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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Marketing communication strategies

Marketing communication strategies

The completion of any business depends on how well it is marketed on your potential customers. An excellent marketing communication methodology is a crucial component to reach your consumers and increase awareness of your brand. Your product is in the same class as your marketing methodology and the way you market your brand will make or break the fix for you.

An effective marketing communication procedure for a company involves publicizing its brand or products through different devices to reach a customer base, orient marketing techniques to its customers and existing systems to keep its current list of customers. Having an incredible marketing communication strategy assists your consumers to make an interpretation of your product information in recognition of the highlights of your product and initiate the initial movement towards the buying cycle. The following are four stages you will follow to take your business to the next level of marketing communication:

Define your audience
Distinguish your optimal population; determine what your company offers. So to speak, what is your unique sales proposal? Most companies provide solutions that are unmistakable to the weak points that their customers feel. Your marketing message should convey that your services will free up your time so that they will do the things they need and need to do. While analyzing the weaknesses that your company alleviates, imagine what statistical meetings will have the greatest need. Also, consider what portion of that statistic will have a higher spending limit.

Discover where your audience is investing their energy
The final announcement of the initiative should be a good strategy and should be designed to impress all audience meetings with different tactics. Below are tips that will assist you to achieve a perfect presentation. First, web content must be created well in advance of the actual performance. The story should be well established in the appropriate host destinations in the type of mate articles and blogs.

These serve as an appropriate release before the product is propelled and basically must link back to your site. The announcement of the initiative should be well planned and should be designed to impress all audience meetings with different tactics. Below are ways that will assist you to achieve a perfect presentation. The story should be well presented in the appropriate places and blogs. Generational marketing is a critical thought when making a marketing strategy because different generations tend to invest their energy unexpectedly.

Design your message in the language of your audience
At this moment it is time to make a message that resonates with the key demographic data. What hurts them? What are some of your day-to-day challenges, and how could you lighten those challenges? What kind of fun and tone do they like? What is relevant to them? You must have this fact close to you when having a marketing communication strategy. It is also essential to maintain that tone and vision about the different types of communication.

Use marketing communication devices
About the development and subsequent deployment of an effective marketing strategy, some high-value devices will make things run smoothly. Some of the most valuable are;

Expository devices: analytical devices are essential to a good marketing campaign. What is a better approach to understanding who is buying in the market to follow the people who are now making purchases? Google Analytics is an incredibly popular device that will assist you to understand the execution status of your site.

Social networks: its programmers give you more time and, also, give you the opportunity to publish when your objective statistics are more likely to appeal to social networks.

E-mail marketing devices: E-mail may not be the most striking of marketing assets, but it certainly has its place. Several devices will assist make email fun to read.

Creating a successful communications marketing campaign will be extremely challenging, but also a worthwhile experience. Remember to define your audience and interact with them in a meaningful way, indicating how or their organization will calm them down from the problems they have throughout their daily lives. By knowing where they are now and using the devices that are immediately available, before a long time, you will see an increase in treatment and benefit.

You might find all of this useful when you decide to start your own bussiness.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to use Sentiment Analysis for Brand Monitoring

How to use Sentiment Analysis for Brand Monitoring

The best organizations understand sentiments of their clients – what individuals are saying, how they’re stating it, and what they mean. Sentiment Analysis refers to understanding these feelings with programming and it’s a necessity for all programmers and business pioneers in a work environment.

A standout amongst the most well recorded uses of Sentiment Analysis is to get an entire 360 perspective of how your brand, service product or organization is seen by your clients and partners. Broadly accessible media, similar to item surveys and social, can uncover key bits of knowledge about the performance of your business. Organizations can likewise utilize these insights from Sentimental Analysis to gauge the effect of new product, promotion or purchaser’s reaction to latest company news via social media platforms. Sentimental Analysis is normally done based on references to the organization or brand in social media, web, print, electronic media and in the news. It not only helps organizations/advertisers comprehend what others are thinking, but also helps in tracking and analyzing such information and making remedial moves if required.

Here is how to use sentimental analysis to build your brand.

