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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Guide to Dining at the Best Steakhouses in Abu Dhabi

A Guide to Dining at the Best Steakhouses in Abu Dhabi

There are numerous steakhouses in Abu Dhabi. These restaurants offer different eating experiences ranging from fine dining to casual and fast casual to barbecues.

But finding a top-notch restaurant that serves the best steak in Abu Dhabi is only the start of enjoying a truly satisfying and superb steak dinner. You have to know what and how to order so that you won’t be disappointed with your meal.

To have a filling and memorable dining experience at a steakhouse in Abu Dhabi, you will do well to know this simple guide:

1. Steaks have different grade levels
The beef served in restaurants is graded by expert USDA inspectors. They are graded based on the amount of fat specs or marbling and age of cattle before the meat was harvested.

The finest steakhouses will only serve the top three grades. The best grade is Prime followed by Choice and Select. If you want to have the most tender, flavorful, and juiciest steak, make sure the restaurant you will go to serves Prime beef.

2. There are various cuts of steaks
There are different cuts or types of steaks. What you will ultimately order should depend on your preference. But the most popular steaks ordered at steakhouses in Abu Dhabi are:

• Ribeye
Regarded by many as the juiciest and most flavorful of all steaks, the ribeye has the amplest fat marbling. Because of its rich flavor, this is the number one choice of steak aficionados

The ribeye can be served with or without the bone. If it is roasted, it is called prime rib. If it is sliced into steaks and grilled or roasted, it is then called a ribeye chop.

• Filet mignon
Also known as “tenderloin filet,” it is the most tender of steaks even if it has little fat marbling. It also has the mildest flavor compared to other cuts.

It is considered the healthiest steak option since it is lean and less fatty. And because of this, it is not as juicy as the other cuts and it becomes dry if cooked beyond medium.

• New York strip
The New York strip has less fat than a rib eye but still as tender. It has a distinct beefy flavor that many describe as buttery and moist. Some restaurants serve bone-in versions of New York strips.

• T-bone
The T-bone steak is made of two cuts: the filet mignon and New York strip. These two cuts are divided in the middle by a bone in the shape of the letter T, hence, its name.

If you want to sample two cuts of steaks in just one meal, order a T-bone steak.

• Porterhouse
The porterhouse is the biggest cut of steak and is a larger version of the T-bone. This steak is cut from the upper part of the loin section and has a larger piece of tenderloin filet.

A porterhouse steak is best for sharing. A 48-ounce steak can easily satisfy two diners.

3. Know your preferred level of doneness
If you’re a steak connoisseur, you already know how you want your steak cooked. But if every time you’re asked how you want your steak cooked and you can’t give a quick answer, here are the common cooking gradations ideal for steaks:

• Rare
A rare cooked steak is cooked and seared outside while still keeping a red, soft, and cool center.

• Medium rare
This is the recommended level of doneness for steaks. A medium rare steak has a rare center but has a thick, firm brown crust.

• Medium
If you don’t want your steak to be too red in the middle, order it medium. A medium-cooked steak will have a thick band of light pink through the middle but it is more brown than pink. The top and the bottom will be charred darkly as well.

• Medium well
A medium well steak has a light shade of pink at the center and is covered with a charred, dark brown crust. This is perfect for people who don’t want any color in their steak but also don’t want the meat to be fully cooked.

• Well-done
For those who prefer brown and fully cooked meat, order your steak well-done. The steak is served without the slightest hint of pink. A superb well done steak is browned on all sides but its inside is not burned.

To complete your meal, order a side dish or two. The most popular and scrumptious sides are:

• Baked, mashed, or roasted potatoes
• Creamed spinach or asparagus
• Buttered mushrooms
• Sweet corn
• Simple salad

The right beverage will also allow you to enjoy your steak dinner more. Order a glass of the restaurant’s best red – it is the classic steak and wine pairing.

Ultimately, to truly enjoy a steak dinner in Abu Dhabi, order what you want and tell the server how you want your meat cooked. The best steakhouses will take note of their customers’ preferences to ensure they have an excellent dining experience.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why Contractors Need to Create a More Wholesome Worksite

Why Contractors Need to Create a More Wholesome Worksite

contractor and management

General contractors hold the responsibility of keeping a project in order. They gather all the materials, equipment and workers to launch into construction successfully.

