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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Get in Shape and Stay Fit With Top Sports Essentials Available at Attractive Prices on Souq

Get in Shape and Stay Fit With Top Sports Essentials Available at Attractive Prices on Souq is an English-Arabic e-commerce portal which has gained popularity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It provides almost all the essentials for various individuals according to their need at great prices and unbelievable discounts. There is also an availability of Souq coupons for a better deal.

Living life to the fullest is a dream for every person and what life without fitness is. Everyone wants a healthy mind and a fit body but just wishing for fitness won’t do, one has to toil for it. No one can gift you a fit body but here at, we can surely take you a step closer to your fitness goal. Get in shape and stay fit with top sports essentials available at attractive prices on Souq.

Skyland EM Magnetic Elliptical Bike-Silver
With the trusted Brand of Skyland, this magnetic bike takes its users to the next level of exercising and is satisfying for both an indoor and outdoor cyclist. Magnetic Elliptical Bike is designed for a comfortable and affordable workout experience.

Coming to specifications of this bike, it weighs not more than 42 Kg and is very adjustable. Hence, it can easily be accommodated taking up very less space of your house. It works with the chain drive mechanism and the main frame of it is made of steel. It provides resistance to crank and wool.

Apart from these specifications, this product is eligible for free shipping and has a very satisfying customer review. also has many other offers on other workout bikes by Marshal Fitness, TA Sports, etc.

Skyland Dumbbell and Barbell Set
Weight lifting is an essential part of any avid workout person and with the help of Skyland’s Dumbbell and Barbell set you can add more intensity to you morning fitness regime. Available in 50Kg dumbbell, a rod and two bars this product is eligible for free shipping and that to at an unbelievable price of 392.99 AED. As per the description of the product it is great for improving muscle strength, tone and definition. It comes in a Plastic box packaging and it has got everything you need to become a tough body builder.

FC Barcelona Soccer Ball
With the football fever always on a rise, choose to stay fit in soccer sessions with your buddies with FCB Mini Soccer Ball which comes in a size of 2, showcasing the official colour combination of FC Barcelona. For a better availability browse where you will find this product along with a variety of others.

Ocean Swimming Cap Green
If you are into water sports but your latex swimming cap’s water drag and resistance keeps you away from your fetish then Souq has got the perfect equipment for you. With this soft silicon ocean swimming cap, reduce the drag and resistance to the minimum. This cap helps to keep the hair pulled back away from the neck and face while swimming. It will also protect your hair against Chlorine and Sun Exposure because let’s be honest no one wants chlorinated hair. Caps from the brand Aqua Sphere in a pink variant is also available at Souq.

Complete your swimming set with Arena 92370-55 Track Mirror Goggles Multicolour at a price of 40.49 AED.

Solex Sports SOLX-82188GN2 Pop up Tent
If hitting the gym is too mainstream for you then ditch the gym and hit the road for a new venture because everyone knows that going for an adventurous camping trip, pulling up the tent and doing all you chores by yourself is no less than a tough workout session in itself. And if adventure keeps you alive then will encourage you to live your life, your way with its amazing collection of camping goods. Save 195.00 AED with the Solex Sports Pop up Tent which is available at just 116.49 AED. It is water and wind resistant, portable and lightweight, has a zip inside and outside for better protection and is easy to assemble.

Complete your camping kit with Solex Sports SOLX-82276 Mummy Sleeping Bag and Oztrail Foam Floor mat at just 141.49 AED and 43.00 AED respectively.

All of these items are available for a variety of other brands with clinching offers. We have tried to give you an idea of the product specifications and offers available at Souq. You must visit the portal for the best offers and great deals.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Practice Drills To Improve Your Golf Swing

Practice Drills To Improve Your Golf Swing

The most impressive thing that a golfer can do is effectively practice with the goal to improve their game. You need to be the kind of person that goes to the practice area with a plan and your every session needs to have improvement in mind. A lot of golfers go to the driving range wanting to practice, but end up just hitting balls, which can be pretty much summed up as a recreational activity, rather than actual work on your golf skills. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the practice drills that you can put to use in order to improve your golf swing.

Aiming drill
It is common for a golfer who doesn’t practice often to have a problem with lining up correctly. If you manage to have the correct alignment, there will be fewer hooks and slices, and your game will make much more sense. For this drill, you need two golf clubs and a ball. First, place the ball at your feet and take a normal stance. Then, use the second club to place it on the ground so that it is in line with the tips of your shoes. Then take a step back and see whether the club that you have placed on the ground is pointed directly at the target. If not, adjust it, and take your stance again.

This is a good drill for understanding where you need to hit the ball and where you are actually aiming. On time, your eyes and brain will get used to aiming at the target right, and you will learn proper alignment.