1. Do the analysis on a comprehensive scale
Your sentimental analysis should cover social media, your CRM information (Customer Relationship Management), websites, blogs, news, websites, etc. This is possible by using different sentiment analysis tools accessible which are either membership based or free. The examination ought to be done crosswise over Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, Instagram and LinkedIn. There should be an appropriate component for pre and post campaign assessment to perceive how much effect the campaign has brought on customers’ sentiments towards your brand.

2. Share the data with stakeholders
The goal of sentimental analysis isn’t to limit it to advertising or corporate communications division. It must be imparted to partners and stakeholders in the company. All business heads and unit directors should know about the feelings customers have about the organization which will help in detailing of methodologies, plans and approaches accordingly. In addition, this data is actionable – if there is negative sentiment towards the quality or service of the product, it must be cured and the initial step is to make the concerned groups mindful of this issue. The objective is not to keep sentimental analysis information limited to a division. It should rather flow to concerned partners who thus will help in implementing better strategies.

3. Don’t be swayed by brand mentions, likes and followers
Sentimental analysis information must not be utilized just to assess opinions about your brand image alone. It should also be utilized to discover which brands are getting most elevated engagement on social media platforms, what topics in your industry are more discussed, which influencers are speaking more about your brand and your competitors, etc.

It is imperative not to be influenced by the volumes of likes, followers, mentions and tweets but whether that is producing traffic, conversions, leads or promoting positive brand image. Quality metrics are mostly not measured. These metrics include satisfaction ratings, feedbacks, forum discussions and re-tweets among others.

All marketing campaigns involve time and cost, hence, it is crucial to have a legitimate assessment of the efforts. Utilizing the correct tools for sentimental analysis is imperative to accomplish the desired outcome.

4. Track mobile communications
A considerable amount of conversations occur on mobile devices. Additionally, with the prominence of mobile applications, a significant part of the correspondence occurs on Android or iPhone. A few new devices have developed that use refined Natural Language Processing to uncover social media sentiment to analyze chats, SMS, social media discussions and they are for the most part cloud based applications. In this modern world, where mobile is accomplishing more penetration and widespread applicability, businesses need to effectively track mobile conversations for possible hints about customer sentiments towards their brands.

There is a huge interest for sentimental analysis programming and softwares as it is fit for mining a huge number of documents to think of opinions customers or clients have of the brand or organization. There are many risks involved with an excessive amount of dependence on automated sentiment analysis as no product can measure concern, uneasiness, expectation or absence and in this manner it is not easy to make it these tools 100% accurate despite the fact that companies are testing approaches to make the use of these softwares more significant and useful for all industries.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

How can you use social media to increase your reach

How can you use social media to increase your reach

Over the years we have seen social media and search engine optimization grow and evolve. The reason social media is gaining popularity amongst not only youngsters but elders as well is how much it involves people. Involvement is one of the main reasons behind the sudden growth of social media. People like feeling like they belong. Social media platforms allow people to become a part of a widely spread family. By using social media as their main tool, a number of companies have reached greater heights. Small companies often find it hard to compete with the big sharks out there, but luckily social media has become their lucky bone which has allowed them to not only survive in the market, but earn a good amount of revenue as well. But how does one figure out how to socially market their company and the products or services that they are willing to offer?

social media marketing strategy

Most of the companies have the funds to source a social media marketing strategy, yet don't have the knowledge or means to do so. If you are not sure how to use social media as a tool to increase your audience, you can go for any SMM company in India as they will be well equipped with the knowledge that is required to do so. You must have heard of the saying “Content is king”. This saying is certainly true, but how do you figure out what content is suitable for your website? You need to upload information on your website that answers the questions of your users. It should help them in some way or the other. If they are finding your content helpful, only then will they value it. But how do you figure out the kind of content your customers are looking for? You can search for these keywords by keeping a tab on the social media profiles of your potential clients or target audience. You need to listen to your audience and their needs by carrying out social media monitoring. Once you have the keywords figured out in respect to your target audience, you need to start curating content accordingly. Keep in mind that your content must be free of plagiarism and should be a hundred percent unique.