Not only that, they are in charge of keeping with the schedule as well. All projects, after all, are time-bound – there are deadlines within deadlines to meet.

Suffice it to say, the services of experienced, organized contractors are invaluable to construction projects.

Onsite Challenges
In order to stay on schedule, one of the things that contractors need to do is to take control of the worksite. It is imperative to make the work environment as wholesome as possible so that all laborers can go about their designated tasks effectively and efficiently.

On top of that, it is a must for contractors to factor in the project development’s impact on the community. The approval or tolerance of the community can ensure a smoother process. Much time can be saved if the project is not met with disruptions and complications.

The problem is that it is inevitable for construction projects to take up public space and create a significant disruption to the neighborhood’s regular routine. The earthmoving task alone involves creating much noise and air pollution, both of which can affect the surrounding areas.

If you are a contractor who is focused on securing the advantages for the project and establishing yourself as an industry professional, then it is your duty to consider using the best solutions for keeping the disturbance to the absolute minimum.

Potain cranes

How to Create a Wholesome Worksite
Creating a worksite that the neighbors can comfortably live and work around, especially if the construction work is projected to last for an extended period of time, requires careful planning. Fortunately, there are various solutions available that can contribute to a healthy work site.

Cranes are examples of quiet and emission-free machinery that should be utilized for this purpose.

Cranes are vital pieces of equipment for construction. They lift and lower materials to their designated locations in a safe manner and expedite operations. These types of equipment make a lot of noise and consume diesel, but in recent years, “greener” versions have emerged.

Crane supply and hire companies now provide a selection of cranes that are powered by electric motors. Potain cranes, in particular, are highly recommended for construction projects that are designed to take a “neighbor-friendlier” and more eco-responsible route.

Such cranes are the ideal options for construction projects in residential locations. With these quieter and emission-free cranes, contractors can ensure that the people living in the vicinity of the worksite won’t find the noise and the headache-inducing, gas-powered motors of the equipment unbearable to be around.

Apart from the advantages for the community, a more wholesome construction site environment yields many other benefits such as:

Reduced costs for the project
Potain cranes, when rented from a reputable hire company, are a breeze to install and run. There is increased productivity when important pieces of equipment can be quickly installed and conveniently operated. And faster project completion always translates to lower operational costs.

Improved professional reputation
The way you handle your worksite and eliminate as much disturbance caused by the construction process as possible can do wonders for your reputation. When you are able to address all the issues that can arise, it speaks volumes about how seriously you take your job. It demonstrates your commitment to maintaining high standards for the accomplishment of the project.

A solid professional reputation can move you further along in your career and establish you as a true industry authority.

Higher standards for the industry overall
The ability to present effective methods for resolving the associated project issues prompts other industry-involved professionals to take the same route and elevate the way they work. The mindset that your industry peers develop is this: If you can find and utilize smart solutions, then so can they.

Eventually, there will be fewer contractors focusing more on limitations than solutions, and who are slow to adapt to better methods or practices.

Development projects are indicators of progress, and contractors play a huge role in their execution. If you set the bar high with your contribution by offering effective alternative processes, and by incorporating smarter solutions like community-friendlier heavy equipment (such as emission-free cranes), you can take greater pride in what you do.

So, as a contractor, go the extra mile by creating a wholesome worksite — it is truly a worthwhile effort.

Hermann Buchberger is the Founder and CEO of Active Crane Hire (ACH). He’s taken the company from start-up to Industry Leader offering the largest fleet of construction cranes in Australia. ACH launched a new type of crane previously unheard of in the Australian market: electric tower cranes. The company's infrastructure and associated services now comprise a fleet of trucks and trailers, a crane-rigging team, mobile crane technicians, a fleet of service vehicles, and an extensive range of crane spare parts.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning an Amazing Corporate Event

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning an Amazing Corporate Event

Guide to Planning an Amazing Corporate Event

We’ve all been at events where just about everything goes according to plan, and a good time is had by all. Sponsors messages resonate, delegates enjoy themselves, and the MC is on the ball.

No surprise, but the more effortless an event seems, the more work’s gone into it behind the scenes. A swan is an apt metaphor – graceful on the surface but paddling furiously beneath.