Use your body for power
Every golfer that knows his game is well aware that power doesn’t come from the arms, but the body. In order for you to learn how to use your body as the main source of power, you need to put the club behind the ball, and hold your body in dead-stop position. Don’t take a backswing, but try to drag the ball into the air. This may prove to be difficult at first, especially if you are used to using your hands to control how the club moves. But, you’ll soon realize that when you move the club with your body, the way the ball moves will be more consistent. It’s basically a full turn through the ball once you’re on the downswing.

Delay drill
It is a common case for untrained golfers to hit a slice or hook, because their bodies move faster or slower than the actual swing. According to golf professionals at Swingeagle, you should try out the delay drill in order to get your body and the swing synchronized. Start with a normal stance and begin your swing. When you are at the top of the swing, stop, count to three, and then hit the ball. This will enable you to connect your body with the swing so that they move together. It’s also not an easy drill, but if you practice enough, you’ll hit the ball far and straight.

Keep the hands low
If you set the right height for the follow-through, you will manage to shoot lower. Basically, the lower you keep your hands, the lower the ball will fly. There are other ways to accomplish this too, such as picking a stronger club and going for easy swings or moving the ball back in your stance, but the fact remains that they aren’t as reliable and will actually give you more trouble. So, just keep your hands low when you are in the finish, in order for the ball’s flight to be low.

Coin drill
Another good drill is to put a coin on the practice tee and use a pitching wedge. Then just take your regular swing and attempt to hit the coin in the air. The height of the coin’s flight show’s how good your contact with the club face is. Basically, when you practice with something smaller than a golf ball will boost your confidence when you’re actually playing. Try different irons for this drill.

In summation
In order to be a professional golfer, you need to practice every aspect of your swing. Going to the practice area simply to hit balls won’t do. Put your effort into practicing these five drills and in time your swing is bound to improve. While some of them may be difficult at first, they will improve your game in the long run.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Student-Athletes: 5 Proven Tips for Balancing School, Sports, and Social Life

Student-Athletes: 5 Proven Tips for Balancing School, Sports, and Social Life

Student Athletes

You might be one of those student-athletes out there struggling to find a balance in your sports, academics and social life. Regardless of whichever level you are: from clubs to college or high school programs, balance and commitment are the main components necessary for you to manage your schedule and eventually succeed in all that you do.

How do you, as a student-athlete, go about balancing school, sports, and your social life? Below are 5 tips that will assist you to accomplish this:

Organize Yourself
Being organized is an important thing if you want to excel in what you do. Balancing the three (school work, sports, and a social life) can be a real challenge. Student-athletes have to organize and prioritize correctly. The most effective technique towards achieving a balance is to take a look at the calendar.

Knowing your academic calendar means knowing the timetable of exams ahead of time. As a student-athlete, you can approach your lecturer/teacher for more information on that matter. Then, you can plan ahead and come up with your own timetable for revision. Additionally, for those into sports, you can plan your calendar based on the sporting calendar of your institution. Doing all this organization will ensure that there’s time for your studies, sports and even spare time for your social life, and thus be able to succeed. Preparation is crucial.

When you have your schedule organized, it is essential to prioritize your time. For instance, if you participate in sports and have an exam coming up and a tournament later, then you would have no otherwise but to study first. You need to come up with a good study schedule. The mindset of an examination is just like a competition, which is about performing well. Anything below that isn’t tolerated.

When the exams are over, you can go ahead and prepare for the upcoming tournament. Before the tournament, build your training schedule and plan effectively to get ready for it. Furthermore, just before the competition (the night before) instead of going out with friends, get some good night’s rest so that you wake up feeling fresh and energized.

Even though you might be good at sports, it is important not to forget about your class work. Plan your assignments around your training schedule.

Always Balance
The social life of a student is also essential to their wellbeing and it assists them to relax and unwind. For instance, if a student-athlete had games and academics only, they might suffer from mental and physical exhaustion.

The student can meet with friends; go to the cinemas, picnics, among others. If you’re into online gaming, this is the time to make the sure bets that you analyzed from consulting this site. Unwinding in one or another, depending on your preferences, will reduce stress and bring about relaxation.

Time management is an important aspect for a student. It assists in instilling discipline and organizing a student’s life. The time one takes to complete a certain assignment allows the days to be organized in a particular way. Sports plays its time during the day, and class work also has its role. It is part of balancing the day's schedule.

Select a Few Activities and Stick To Them
The quality of the activities that you engage in is more important than the quantity. Try not to join groups just for the sake of it, or maybe because they'll look great on school applications. Also, don't apply for leadership positions just because there are vacant positions to be filled. Go after extensive, significant commitments to groups that you care about and are related to your field of study.