If your readers are liking your content and are finding it to be beneficial or interesting, they will make it a point to share it with their friends on their multiple social media profiles. The more your content gets shared across social media, the more inbound links you earn. You need to keep updating your website and social media handles regularly with authentic content so that the readers keep on coming back again and again. You can go for one of the best SMM company in India and even they will focus on strengthening your content initially. This will also help you increase the number of social media followers. Not only will you gain brand authority, the reputation of your brand will improve which will lead to more credibility. All of this will combine to help you gain a better ranking on search engines.

One important thing that you must do is address your followers. You need to talk to your audience and take their queries, grievances and feedbacks seriously. You need to be open to receive both negative as well as positive feedback. You cannot please everyone, so you need to be prepared for the negative criticism that comes in. But by addressing their grievance you will not only make the experience for them better, you will also prevent damage to your brand name. Do not underestimate the value of social media marketing as it can take your company to great heights.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

5 Unconventional and Unique Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

5 Unconventional and Unique Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

There is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the most trending applications on social media today. Each and every active individual who currently has an Instagram account continuously looks for opportunities to post different photos to express themselves. But they also keep on looking for new ways to attract Instagram followers to their account and use mainly all the common ways that they know.

But it is surprising to know that there are number of unique and different ways also available to get more Instagram followers;

1. Posting Photos at 2 am or 5 pm:
IG Marketing experts from ExplodeGram have claimed and proved numerous times that time is an essential factor before posting a photo on social media and they are right. So one of the most unconventional ways of posting a photo would be that a person should post any of the photos either at 2 am or 5 pm. Keep in mind that those are general guide lines and these times can vary from niche to niche, but for a start, you can’t go wrong if you go with these timings and after do further research to shape your personal niche based schedule. These timings are considered when the people can be engaged with any content posted on Instagram. This will help in increasing the number of Instagram followers to the person.

2. Posting On a Sunday:
Of course, days are also crucial when it comes to posting any content on Instagram. This will attain a greater visibility to any of your images. So it is recommended that a person posts many of their photos on a Sunday. Sunday is regarded as a day where the fewest images are posted on Instagram. So this could be the day where people will view most of the posted images, and they may be your potential Instagram followers in the future. After all, we must use some creativity to differentiate from the masses.

3. Posting Photos Having a Lighter Tone:
It is seen that the photos which have a light tone ranging from 65-85% are more likely to be viewed and liked by the other Instagram users present. It is seen that at least 24% of more likes can be received for such light toned photos in comparison to the photos having 45% light. When a person views these pictures, they start to get an idea what kind of a person you are, and if they are impressed, they will become your newest Instagram follower. A fun fact is that images posted on Pinterest with human faces get less engagement than those without, when it comes to Insta it’s the opposite, pictures with faces have higher engagement, and we all know that the higher the engagement, the higher the organic page growth. Insta’s algorithm favorite accounts with higher engagement and rewards them with bigger exposure.

4. Using Faces In The Photo;
Selfies have become very common from one person to another today, and there is an important advantage to it when it comes to attracting more Instagram followers. It has been seen that images which have faces of any person or animal in them are likely to receive at least 35% more likes in comparison to the photos not having faces inside them. This is proven to be one of the best unique ways to get Instagram followers. You have to be careful with selfies though, don’t post too much of them, because they can’t be considered as evergreen content, as a matter of fact, some people dislike them. Make sure to think about them when planning your content strategy.

5. Posting on a Wednesday:
Wednesday, the mid-day of the week. It is also seen that the images which are posted on a Wednesday are received a bit more engagement in comparison to the photos posted on any of the other weekdays. Such images posted on a Wednesday are more likely to receive a number of Instagram followers.

Monday, August 28, 2017

3 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

3 Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Assuming that you have a website you are willing to get more business through, it’s still important to bring traffic. Otherwise, the website without traffic is as good as dead, not paying rather costing. For sure, it’s requires you to be quite strategic when it comes to getting traffic to your website. So let’s discuss 3 ways you can increase traffic to your website;

Video Marketing
Seriously, don’t miss it at all. YouTube is the top most video search engine in the entire virtual mania owned by Google. Video Marketing through YouTube can really help drive tons of traffic to your website. There are many ways you can use YouTube to speak in your favor.