The knowledge and skill behind great event planning come with experience, and repeated practice.

Experience is always hard-earned and takes time. But here are some handy tips to hasten that process and plan a memorable event.

Step 1: Plan both for the best and worst
Understand that there will be instances wherein something will deviate from your carefully devised plan. And when this happens, don’t panic!

The best way to plan a corporate event is to create a list of the things that must be done before the event. Bear in mind that this must be a working document so you can freely change timelines.

Most importantly, always have a plan B. This may be a contingency venue, a backup photographer, a wet weather option, or another time or date. It is crucial for you to have a back-up plan in case something bad (or worse) happens.

Step 2: Don’t neglect the finer details
Consider the finer details of your corporate event. Make sure that your guests say WOW the moment they receive their invitations and post-event Thank You mementos. You would want to leave a positive impression on the minds of your guests. This way, they will be the first to RSVP the next time your company will host an event.

Think about how you want the room to look like, your color and theme, the table decorations, and your invitations. Make sure that everything works in harmony. Remember that a well-decorated room implies that you’ve taken your guests, and your events, very seriously indeed.

Step 3: Organize your guest list
Once all initial essentials like catering, venue and entertainment are ticked off, curating your guest list is your next step.

Plan an event that people want to go to, not one that they feel they must attend so they can be seen. An excellent way of doing this is to ensure that you create an experience that is beneficial not just to you, but also to your guests. Audience relevance is key.

Consider determining the reasons for hosting such an event and how your guests can benefit from being there. Often, people attend events to advance their knowledge and gain more connections.

Some of the best ways to help with your guests’ enjoyment include thinking about the run sheet and the seating arrangements. Make sure that the run sheets will allow them to have enough time to mingle and network, whether before the event starts or during a working lunch.

Also, think carefully about where you seat people. If, for instance, you have guests who want to make new connections, position them with like-minded individuals who are in the same industry.

You should aim that at the end of your event, your guests will walk away learning something new, with plenty of new possibilities and business cards in their pockets.

Step 4: Keep time
It is crucial for your event to keep time. Having an experienced MC or Master of Ceremonies is the best way to do this. In fact, the MC can either make or break your event.

A professional MC in Dubai, for instance, can add brevity to your event to keep your guests entertained and to lighten the mood. Thus, you have to choose one that can work with your staff in a cooperative manner, while managing the program with true professionalism.

5 Qualities to Look For in a Professional MC
● Unflappable
When the microphone fails to work or the guest speaker is late, event hosts usually panic. But a great MC can handle unexpected situations with confidence. Also, they find solutions to make sure that the event maintains its flow and energy.

● Prepared
The best MCs are always prepared. And through practice, they’ve perfected the art of getting messages and industry jargon right in the time available to them. If you want a successful event, it’s best to choose an MC that’s a quick study and familiar with your industry.

● Resourceful
Being resourceful means using what is currently available to achieve the desired results. MCs focus on the outcomes and use both traditional and unconventional methods to achieve them. They have solutions to any problem your event might encounter.

● Time-conscious
Good MCs are ruthless in their timekeeping. They start an event on time and they usually agree in advance with presenters or speakers on subtle gestures that let them know that it’s time to get off stage and move on to the next act.

● Sociable
Presenting and MCing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Good MCs are sociable, and show up early to get to know the teams putting the event together. They’ll have a word with venue managers, event planners, caterers, audiences and the audiovisual teams This helps them conduct the event from the stage and respond quickly if things need to be tweaked.

Step 5: Learn from mistakes
Each event adds to your list of dos and don’ts. As a professional presenter, your job is to take that learning to your next event, and do even better.

Evaluate your event’s failures and successes and determine what could be done for the next time to minimize such failures. Complete this evaluation with recommendations and feedback by speaking with audience members and event organisers post-event.

There you go. A handy guide to speed your next event to success. Good luck!

Hisham Wyne is an internationally recognised MC, broadcaster, presenter and moderator who helps the world's best-known brands create memorable occasions. He regularly hosts conferences, panel sessions, gala dinners and award ceremonies for some of the world's best brands. With 150+ events under his belt, Hisham is the professional speaker that brands and agencies turn to when wanting to interview, engage and entertain government VVIPs and Hollywood celebrities.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10 Tips to Excel in Chemistry

10 Tips to Excel in Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most interesting science subjects. The subject deals with the study of matter, their compositions, properties and reactions. The subject is extremely practical and one can easily relate the concepts to the surrounding substances.