In case you engage in many activities, and you get the feeling that the quality of work that you are putting into each activity is reducing, don't be hesitant to reorganize yourself and stop doing one or more activities. Eventually, universities assess performance in groups regarding accomplishments and time within the context of that group. Therefore, if you are investing something like 20 minutes weekly and not contributing enough to the broader objectives of whichever association, organization or team you belong to, then it’s time you drop the group and focus on the ones that you dedicate more time and energy too!

Work With Others
Having study groups, club gatherings, or additional practices can be helpful if you are the type of student that has difficulties in balancing time. Being accountable to your fellow students will encourage you to dedicate more time to studying or doing assignments. Moreover, working with other students can be interesting and is conducive to learning than studying alone (as long as the sessions do not turn into something else).

The same case goes for co-curricular activities. In case you're somebody who spends most weekends studying, try to organize a meeting for a club that you belong to or a pick-up game with your teammates. When you organize various meetings, you exhibit leadership skills. Furthermore, you will be able to form strong relationships with your fellow students and thus become an active member of whichever group you belong to, whether the football team, basketball team, debate club, etc.

When in school, balancing sports and social life with the demands of academics can be overwhelming. It at times feels like investing time and energy in socializing harms your academics (the same goes for the other way round).

However, the actual balance lies in being more efficient with the time you have and also better organization. You can accomplish this by being more efficient while doing class assignments, having reasonable objectives and making your social life more fulfilling. All in all, a student-athlete's success depends on one's capability to effectively manage one's time with school work, sports, and social life. Furthermore, a student-athlete has to ensure that he/she does not overwork oneself beyond a certain limit to lessen the risk of mental and physical damage. Discipline, balance, and organization are essential for a student-athlete to succeed in school.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ethics in learning Taekwondo

Ethics in learning Taekwondo

Albert Camus has rightly written, “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”. Can you imagine what will happen if a wild beast is left without any control upon the society? The same thing will happen if you do not follow any ethics in your life.

Ethics in Martial Arts:
As most of us know, Martial Arts training generally helps people to grow both physically and mentally. Similar to other martial arts, ethics are important in Taekwondo as well. When learning any type of martial arts inclusive of Taekwondo, an individual can look at his personal ethics like treating the fellow being in the right manner or he/she can look at social ethics.

Fundamentally, all ethics come down to a single point. In short, it is nothing, but the difference between good and evil. In general, many of us relate Taekwondo as a sport that is aggressive in nature. But, does this mean that the learners can become aggressive? No one wants to be aggressive, right?

The learners wear protection gears in this technique because they should not hurt others and also they should safeguard themselves from getting hurt. Rather than seeing this sport as an aggressive sport, it should be viewed as a sportive sport. The motto of taking part in a Taekwondo session is not to hurt others, but to understand one’s own strengths not just physically, but also mentally. The goal of learning this technique is to achieve harmony not just with oneself, but also with nature.

By learning this technique, one can gain the ability to control both good and evil that are denoted as yin and yang respectively. A true Taekwondo student knows well as to how to behave in different situations with utmost integrity.

In short, Taekwondo training sessions are not just aimed at improving skills of self-defence, but it is a way of life. One can gain better self-confidence by getting trained in this technique. However, remember that it should not turn out to be a false sense of superiority.

With these things known about Taekwondo, for those planning to take up Taekwondo Training, they should be aware of the ethics in learning this technique to achieve the full benefits from the training sessions. There are 5 ethics and they are detailed below:

1. Courtesy: Remember that people learning this technique are expected to be polite to the fellow students. They should respect others and they should have good features like politeness, good manners, humility and kindness.

2. Integrity: An individual with integrity can define what is wrong and what is right. In addition, such a person has the quality to admit when he/she has done something wrong. It is expected that an individual taking up Taekwondo training should strive to be honest and should lead the life with moral principles.

3. Perseverance: Patience is a crucial quality that a person planning to learn this technique should develop. One of the important secrets of successfully learning this technique is to face each difficult situation with the utmost patience. When an individual practices perseverance in little things, he/she can do the same in situations that hold great importance.

4. Self-Control: When he does not have self-control, a Taekwondo trainee can turn out to be a street fighter. When the individual does not have self-control, it can turn out to be disastrous not just in personal life, but also in professional life.

5. Indomitable spirit: This means never leave a stone unturned attitude. Yes, an individual planning to get training in this technique should have a never give up attitude. He might face insurmountable odds and only the right indomitable spirit will help him face the challenges.