• Just create YouTube videos and link back to your website from those videos. Just make sure to add the link to your website in the 1st or 2nd line of the video description.

• Embed your YouTube videos on the website. This will really help you boost your search ranking because the visitor is spending more time on your website just by watching related videos.

Believe it or not, many internet marketers are pretty good at this thing. They mostly embed their YouTube videos on the webpage to increase the time spent per visitor on each session. Due to which, their websites get noticed by the Google and they rank higher due to that.

Free Giveaways
You might be like “Why” especially when you are doing things to earn more through website. But trust me, it’s going to work even better than you anticipated. It’s actually a great strategy to drive a lot of interest as well as traffic to your website. When you offer something for free, you can ask for something in return like signups, like, subscriptions, page shares and etc. They would simply love to do that for you if they are getting a valuable give-away for free, they would surely do that simple and easy move for you.

What you are getting in return by doing this? And why even the best web agency Dubai recommends this? You get their emails if they subscribe, your brand get more exposure if they share, and your brand is being well-known in good book if people like your page. In short, things turn up lucrative for you in some way or the other.

Social Media
This might sound quite obvious but most of the people don’t seem to utilize this powerful tool appropriately. Therefore, they neither get enough traffic nor get enough exposure through these platforms. One of the biggest mistakes they usually make is that they don’t actually link back to their website after writing all their promotional stuff in their posts, gigs, tweets and etc. also make sure that you share the valuable piece of content so that your target audience gets attracted and that relevant traffic can easily convert into tons of profits for you. Don’t forget to use the lead magnets and give away strategy here as well. You would surely get the response.

In a nutshell, winning online is not easy but only for those who are not doing it right. There are tons of ways to promote your business online, you just need to pick the right thing and do it the right way that’s it.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tips to Grow Sales Using Social Media

Tips to Grow Sales Using Social Media

Web-based social networking has turned into an offering power for the promoting scene and advertisers are taking an incredible favorable position of it. Late overview demonstrates that around 75% of offers and buy choices are done through web-based social networking assessments in one way or the other. Indeed, even the way we work together and keep up client relationship has changed radically in the most recent couple of years all due to online networking.

Web based social networking

The conventional method for offering both disconnected and online has changed from email showcasing, organizing, telephone calls and up close and personal dialogs to practically entire web-based social networking offering. That being said doesn't mean our conventional methods for offering are no more extended great or being used, however, we rather improve utilization of them consolidating online networking offering data and analyses to develop deals utilizing web-based social networking.

Developing deals utilizing web-based social networking
Web-based social networking offering is basic however a strategic method for contacting your group of onlookers in light of their socioeconomic and at the ideal time through the correct source contingent upon the most well known web-based social networking channel your neighborhood or worldwide gathering of people are utilizing at a specific time. Appropriately utilizing your systems on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and other informal communities, you will have the capacity to effortlessly recognize potential prospects, then pick up insight on your group of onlookers needs and difficulties, and after that influence this information.

This important data will make a route for you to connect with them in discussions that will give you the chance to email, call or even meet them face to face and present your offers to them. It is no news that the possibilities online networking has helped advertisers reveal new offering openings furthermore build up the current business connections that lead them to develop deals utilizing web-based social networking.

To prevail via web-based networking media, you need to legitimately arrange, set out a reasonable methodology, give some time and buckle down work before you can even consider prevailing via web-based networking media offering. The following are a portion of the best tips each offering rep ought to follow in order to be effective via web-based networking media.

1. Characterize your Brand or Products/Services
Before you even begin anything via web-based networking media, you as a man or gathering need to first characterize your image, items and administrations. This implies, how would you like to be viewed as a brand? Is it that you are having the best quality items with the most reduced cost or do you offer the quickest and effective administrations in your specialty? Do you need your gathering of people to consider you to be the best group or gathering of specialists in a specific field? Everything must be initially characterized. By doing this, you will decide how you need to be seen, according to your gathering of people furthermore know the correct wellspring of interpersonal organization you should utilize.