The subject includes several definitions, chemical symbols, chemical reactions and numerous constants. Students need to properly learn related concepts to be able to excel in this subject. Some important tips to excel in chemistry are mentioned below.

Be thorough with the basics. It is important since the basic concepts are used extensively in several higher concepts.

● Be attentive in class and take notes. By doing this, understanding becomes easy and notes will help to revisit the concepts later.

Note down important points and formulae. After noting, keep it in an easily visible location to learn in a better way and remember the points easily.

Keep revising periodically. As chemistry includes several terms, formulae and reactions, it is important to revise periodically to be able to retain the concepts for longer.

Use mnemonics. Several topics in chemistry can be remembered easily if certain mnemonics are used. There are various mnemonics for remembering periodic table, the charge of cations and anions, reactivity series, etc. Use them while studying chemistry.

Practice rigorously. Many topics in chemistry include numericals. The topics of physical chemistry are full of numerical questions. Hence, it is important to practice properly. Practicing can also help to remember better, like practicing to write periodic table periodically can help to memorize the entire table easily.

Solve several sample papers and practice questions. This helps to get acquainted with the different question variations and helps to develop confidence required to tackle any question in the exams.

Take productive study breaks. Taking study breaks is extremely important while studying. Taking proper periodic breaks have proved to benefit the learning process.

Never pile up doubts. It is always suggested to clear doubts instantly and avoid piling them for later. This way, one gets to be through with the fundamentals and understanding higher topics become easy.

Relate the concepts. Chemistry includes topics that can be related to the physical world. Topics like electrochemistry, distillation, polymers are common terms in everyday life. So, by relating, engagement with the subject increases and students tend to develop a deeper interest in the subject.

These were a few tips that can help to learn chemistry more effectively and excel in this subject. Students are also required to stay motivated and study chemistry regularly. Chemistry can be a lot more interesting if one develops a deeper interest in its topics.

Students can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn various chemistry topics from the video lessons in an engaging way.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Five Downsides Of Booking In Hostels

Five Downsides Of Booking In Hostels

Booking in hostels has a lot of benefits: it’s cheaper than most hotels, you can get to meet new people as some hostels are shared and it is also less hassle as you can just go in and out of the hotel unlike in grand hotels where you have to go through a guard before you could get in or out. Hostels has helped a lot of people and they are almost every tourists’ favorite. But not everything about hostels are great. There are actually downsides to it that people often forget to acknowledge because they are in denial or worst, they just don’t care or they take part in the negative things that are happening in hostels.

To know more about the downsides, see the list below:

(photo source: liveyourdream)

One of the most scariest downsides is rape. Yes, there have been a couple of cases wherein women are being raped by their roommates especially after a party. Be careful when booking hostels as most of the other guests are just there to take advantage of other guests.

(photo source: daily post media)

There are times when theft is also happening. It’s actually one of the top downsides of staying in hostels especially in shared rooms. Before you leave the hostel for an activity in your chosen destination, make sure all your valuable are left and locked in your locker to avoid this unfortunate situation.

(photo source: african reporter)

Probably the scariest of all is murder. We all don’t want this to happen right? If so, make sure to only book on trusted hostels. Be vigilant and always be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t trust too quickly!

(photo source: Youtube)

It is very uncomfortable to be surrounded by people you don’t know. Worst is that sometimes, the bedsheets in hostels are not being replaced by the housekeeping. It can get really uncomfortable and that is something that we all don’t want to happen because we are always for enjoyment over this downside.

(photo source: National Safety Signs)

There’s danger everywhere. Just be careful when travelling. It can get too overwhelming to the point that you’ll forget to take care of yourself. Sometimes, it’s much better to book in luxury hotels/accommodation because they can assure your safety and their service will surely not disappoint.

Author bio:
Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, one of Australia’s modern and luxurious hotels in the suburban district. Mark Aldrin gives hotel tips and hacks to help people make the most out of their vacation.