is immense and people will not only respect you but also love you for your help and support. Interns will also be provided with certifications of their work with Volunteering Solutions. Anyone who is either pre-medical student or medical student or medical professional can join medical volunteer program India.
Secrets to Have a Happy and Meaningful Time Volunteering Abroad

Secrets to Have a Happy and Meaningful Time Volunteering Abroad

Participants for volunteer abroad programs share different stories when it comes to their experience as a volunteer abroad. Many are overwhelmed with positive experience and want to come back while a few have different not-so-good stories to tell. There could be something in common between those who have had a positive experience and those who had a negative experience.

Yes, it’s true that there are secrets to have a totally happy and meaningful time volunteering abroad. And many past volunteers who kept on coming back know what these secrets are. Here are a few worth remembering:

• When you take part in any volunteer work program abroad, don’t focus on what you get out of it but instead on what you can give to it. Volunteering is a selfless act. You will only enjoy it if you have an outgoing love and concern for others.

• Learn the local customs, traditions, and practices of the place while you are there. It is really a fun experience to witness how people from different places do things differently.

• Take advantage of your free time to explore and visit historic and tourist sites, shop at local markets, spend time with local people, and try native delicacies and things that you cannot find back in your home.

• Make a journal of your travel to keep a lasting memory of your volunteer experience.

The things mentioned above are not so difficult to do at all and doing them can greatly make a difference in the type of memories you will bring with you as you return home from your volunteer work abroad.
Volunteer Abroad and Make a Positive Change in the World

Volunteer Abroad and Make a Positive Change in the World

More often than not, the best way to travel around and explore a new country is not as a tourist but as a volunteer. Many past volunteer abroad participants have already attested to this. As a volunteer, you can spend more time in a particular place and be immersed with its culture and traditions and make you appreciate more its people and its many attractions. At the same time, you are also making a positive impact on the people and community for sharing your time, skills, and talents with them.

For those who are interested to be a part of volunteer abroad programs, there are various volunteer organizations that can make arrangements for you wherever you like to volunteer and whatever program you like to participate in. You can volunteer to teach English in India, care for orphaned children in Honduras or Cost Rica, or participate in the elephant care project in Sri Lanka. There is a wide range of volunteer work abroad programs you can choose from that can suit your interest and preferences.

Experiencing volunteering abroad can be one of the best experiences you can truly be proud of. It is an experience worth sharing to other people so that they will also be inspired to volunteer of their time and that can make positive changes not only in your life but also to the people who will be touched by your act of volunteering. Making a positive change in our world does not necessarily mean making a big and broader step. It could also mean doing even the simplest act of caring for other people as a volunteer abroad.
Summer Volunteer Escapade, What’s Your Plan?

Summer Volunteer Escapade, What’s Your Plan?

Summer months are now fast approaching. Do you already have plans for the summer?
Summer is the perfect time of the year to visit new places and try out new things like volunteering abroad. Compared to other summer activities like summer getaways and outings, participating in volunteer abroad programs is a really unique activity that combines new places, new activities, and a meaningful experience by sharing your time with people in need. It is an activity that will allow you to share your happiness with other people.

If you don’t have plans yet for the summer, how about spending a volunteer vacation with your friends in an elephant village in Thailand? This is really an exciting volunteer abroad opportunity for the adventurous ones. Another equally exciting option would be to fly to Cusco, Peru with your family and spend several weeks there doing a variety of intercultural projects while travelling to the historic Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley of Incas where the sights are totally breathtaking. Or if you want a more unique experience, you could also spend your summer in Nepal where you can take a peek at the majestic Mt. Everest or in Ghana where you will have a chance to visit Ghana’s largest Wildlife refuge. The list of volunteer work abroad programs where you can participate in is just endless. It’s really good if you can start planning now with your family or friends who you will be spending your vacation with.