2. Make and finish your online networking profiles
In the wake of characterizing your image and having a full learning about how you need to be seen in the media among your gathering of people and potential customers, the thing you need to do is pull records on all the online networking stages inside your span. Whether is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram furthermore make and upgrade your LinkedIn profile.

Associate your site with all the previously mentioned social destinations and not the LinkedIn organization page. Ensure you don't have past data on those pages that will hurt your image and make discussion among your guests and potential clients. These online networking pages speak to your image, items and administrations to an extraordinary degree and they should be kept spotless and loaded with data engaging clients as it were.

3. Distinguish your focus on a gathering people and follow them
There is a variety of methods for hunting down your focus on group of onlookers on interpersonal, organization nowadays. You know them effortlessly by what they like, their memberships, what they share and view on day by day bases. Another approach to scan for your gathering of people is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an extraordinary apparatus for this since they permit you to scan for individuals as per their socioeconomic e.g. by their titles, areas, particular divisions, organizations, enterprises, and then some.

It is also possible with Twitter and now with Facebook presenting upgraded on target particular crowd to build engagement. You could likewise locate your potential clients through your rivals' fan pages and make endeavors to steal them in ways I won't talk about here. On the off chance that you require more data about this, email or contact the administrator of this post.

4. Assemble your informal community with your focus on gathering people
Subsequent to become more acquainted with who you are focusing on a gathering of people on those informal organizations, Start constructing your system with the general population you know by welcoming them to like and share your pages. There is a ton of chances that those individuals may know who you need to offer to and ensure you include every one of the general population from your over a significant time span work puts, your family and companions and urge them to share your data among their companions. This for beyond any doubt will prompt to your pages pulling in new individuals thus the development will precede. Make a decent utilization of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to begin this procedure.

5. Recognize stages you’re gathering of people are utilizing
Knowing the informal organization stages your focused on gathering of people are on consistently will help you a great deal in focusing on them and conveying them to your pages on same interpersonal organizations channels. You need to comprehend where your focused on group of onlookers invest a large portion of their energy, talk about their difficulties and share data about subjects fascinating to them. When you recognize these stages, join the gatherings, and subscribe to those stages. There are chances you would meet a great deal of your focused on group of onlookers there and change over time to turning to turn them into your fans and followers. You would improve is you invest more energy in those social stages where your gathering of people invest the majority of their time. These will prompt to more supporters and potential clients you would keep until the end of time.

6. Develop deals utilizing online networking
Learn and screen your Potential customers on those online networking stages
A few apparatuses like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Google Alerts are simply incredible tranquility of programming that can help you screen continuously what your potential clients are discussing on the web which will permit you to rapidly react to them in an auspicious way. Your intended interest group is persistently sharing data on interpersonal organization locales like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more which send messages to what their necessities and needs are. At times even their profile redesign may survey what their requirements are at once. Knowing all these will give you incredible knowledge on what to make and how to target them in view of their conduct via web-based networking media.

7. Offer Target and profitable substance that will awe and draw in your group of onlookers
Since you have characterized your image, make and upgraded your online networking profiles, distinguished your intended interest group and where they invest the vast majority of their energy in the web-based social networking stages, began building your interpersonal, organization, and started adapting more about your intended interest group, the following test will be to begin offering awesome data about your items, administrations and brand. This will help you to manufacture trust and set up yourself as a specialist in a specific field. nowadays you have to impart focused on the important bits of knowledge to your planned clients as quality substance utilizing the diverse online networking stages they utilize furthermore ensure these substances are sent to them at the correct circumstances and through the correct source.

8. Reach for the masses
In today’s world, the people are accustomed to the social media and spend most of their on it. This the best way to get our sales a notch up, you need to provide the best offers to the users. Offers and discounts are the factors which will grab the attention. That is where; you hold the selling point for your business and make the sales for your products to become more and prominent amongst the public. Putting up your business deals on the social media, will get the customer’s or consumer’s to get intrigued and interested, which will in turn help you to improve your sales.

9. Describe in a better way.
Product sales will do well, only if it has a great description to hold the customer’s attention. Use all the mediums available for you to get the sales high, with images, blogs, articles and product description. Sharing the information is the best way to reach the public. It will reach the people who are not on the social media as well, which is in turn a large exposure to your business. If, you happen to share about your rival’s product, it is another way to shift the focus of the people towards your business and bring growth to the business.