How to behave in the Dojang?
You might not have heard about Dojang. It is the term used in Korean Martial Arts to refer to the hall, where an individual gets formal training. It is typically considered the formal place of gathering of students to get trained and get evaluated. In case, an individual plans to get help from a home tutor to get trained on Taekwondo, he can call the room in his home, where he gets training as Dojang. Here is the list of rules to follow in a Dojang:

  • The trainee should not talk unless it is actually needed
  • He should make a proper bow when entering or leaving the Dojang
  • Should be on time to the Dojang
  • Should not eat, smoke or eat when at Dojang
  • Should not wear any form of jewelry
  • Sharp accessories should not be worn like pants with zippers
  • The hands, nails, and feet should be clean
  • A clean costume should be worn. The uniform worn by practitioners of Korean Martial Arts is called as Dobok.

What will one learn from a basic Taekwondo training?
In case a home tutor gets to a trainee’s house to teach him the basic Taekwondo techniques, he will learn the following:

  • The training will learn to defend himself
  • As the technique pays more attention to kicking, he will learn kicking techniques in a basic class
  • He will learn effective stretching and warmup techniques
  • He will learn to develop eye and hand co-ordination
  • He will learn basic hand and blocking techniques
  • Of course, an introduction to Taekwondo will be given

So, not just after learning Taekwondo, but to enroll oneself in such a training session, some ethics are important.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Create the Perfect Golf Buggy Path

How to Create the Perfect Golf Buggy Path

Your golf course should be an oasis which is also very functional. This means that, in addition to keeping the golf course manicured and perfect at all times, you should make every effort to create golf course buggy paths which are safe, able to handle plenty of weight and designed to stand the test of time, while also looking great.

Today, we'd like to share information about how to create the perfect golf buggy path...

Do You Want a Gravel Driveway-style Path?
Some golf course owners don't want to pave their golf buggy paths. They prefer to choose gravel driveway-style buggy paths because they tend to cost less. Gravel is also less permanent...if you want it to be! In other words, when you pave, your path will be there forever, unless you have it ripped up by pros with large machines.

When you choose a gravel-style path, you'll be free to change it in the future if you want to, just by gathering the gravel, removing the underlay and covering the path with sod or grass seed. You won't be locked in. However, if you do want to keep the gravel pathway intact over the long term, it will be easy to do so, as gravel is really pretty durable and low-maintenance!

Now, let's go through the steps that you'll need to take if you plan on constructing a gravel golf buggy path on your own, rather than outsourcing to a contractor. A contractor is likely to follow the very same steps!

It's Like Building a Gravel Driveway

A golf buggy path will be created just as a gravel driveway would be. This means deciding on the size, shape and placement of the path and then measuring its dimensions. You'll need to map out and measure your prospective golf path before you do anything else. Accurate measurements will ensure that you order enough gravel and buy sufficient materials for the underlay. Every golf buggy path should have an underlay, which reinforces it and deters water-logging and flooding. It will also deter weed growth.

Some people use plastic sheeting. These days, most people prefer to use plastic paving grids. They are affordable, permeable and designed to add tons of strength to pathways.

Once you have your measurements, you'll need to dig up grass and topsoil along your future pathway. Dig up three inches of topsoil for every layer of gravel that you plan to put down. Adding three layers of gravel is pretty standard, so consider this layering before you place an order for gravel. Shoot for an overall thickness of four to six inches.

After you dig out the topsoil, you'll be ready to add your underlayer. We recommend ordering your underlayer materials online. Plastic paving grids are lightweight, so you shouldn't need to spend a lot of money on shipping. If you want a plastic sheeting underlayer, look for one in your community or online. Bear in mind that the plastic sheeting may erode over time and contribute to weed growth. Plastic paving grids will deter weed growth.

Once the underlayer is in place, it will be time to spread your gravel on top, in three even layers. Rake the stones in order to ensure that they are distributed evenly.

Some people add borders to these pathways. However, most don't, as golf buggy pathways tend to be long and this means that adding borders along both sides is quite an undertaking. If you do want a border, consider wood or larger stones.

Is A Paved Pathway Right for You?

Every golf course is different. You know how much you have to spend, how permanent you want the pathway to be and whether or not you prefer the look and smoothness of a paved surface to that of gravel. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks. If you do want paving, you'll need to find a superb contractor. You'll need to pay for materials and the paving itself. Paving does look nice and it promotes a nice, smooth experience for those who drive golf buggies or ride in them.

Just be sure to shop around carefully for a contractor. Look at customer reviews and gather quotes from at least three highly-rated providers. It's the key to avoiding getting overcharged.

Now that you know how to create the perfect golf buggy path, you'll be ready to move forward and design a pathway which your clients love to use. Your golf course will be easier to navigate and creating an ideal pathway may help you to generate more business and more profits. It will also improve the image of your golf course.

Design a Golf Buggy Path Today

Hopefully, this quick guide has given you the information that you need. Now that you know the drill, why not use this information to design a golf buggy pathway today?

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