Planning for the summer is really an exciting activity to do. Making your plans as early as possible can help you make advance arrangements and the necessary preparations.
Volunteer Work in Cape Town: a Place like No Other for Volunteers

Volunteer Work in Cape Town: a Place like No Other for Volunteers

If you are interested to volunteer and are considering different options for a placement location, consider signing up for volunteer work South Africa in Cape Town. Cape Town is a beautiful place and it really feels good to set foot on this city island as a volunteer.

The whole city of Cape Town is the most popular tourist destination not only in South Africa but in all of Africa. This popularity can be attributed to several factors such as good climate, well-developed infrastructures, natural settings, and beautiful attractions. Those who volunteer in South Africa can take advantage of all these benefits to spend a meaningful, enjoyable, and unforgettable volunteer experience.

There are more reasons why Cape Town has become so popular to tourists as well as volunteers. This city has it all—beautiful beaches, wildlife, forest reserves, and architectural heritage. Many of the buildings in the city have a Cape Dutch style, an architectural style that combines the styles of France, Germany, Netherlands, and Indonesia. In fact, the city has the highest density of this style of buildings in the world. The beaches in the city are also unique because it is possible to visit several beaches in one day. They offer a different setting, atmosphere, and water temperature, thanks to the city’s unique geography. The city’s beaches are also a host to a number of water activities such as surfing, diving, and swimming. For its forest reserves and wildlife, the city boasts of a 36-hectare national Botanical Garden which is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This garden has more than 7,000 species of plants along with a wide array of animals and birds. These natural attractions are not even half of what you can really see in Cape Town.

Volunteering in Cape Town will be more than an ordinary experience because of what the city has to offer. See these things and a lot more by signing up now for volunteering in South Africa.
Qualifications Needed to Volunteer in South Africa

Qualifications Needed to Volunteer in South Africa

South Africa especially its second most populated city of Cape Town is becoming a haven for volunteers looking for volunteer work South Africa that can give them a chance to have an enjoyable holiday as well.

One of the most common questions among those interested to volunteer in South Africa concerns the qualifications needed to volunteer. Various volunteer organizations may have different sets of qualifications for volunteers. But majority of these organizations require volunteers to be at least 18 years old. This applies to most volunteer programs. However, there are also programs that may require special qualifications such as medical and dental programs that require educational background or experience in these fields. For teaching programs, some organizations may require you to have experience in teaching children even if you are not a professional teacher while other organizations don’t require this at all but as long as you meet the age requirement. For programs like women empowerment, orphanage programs, care center for disabled or street kids programs, and wildlife conservation programs among others, most organizations don’t require special qualifications to volunteer.

Of course, more than just the qualifications, you must have a big heart and willingness to help others without expecting anything in return. You must also have the flexibility with the work involved in your chosen volunteer program. After all, these set apart volunteering in South Africa from other types of work.

If you like to know more about the qualifications and requirements to volunteer in South Africa, you can learn more by contacting your volunteer organization.
The Benefits of Volunteering in Cape Town on Your Gap Year

The Benefits of Volunteering in Cape Town on Your Gap Year

Many students who graduate from secondary school take their gap year before proceeding to university. This allows them to take a break from school and do something fun and enjoyable. Some spend their gap year on a vacation while others just stay at home. There are also some who seek for a more meaningful gap year experience.

If you are one of those students who are looking for a meaningful gap year experience, volunteering in Cape Town is one of the best options for you. There is a wide range of volunteering programs to choose from as there are also a number of volunteer organizations who have volunteer placements in the city.

Spending your gap year as a volunteer in Cape Town offers a number of benefits. It is a different kind of experience wherein you can enjoy doing good deeds while enjoying your vacation in one of the popular tourist destinations in South Africa.

While volunteer in Cape Town, you will also be able to have personal time for yourself and be able to meditate on your plans in life. Through the challenges you will encounter as a volunteer, you can strengthen yourself and gain more confidence in facing future challenges. Additionally, most of the volunteer programs also let volunteer improve their skills and knowledge in certain field. Like if you volunteer in medical program, it can enhance your knowledge and train you in the different medical techniques.

If you don’t know what to do on your gap year, sign up for a volunteer program in Cape Town.