10. Make it count
It doesn’t matter, how busy you are with your work? When, you have decided to make a growth in your sales with the help of the social media. You need to make sure that, you are keeping your posts on the site up-to-date, with all the latest trend setters in your respective business, be it clothing or gadgets. There a few entrepreneurs who rum multiple firms, but still find time to post about their business. So, you need to make sure that, everything you have been posting about having the best possibilities of taking your business and sales a level up high.

Author Bio : Anand Rajendran is the Founder and CEO of Zonaid Technologies, one of the most reputed SEO companies in Los Angles. The primary objective of Zonaid Tech is to assist businesses to focus more on their online business with the latest approaches to stay ahead in the markets for a longtime. For knowing more about the services in detail, one can also visit to achieve best results.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

6 Tips to Joining & Enjoying a Twitter Party

6 Tips to Joining & Enjoying a Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a social media networking event where participants meet once each week for an hour to talk about a certain theme or topic. Just like conventional parties, a Twitter party has a host or two. Those who join the party have to use a specific hashtag on their tweets.

During the duration of the party, the host posts 7 to 8 questions. The participants then answer these questions in reply to the host. These events are a fantastic way to establish your brand. They are also a good way to find business connections. Above all, Twitter parties are great for building an image of authority in your niche when you give smart & honest answers to the host’s questions.

How do you join & enjoy a Twitter party?
1) Keep party schedules in your calendar. Like actual parties you attend, keeping the Twitter party’s schedule in your calendar will prevent you from totally forgetting about it. Since these events happen weekly at a set day & time, you can set a weekly reminder.

A good trick is to set a reminder for at least an hour before the party to read up on the topic. This brings us to the next tip.

2) Know the topic of the upcoming chat. Hosts usually share or disclose the upcoming party’s topic a couple days ahead. Some Twitter party hosts will even create a special blog post that features the questions they will ask.

As soon as you can, take the time to read about the chat’s topic. If questions are given, try to pen down answers or ideas. This will help you give the most satisfying answers during the event.

3) Log on Tweetdeck. At least an hour before the party starts, log on to Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck is a social media tool that allows you to keep tabs of the conversations that take place during the event. Because it allows you to setup columns, you are able to see the essential Twitter pages that you need to monitor.

If it is your first time to use Tweetdeck, simply log on using your credentials. And then, start setting up your columns. The columns that you need to have are the following:
1. User column for your host – allows you to see the updates the host publishes in real time. By having this column, you will be able to see & respond to questions as soon as your host tweets them.

When attending a party with more than one host, setup a separate “user column” for each host.

2. Hashtag column for the party’s hashtag – this will allow you to monitor all the tweets of all the party’s participants. You can then initiate conversations with other participants, get ideas for supplement answers to the current question, and you may even find inspiration for, say, a blog post.

3. Notifications column – this is where you will see all your Twitter notifications. As you interact with your party’s host & with other participants, you can expect this column to fill up. Keeping this in sight, will allow you to see if there are any mentions that you need to reply to or if there are users to say “thanks” to for interacting with your content. 4. Remember to take it easy. Twitter parties are usually attended by hundreds, if not thousands, of participants. This is why it can be overwhelming and it may seem to be moving in a very fast pace. However, you need to remember that this is a party and not a race. So take it easy.

You do not need to answer your host’s question as soon as they publish it. You can take your time to think & compose your answer.

5. Interact with other participants. Say “hello”, commend them on their answers, ask them questions, laugh at their jokes, give your insights to their statements, etc. Interacting with other participants who interact with your content (answers) this is mainly what your notification column is for.

6. Say hello. Depending on how you conduct yourself, you will have new followers & you will also be added to lists. Network expansion comes when you formulate good, genuine & value-adding answers & tweets during the party.

Each time you get a new follower or a new subscriber, take the time to interact with them. Chances are, you have the same stand & interests. See if you can follow them back.

To wrap this long list of Twitter party tips, here is a bonus: keep your favorite graphic design software open. The rule of thumb in social media is to incorporate images in your content as much as you can.

Images will make your tweets an engagement magnet. This is because images stand out in an ocean of text. So in lieu of a plain tweets to answer your host’s questions, answer with attention-grabbing graphics. Good luck!

About the Author:
Catherine was a nationally recognized Healthcare Executive with success increasing market share through innovative product offerings. She has over 10 years leadership experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medial policy. Catherine’s scholarly interests focused on the prevention and management of chronic disease through data-driven, population health management and wellness strategies. Catherine holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and is married with four children. |
How to Get the Most from Social Media Organically

How to Get the Most from Social Media Organically

The role of social media marketing in the success of modern day businesses is undeniable. This is regardless of scale, niche, or marketing budget. For one, it allows businesses to reach their target audience in a personal level. Another, it allows them to actually build tangible relationships with their prospect & current clientele.

While you can always pay for ads, there are at least 5 amazing things you can do organically to get the most of your social media efforts.

Join Facebook Groups
The ultimate benefit of joining Facebook groups is the value of community. Make it a point to find & join groups that are highly relevant to your niche & your brand. You can think of these social communities as “tribes”.

Just like in a “tribe”, you are able to find support in the form of insights, sound advice, & even promotion & collaboration opportunities with those in your niche.

The trick to getting the most of Facebook groups is to abide by the rules, help where you genuinely can, & to keep an eye for promotion opportunities.

Spend time on Twitter Parties
Twitter parties can be considered the Twitter counterpart of Facebook groups. However, the members of this “community” only meet once each week for an hour to discuss a pre-announced topic.

Should the time come that life & the universe only allows you an hour to do social media for that particular week, spend it on a Twitter party.

Engagement, impressions of your content and even your following can spike up during these events. Also, because these parties are meant for a specific group of people that share the same interest, the likeliness of finding leads & prospects can be quite high.

Post content during optimal times
You can post the most interesting content to all your social media platforms. However, in order for your content to be consumed they need to get published when your audience is around.

Better start incorporating a “best times to post” bit in your social media marketing strategy if you are not doing that yet.

It is easy to find out when these optimal posting times are by simply looking at your insights or analytics pages per social network.

If you do not have enough data to work with in determining when your optimal posting times are, here is a hack for you: mimic your competitors.

Determine your top competitors per social network you are on. If you are solely an eCommerce business, be sure to pick competitors who serve the same time zones as you do.

Observe the times when they publish content. Look for overlaps. For instance, competitors A & B may be posting around 7 to 9 AM EST. That should hint you that they are gaining the most traction for their content during those times.

Post Curated Content
Whether time allows you to post as much original content as you like, try to make room for curated content.

What is curated content? This is simply an original content shared by someone else who is preferably by an influencer in the industry as you.

Not only will posting curated content lessen the time it takes for you create social media content, it will also give your audience variety. You can work this variety to show the values your brand stand for.

For example, a company that sells artisan scented candles can share content about the benefits of meditation.

When posting these types of content, be sure to mention or tag the owner of the content. You might just get retweeted or reposted by them. That means exposure of your brand to an audience who will most likely be interested in what you have to offer.

Always give value
Content, in the context of social media, this is not only what you publish. Content also includes the comments you make on other users’ posts.

In all forms of engagement, always seek to add value to the content or the conversation on the comments section.

This is especially when interacting with posts of social communities like in Facebook groups & even in Twitter Parties. Be intentional with your comments. Do not just leave empty statements like “nice”, “great” or “yeah!” Giving value means so much more than giving an affirmation.

Sometimes, giving value can mean pointing them to another group member (as in a referral) who can help them out better.

Remember that followers or fans are only a by-product of value. This means that the more you invest in giving value the better you get at attracting the right crowds to your brand.

Now if you want to get the best of your social media marketing efforts, better start incorporating any or all of these 5 organic social media tactics ASAP.

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Catherine was a nationally recognized Healthcare Executive with success increasing market share through innovative product offerings. She has over 10 years leadership experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medial policy. Catherine’s scholarly interests focused on the prevention and management of chronic disease through data-driven, population health management and wellness strategies. Catherine holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and is married with four children. |